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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines Link Up: How Well Does Your Spouse Know You?

Ever wonder if your spouse really knows you?!    Like even the simplest questions? 
Well now is the time to find out!

How long have you been married?
Julie: It was 16 years this past November
Jeff: 16 years

Where was your first date?
Julie: Our first date was TGIFridays. Romantic right?
Jeff: TGI Fridays in a snow storm
(I told him I forgot about the snow storm. He said he doesn't expect a woman to remember
details like that.)

 Where was your first kiss?
Julie:  Jeffs living room. He probably claimed I said "I know I just had Taco Bell, but"... psssshhh
Jeff:  At her parents house, in my jeep after Taco Bell
(I knew it!)

Who first said, "I love you"?
Julie: Me. Pretty sure we were at Gurnee Mills Outlet Mall about 2-3 weeks into dating and I said "I think I love you" or "I think I'm in love with you." Something like that.
Jeff: Julie

What were your wedding colors? 
Julie: Burgandy girls dresses. Pretty sure the guys just had black on black.
Jeff: Red

What is her most commonly used phrase? 
Julie:  "Stop being gross." "Why are you like a jr high boy?"
Jeff: Gimme some suga.
(really Jeff? really? It didnt say what do you WISH she would say?)

Who is her celebrity crush? 
Julie: Hmmmm...Brad Pitt, Jim Caveziel,  Ryan Gosling...and Zooey Deschanel haha.
Jeff: Brad Pitt

If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get? 
Julie: Sprite for him. Pepsi for me.
Jeff: Pepsi for her, Sprite/Sierra Mist for me

What is the best meal she has ever cooked you? 
Julie: I don't really cook, but he likes what we call "kielbasa"...which is really just potatoes and
 polska kielbasa cut and fried on top the stove with onions in it.
Jeff: Kabasa

What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you? 
Julie: The one where I start crying and threw the mashed potatoes away because they sucked.
Jeff: Noodles with sauce/ no meat
(Hahaha. Yeah, that's gross. Not my fault if we don't have any money.)

What is the most-played song on her iPod? 
Julie: Hmmmm...a song from Anberlins acoustic album
Jeff: The 16 Candles Soundtrack
(I don't even own the 16 candles soundtrack, but whatevs...)

What would she say is your most annoying habit? 
Julie: The way he dances so ugly to gross me out. The things he says that are slightly perverted
and childish...the hat he never takes off his head?
Jeff: She would lie and say I act like a preteen boy.
(You can even ask my IRL friends. He does it in front of them.)

What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed? 
Julie: I watch Friends
Jeff: Watches Friends

If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be? 
Julie: Maybe my hot pink tights?
Jeff: Her clothes are all very nice.

What would you say is your favorite thing about her? 
Julie: I have no idea. He never tells me...haha. Maybe he likes that I care about people...
and my hair?
Jeff: She's very caring.

What's her go-to drink at Starbucks? 
Julie: Java Chip or Caramel Frappucino
Jeff: Caramel Frapp or Mocha Frapp
What's her blog name?
Julie: From Awkward To Art
 Jeff: From Awkward To Art

Here are the instructions:
  1. Fill out the Valentines Day Questions. You can find them here.
  2. Hand over the same set of questions to your spouse and see if they can answer the questions about you. 
  3. Write your post and compare both of your answers
  4. Link up your blog post below! 
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Neon Pink & Valentines Day Link Up Questions

Here Are The Instructions:
  1. Fill out the questions below with your answers
  2. Hand over the same set of questions to your spouse and see if they can answer the questions about you. 
  3. Write your post and compare both of your answers
  4. Link up here on February 14th
HA, I am so excited to read all the fun answers, should be interesting to say the least.
Here are the questions: Feel free to add or take away any questions you want. 
 How long have you been married? Where was your first date? Where was your first kiss?
Who first said, "I love you"? What were your wedding colors? What is her most commonly used phrase? Who is her celebrity crush? If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get? What is the best meal she has ever cooked you? What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you? What is the most-played song on her iPod? What would she say is your most annoying habit? What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?
If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be?
What would you say is your favorite thing about her?
What's her go-to drink at Starbucks? What's her blog's name?!

