Friday, June 29, 2012

In The Spirit Of Humilating Myself...

Disclaimer: This is NOT for the faint of heart.
No pressure or anything, but I was part of an evil plot to humiliate me.
And I gave into the peer pressure.
Today, I am going to show you my TALENT!
yes, again...via VLOG.
Although it's obvious my talents are many...
(sarcasm there for those of who don't get it)
I opted to show off this particular SPECTACULAR strength of mine...
Ya know why? It's because I want you to know, 
 that I am ok with making a fool out of myself..
What good is having a blog called The Funny Thing Of It Is,
if you can't laugh at yourself right?

There are a few things you should make a note of before you watch this:
1) My hair! Whats up with the back of it, its like half messy bun,
half scarecrow. Seriously. 
2) I look a little like Stevie Wonder. I'm not making fun of him, 
but you will see what I mean. 
(this is because I am looking at the computer while performing my skillz)
3) When you hear me yell, it's not at one of the kids...
it's at the dog. (not that I have to defend my yelling at the kids)

Alright, here goes nothing.

Below is a video I made a few years ago taken at the WI State Fair:
 One of my faves...
This is my actual talent ;)
-messing around with creativity!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Girl Behind The Blog: A Little More

Woot Woot.
It's that time again. Time to link up with some super sweet and amazing awesome chicas
for a new round of Girl Behind The Blog.
5ohWifey and Our Crazy Beautiful are our fabulous hosts!
You know I love me some girls behind the blog, yo...
Our prompt this time around is to tell a little more about ourselves.
You know, the stuff you might not know just from reading the blog.
stuff like : my musical style, my biggest pet peeve, my guilty pleaure
One thing you might find out, is what a GIANT DWEEB I am...
And I talk way too long, so I ALWAYS have to edit it waaaayyy down.
But I always leave in the "good stuff."
For those of you that have seen my former "Girl Behind The Blogs"
You know what I am talking 'bout...
And setting up a camera to record me accurately is not my main talent..
(it is one of them, just not my main one) wink wink.

Anyways, enough chattering away...
I'll let the girl in the video do it for me.

Don't hate on  my camera person.

Pssssss.... If you haven't entered my  
It's Not Even Funny Celebration Giveaway
  yet,  go do it...  =)

20 giveaways, 1 Winner!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Shout Out to My Girls!!!

Before you go anywhere, Let me tell you this:
1) I love my girls. I love their blogs. I don't just let them introduce themselves to you,
I let you know what I love about them too. So, don't shut your eyes just because this is a 
"Shout Out'...instead, this may be your chance to find something beautiful.
2) MAKE SURE YOU come back tomorrow, because I will be hosting my first GROUP or any kind of GIVEAWAY with adspace, shop credit, gift cards, jewelry 
& other made with love, one of a kind Perfection...

P.S. NO, I don't actually play the guitar. That's a total prop. I had to. I'm a cowgirl. Right?

Ya might wanna stick around for this one!

Meet Joanna from ModaMama
Can I just say I'm totally in love with her freaking ADORABLE pics and style? Just sayin...
About Me:
ModaMama is my personal life and style blog, or at least I like to think so!  It's where I share my daily fashion adventures as well as my own special brand of sassy sarcasm about the things that made me smirk and made me frown.  It's honest, it's simple and it's my way of trying to stay sane and fashionable while juggling acting, photography, writing, tv hosting, martial arts, family and friends.  The friends, and discoveries that have happened along the way are what makes ModaMama completely worthwhile to me. It's my fun side project, my way to reach out to people I may not know and say things like, "Hey, yes that's me you saw on that sausage commercial!  How come I'm the only one who hasn't seen it?," or you know, other profound thoughts like that. 
My Favorite Post:
I don't have a favorite post, there's  posts that are just thoughts, and other that spark some controversy, and others that entertain, but no favorite. I just like to keep moving forward.
If You Came To My House Unannounced
This post is simple, short and to the point. But the point is good. Being a mom and blogging isn't
always easy, especially when you need pics for your fashion posts.
But it just goes to show what a wonderful Momma Joanna is...

