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Friday, June 15, 2012

Behind The Scenes

In case you haven't heard, the amazing TicoandTina are hosting the 
IRLO Mashup . I won't get into the entirety of what it is,
if you are curious you can click on the links I provided. 
But this AMAZING COUPLE strive to encourage people to seek adventure, 
and follow their dreams! Their motto: Life is a blank canvas, paint an adventure!
Anyways, I joined the little mashup race and am currently a member of
Team Playground. 
We are racing against 9 other teams (10 ppl on each team) from across the globe,
to get a BLANK CANVAS card from person one, all the way through 10 people,
in 10 different parts of the world (US mainly)...then back to TicoandTina! Fun Right?
Anyways, that's the basic gist of it.
With a few little added challenges & prizes along the way.
One was to make a video that related to our team name.
Leave it to me to immediately have an ANOTHER BAD CREATION song
pop in my head. (You know it?)
So, I grabbed my kids. Went to the beach...and of course the "playground."
and we shot a music video...

I give you Our Team Playground Music Mashup!

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed our music video ;)

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