Linked up at Ma Nouvelle Mode for copycat closet & The Pleated Poppy for WIWW.
Valentines  link up HOST is The Life Of A Not So Ordinary Wife.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Life Lately

Hey guys, lately my life has been full. Full of four things.

1) Lots Of Alterra, Jeff's favorite Milwaukee coffee shop (yes a post is coming about that this week)
2) My birthday. Celebrate! I turned 37! 3) Lots of church this week. I've been there 9 times this week alone.We had a series of amazing meetings. One of the speakers is friends with the Beibers.
So my girls thought that was pretty cool, when he shows us pics on his cell phone.
4) My project to reach out to 2 women in Ethiopia and get them off the streets and give them hope. Read more about that HERE. And please help if you can in any way. Only 26 more days to reach my goal! 
What have you guys been up to lately??
Haning out with my hubs on my birthday doing some selfies...

Playing a weird game that Jada made up for me to play on my birthday.

One of my favorite places in Milwaukee, Comedy Sportz, of course, for my birthday.

An afternoon hanging out with mommy and where else, but Alterra.

My cup runneth over. My kids giving me homemade gifts on my birthday

I took Wesley skating for the first time this past week. He loved it so much after he got over the first tantrum when he fell.

Hanging out after dinner on my birthday at a coffee shop in Milwaukee.

My sister preaching in church about what Love Is. She rocked that message.

Sleeping on Daddy's shoulder in church.

Getting some pretty snow finally.
Most importantly, more than my 2 ladies the hope of freedom from a life on the streets.
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year In Review: A Look at My First Year of Blogging!

  Hello Everyone! Welcome to the 2012 Year in Review Link Up!   

My co-hosts & I are excited to have you all here at the Covered in Grace YIR Link Up!  We pour our hearts into our blogs. Our time, our energies, our creativity...they are all the tools that build our unique places on the web. Why not highlight our blogging gems from the past twelve months? 

Let our communities know what we're really proud of putting out there this year.

The Prompt: This year in blog posts…choose a favorite post from each month of 2012 and share. 
The Linkup: What are you proud of writing this year? Link up your posts below! Linky will be open for two weeks!
The Rules: Please be a follower of Covered in Grace via either GFC or Feedburner.
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From Awkward To Art's first year of Blogging!
And Guess what?! Tuesday is My Blogiversary!

January- Stuck In A Rut
After years of depression, and even more years of not realizing who I was, I am finally
realizing that God has placed unique gifts inside of me and I simply want to be ME,
the ME who He had created me to be, not who people think I should be.

 February- Coffee Talk: Joy Vs Depression
After having gone through severe depression, I now learn to catch myself when I feel those feelings
coming back. I've learned that even though it can still be a struggle some days, there is only one
way to gain true peace in my mind.

 March- Mommy Blues
Leila had to have surgery earlier this year and it was one of the most heartbreaking
days of my life. Actually seasons of my life, because it was dental surgery, due to Carries
Disease ( rapid decay of a childs teeth). As a mother, I blamed myself. I still do.

April- Being A Preachers Kid
There are some things you can be born into, that you simply don't learn until you have the chance to
experience life yourself. Just because I am a preachers kid and mentally knew scripture in my
head doesn't mean it was reality to me. It wasn't a reality until that day I really needed help.

 May- Dear Chicago Part II
Living an hour outside of Chicago, makes road trips or train trips really easy and fun.
Two of my favorite have been the two times we went there to see my favorite band,
The Cranberries. Just sharing some photos from our latest trip.