Meet Lena from Mom2MemphisandRuby
Can I just say that this girl rocks SO big time? How can a mom be this cool? Seriously?
About Me:
I am a lot of things... a fashion lover & wannabe photography, a good girl with a thing for tattoos, a wife/sister/daughter/friend... but of all the things I've been or am, a mommy is who I was meant to be!  My blog is a collection of all the things I love! Family, Fashion, Fun!
My Favorite Post: Ruby, for a day  
This is one of my favorites. It was fun to get inside Ruby's head while I wrote this post. She's such a sassy & spunky little one that it's hard not to blog about her  It's a post I'll be happy to look back on with her when she's older! ♥
THE FUNNY'S FAVE Mom2MemphisandRuby Post: 
10 Favorite Things About The 90's
Basically, because we are  like 2 peas in a pod. All Lena's 90s faves are mine too.
I sure miss Nirvana. (that was extra, free of charge)

Meet Helen from Eat. Enjoy. Live.
Alrighty. I'm just gonna say it. I haven't know Helen long, but to me when I read her life
and blog, two words come to mind. Sweet (ok, super sweet)...and loyal.
About Me:
Eat.Enjoy.Live is my journey to live a better life. Whether its eating better, dressing better, learning new skills, baking up a storm, or learning to be a nicer person. I try and learn something new everyday, and then share it with you! I would love for you to join me on my journey of discovery. 
My Favorite Post:  Grilled Pepper Salsa
I completely love this salsa. Honestly, I just can't get enough. I make a HUGE batch and then it goes on everything; chicken, sandwiches, chips, salmon, salads. I can also be seen sat in front of the TV with a spoon and my salsa! Yum!
THE FUNNY'S FAVE Eat. Enjoy. Live. Post:
I'm A Blog Angel Not A Stalker, Promise.
I was browsing through her blog and thought this was a perfect example of how incredibly sweet this girl is! Seriously, who doesn't love a little blog love? Ok, a lot blog love.

Friday, June 22, 2012

You KNOW She's All That and...

Have I told you how awesome my sister is?
Oh, yes I have here, in this post Love, Support & Photography!
Have I told you she is my next door neighbor?
Yep, pretty sure I have. And I assume by now, if I said
"Have I told you she is a photographer?"
-even if you hadn't seen that post yet, you would know the answer is yes!
So, when she has the urge to take pics of some adorable,
she unexpectedly stops by my house and steals one of my kids.
Usually one of the girls, of course.
Well, yesterday, she stopped by... and stole one.
Later that day, I found some adorable on my facebook wall.
I'm almost jealous of myself for having such a cute blonde haired blue eyed,
native baby! 

One of the best parts is, she styles her "models" herself...

I mean, not that this kid isn't cute anyways...

I don't know if cute is even the right word to describe her!

I don't even know if there IS a word to describe her!

All I know is that I am completely, over the stars... in love with her!

Wouldn't you be?

Check out more pics by my sis, at   Joanna Photography...
one of these days, she will get her photography blog up ;)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Hate about What I Love...

 I love everything about the grand canyon... I hate when Jeff goes near
what looks like the edge and acts like he's going to fall off.
Somebody smack him for me!
I love autumn in Wisconsin, the pretty leaves, cool crisp air, sweaters, jeans & new boots...
but I hate how quickly it turns into a very long winter.
I love when Jeff, Myself and the kids all go outside together to ride bikes or just
hang around in the yard...  I hate how we all have this disgusting smell on our 
skin that makes me want to vomit when we come inside.
I love my kids sweet little voices when they tell me random things... I hate when one
of those random things is "Mom, I gotta poop, as they are running to the bathroom
." WHY the need to tell me?
I love that my kids are all potty trained...
I hate that we apparently forgot to train them to flush the toilet.

I love going to California... but I hate when I go expecting this sunny beach
palm tree covered dream and end up in 60 degrees, cloudy wearing jackets.
I love coming home and filling up my fridge & cupboards with groceries...
I hate that most of them are gone by morning.
(at least all the snacks)
I love graphics, writing, creating, making new friends on my blog...
I hate being up til 4 in the morning some days keeping up with it all.
I love taking my kids to do fun things...the park, the movies, etc...
I hate when they end up complaining the whole time.
 I love taking nasal spray in order to breathe...
I hate that I'm an addict and find it hard to breathe without it.
I love directing dramas and being creative at my church...
I hate that my stomach turns every time we are "on stage"...
and even more so when I am not the one acting. So weird. 
(Probably because at that point I have no control) 

I love getting excited for Girls Night Out & going to see a cute boy 
& story in some new chic flick ;)
I hate when the storyline or events make no sense and are lame.


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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ten Reasons Why I Love...

Twenty Ten reasons  why I love my cell phone... HTC Rezound...
What? Don't look at me in that tone of voice!

1) It gives me a good excuse ( and true excuse) as to why I am not on top of my email.
I usually check email on my phone, and I hate replying on it, so when I forget to reply
days later...I easily blame it on the phone. (Because its true!)

2) It lessens the burden of carrying a phone AND camera in my purse. I used to hate
when people used their cell phone to take pics for everything, but NOW...if you know how 
to edit it right, it's all good yo. I heart my cell phone camera.

3)I can blame all my typos on my phone's auto correct. Since almost everything I type 
(aside from blog posts) are from my phone, I always  (truthfully) blame my phone 
on my screw ups.
A favorite of mine is when it turns the word "My" into "Mr." So I'll be texting my sister,
and I tell her something about "my" shirt. Instead I just nicknamed my shirt. "Mr. Shirt."
Good times.

4) Honestly I hate the touch screen, I was able to type much faster with my thumbs on my
old school phone,but I do love the auto correct ALMOST all the time.
Because when I do start typing something
and the "rare" amounts of time that I hit the wrong letter ;), auto correct is my BFF!

5) I look super awesome using it. It's the equivalent to a jr higher in the 90's smoking 
a cigarette. Just plain cool.
6) It makes a great journal. Here's what I mean...Because  I can type anything into it...
and sometimes that's pretty much where it ends. I type those things and get nothing in response. 
I mean, my intention was to actually converse with something someone, but when
 they don't reply, then at least I got my thoughts out on that topic, right? ;)
(thank you, glass if half full)

 7) Hello, insta- self portrait! Boredom. Car. Self-Portrait. Easy peasy.

8) I heart getting notified of everything going on in my virtual world immediately.
When I wake up and I see a tweety bird, an instagram lens, an envelope, a pencil, a microphone, 
a "W", a grey 'extra large envelope, and an"F."
I know I have a tweet, an instagram comment, email, draw something, hey tell,
words with friends, a FB message, and a FB comment...
they are all waiting for my beckon call. It's a good feeling, right?
Or is it just plain sad that this makes me so happy?

9) My You Version App. Love it. Loving having the Bible at my fingertips all the time.
Not to mention, it's awesome to have people look at you weird like you 
are playing phone games in church. Haha, gotcha sucka. I'm reading my Bible!
Who doesnt need a little Bible to pop up on their phone screen now and then to
remind them to read their devotions? ;)

10) your mom
(that was because I couldnt think of reason #10)

Apparently this is my "angry cell phone" post???


Monday, June 18, 2012

To Baby Or Not To Baby (that is the question)...

 Keeping in mind that the above picture pretty much sums up my life:
which I realize is slightly scary looking
Yes, that IS the question today: to baby or not to baby?
The last few months have been transition time for me,
emotionally, spiritually, physically.
I have been far happier than I have been in years (although I still have
those rough days)... My relationship with God has be completely AMAZING...
we are like BFFs fo sho... and this couldn't make me happier.
 I'm like Wesley on a roller coaster, eating cotton candy...with Lucy (that's his little girlfriend). ;)
And to top it all off, I completely have no energy since I quit working out 
and start eating crap.
Haha.... I had you going there, didn't I? With how great I was doing!?
HOWEVER, this brings me to this point of the title of my post!
Man, the baby itch has been scratching me A LOT lately!
And I love the "raised eyebrows" or unsolicited advice of "Just Say No" I get when
I mention it to a family member, or a friend that only has one or two kids.
So when they come over, it must feel to them like my home is a ticking time bomb. 
I don't even know what it's like to have 
ONE well behaved 6 year old, or 8 year old, or 10 year old. 
Never happened to me.
To me, having kids flying over the tops of sofas at full speed, being chased by a dog,
landing upside down, one crying, one laughing one, one singing...
is normal. It's my life. It may completely overwhelm me at times, 
but I swear, it's what I do best.

You know the scripture that says:
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, are the children of one’s youth.
Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. He shall not be put to shame when
he speaks with the enemies in the gate! (Psalm 127: 4-5)
Well, my quiver is full sista friend...I mean, almost. Some peoples quiver is full with
one, some people two, some people eight... 3 is good for me... or is it 4? ;)
But, I love that it says he shall NOT be put to shame. What is so shameful about having
a house full of children? NOTHING! So stop raising your eyebrows at me =P
(For the record, I hate when people make fun of people who love kids. 
Even if they have 8 or 10 kids...
If God gives them the grace to do it, by all means, go for it!)
 I have a friend or sister come over, alone, or bringing their one child, 
and I sit down to have a good chat,
and I swear to you on my life, I get up about 17 times an hour to fix something, get 
something, do something....My catch phrase is "Hold on a sec."
How on earth I have time to sit down and type on this blog every few days,
I will never figure out. It must be the grace of God. 
But after being pregnant 5 times, 
burying one at midterm , miscarrying the 2nd early on...
having 3 c-sections (one after 36 hours of unsuccessful labor, 2 scheduled), 
4 pregnancies with full blown morning sickness, 
taking progesterone supplements during the 1st trimester with the 3 crazies that are
running around my house screaming "I'm so bored" at this very moment...
just so I could hang on to the their pregnancies,
horrid face, chest & back acne, AND pre-eclampsia with 2 of the kids...
gaining 70 lbs, 65lbs and 57 lbs (but hey, at least the poundage went down with each kid!)
I wouldn't exactly say I am the glowing pregnant woman turned soccer mom.

But I am the mom that cherishes these little lives more than anything on earth.
With their toothless smiles, and loud screechy screams, their tantrums and 
tears over the sight of "blood" which is really just a centimeter sized scratch!
I cherish this noise, the craziness. And I laugh in the face of the raised eyebrows...
Because I lost 2 babies and if I want to have 17 kids, by golly, I will!
(Ok, I actually wouldn't, and can't because of the c-sections.. 
I can really only have 1 more...because of weak muscles, apparently! But c'mon people,
don't look at me like I am octomom when I mention having another baby.
I have 3. Not a football team!
Side note: um, did my rant just make me say by golly?! eeeeesh...
One of my favorite quotes is from Friends, where Phoebe is pregnant and she is so sick 
of being pregnant  and Joey says "But Phoebes, you have that cool 
pregnant lady glow." And she goes, "Ugh, you throw up all morning and you 
will have that glow too!" Ahhh, yes... the miracle of life, my friends.
But when I wake up in the morning (like I did this morning) and I tell my little blonde haired, 
blue eyed native baby "You're gorgeous." She says "No, I'm not."
I say, "Yes, you are." She says "Where?" I point to her eyes, nose and little pink
lips and say "Here, here and here..."
These are the conversations I don't want to lose. These are the conversations
I want to keep having over and over..
Or when (again today) my son tells me with tears in his eyes, 
"Sometimes I cry a  little because Jesus is so nice to us."
NOTHING.. and I mean NOTHING makes me happier!
I never want to lose those moments. I realize I can't keep going...and going...and going...
every time one of my kids grow up a little..
But is it really going be that much harder to have ONE MORE???!
Is it really going to be that much more noise than it already is? 
Or, I ask you, is it going to be THAT much more blessing? 

We took the kids to the park today and Leila (my youngest) is now 3 1/2 and she is
at that age where I don't have to follow her around and watch her non-stop.
Although it's noisy in the house, (and in the car) let's face it, its like a circus everywhere we go
It's really nice not having to worry if she will fall of the slide or something.
Life has been busy, and it's slowing down in one sense (however I realize
every stage of raising children has its challenges)...
So do I really want to start over with the baby stage again?
I do and I dont... I want to relive it all again REALLY BAD, 
but I am enjoying my "freedom."
Haha, it's funny that I say that, because I actually am insanely busy...
but I mean, I am not having to 24/7 monitor what they will pick up and put in their mouth..
~~that type of thing.
I'm 36...the clock is ticking, my friends. If I am going to do this, 
it better happen quick. I'm not doing this past 38.
My life is transitioning. I am moving on from my past. 
Moving on to making use of what God has placed in me, being ME more again...
and I like being ME. 
I love being Mom, Mommy, M.O.M. Madre'... all great names the kids call me, of course, 
but I like being ME too!

This is a situation that only the wisdom of God can help me in. 
You would think Jeff would have a say in this. But he seems content either way.
It's kinda up to me. Not that he minds "practicing", as he calls it.
Typical Man=) But really, it's sort of between Me and God, this decision.
Only God knows me better than I know myself, knows what I desire in life,
where I am emotionally & physically, what I can handle...
I guess, if you come find me in two years, you'll find out the answer to this question.
My random mom musing...for the week!


Covered in Grace

Friday, June 15, 2012

Behind The Scenes

In case you haven't heard, the amazing TicoandTina are hosting the 
IRLO Mashup . I won't get into the entirety of what it is,
if you are curious you can click on the links I provided. 
But this AMAZING COUPLE strive to encourage people to seek adventure, 
and follow their dreams! Their motto: Life is a blank canvas, paint an adventure!
Anyways, I joined the little mashup race and am currently a member of
Team Playground. 
We are racing against 9 other teams (10 ppl on each team) from across the globe,
to get a BLANK CANVAS card from person one, all the way through 10 people,
in 10 different parts of the world (US mainly)...then back to TicoandTina! Fun Right?
Anyways, that's the basic gist of it.
With a few little added challenges & prizes along the way.
One was to make a video that related to our team name.
Leave it to me to immediately have an ANOTHER BAD CREATION song
pop in my head. (You know it?)
So, I grabbed my kids. Went to the beach...and of course the "playground."
and we shot a music video...

I give you Our Team Playground Music Mashup!

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed our music video ;)

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