June- Your Garbage, Your Heart
One of my biggest pet peeves is people who share negative, complainy, gossipy garbage and propaganda on the internet and on facebook. Anything of a negative or gossipy nature tend to drive me crazy. What we fill our eyes & ears with will eventually become a part of who we are
and what we say.

July- I Thought Thats What Bloggers Did
My most popular & most commented post all year! A sorta sassy, semi humorous look at all the things we do to get people to like us. Namely, things that I have done to fit in the "blog world."

August- Wish You Were Here
Taking a break from my 6 week blog break to share some photos from a simple Wisconsin
vacation with my family.

September- One Girl. Two Vlogs
Emotional and slightly embarrassing, I pour my heart out with two separate vlogs this month.
Tears and all, I share my story, where I have come from, hoping to be an inspiration to those that
have walked in my shoes.

 October- A New Chapter 
Starting a new chapter in my blog as I watch it to go from something I had no clue about to
something with more intentional purpose. A new name, design & purpose.

November- The Things We Cannot Change
Sometimes we simply need strength to accept those things about life or the people in our lives that
we cannot change. There are things we can change that can better our lives, but when it comes
to other people, or particular situations we have no control over, we simply have to learn to
accept it is what it is and pray for strength to move on and be happy.

December- When Words Are Just Words
Some words are just words. Some quotes are just quotes by mere humanity.
And while they may be inspiring, there are other words that we are meant to live by.
These are the only words that have the power to change lives & bring healing.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

These Days I am Consumed with Cuteness

I don't know about you, but I've been busy.
Parties and Christmas Programs and time with my family...
And I've been working on decorating for another party coming this weekend.
I am sorta scattered and all over the place, but am still remaining unusually calm.
And I plan to stay this way for a long time.

I have three little people in my life that have been consuming a lot of my attention lately.
I mean, they always did because really is there any other choice?
But sometimes it is by circumstance, not by choice.
And now as I sit here typing, with one daughter crawling on my back,
and another talking to me about Home Alone, 
I tell myself to stop, get off the computer and pay attention to them
by choice.

So, that's what I am going to go do...

But of course I had to leave you with all the cuteness in the world,
so you can see why I must now get off this computer.

This little girl, 3 yrs old just told me yesterday,
"That's Justin Beiber! My Boy."

Ahhhh, life with girls. Of course, I can't say that I haven't encouraged it. ;)

Hello, ladies! If you missed it last week, here's the Mixer's latest big news:

Dear sweet mommas of the Mommy-Brain Mixer,

I have such mixed feelings tonight as I write this! I have decided to step down from hosting the Mommy-Brain Mixer , as I have realized within the last couple of weeks that blogging and all the extras that come with it are keeping me from being the best mommy to my sweet littles and wife to my husband.

Being a mom is my passion, and my eyes have been opened to the fact that I've been slacking in the last couple of months. Not only has this affected my precious family, but it has affected me - I've been unhappy and depressed knowing that my blog life has been so alive, yet my home life has been suffering so!

Therefore, I've decided to give up quite a few "extras" of blogging for now and go back to the root that I love so much - writing. Unfortunately, this means giving up one of my other babies - the Mommy-Brain Mixer!

The great news is - the Mommy-Brain Mixer will continue to thrive!

Sweet, wonderful Jelli from Jellibean Journals has agreed to take over the Mixer and give it the TLC it deserves! Beginning on January 3, 2013, the Mommy-Brain Mixer will take place at Jellibean Journals (the Mixer will take December 27th off for Christmas week). More wonderful news: Cassie from Live.Laugh.L0ve will be staying on as co-host!

Are you scheduled as a future co-host? No worries! You may have missed the email we just sent stating that Jelli is keeping all co-hosts exactly where you are! She will be contacting you as your date draws closer!

The Mommy-Brain Mixer was created with great care and a wild passion for motherhood, and will continue in the same way! I'll definitely be seeing you there when I'm able, sweet ladies!

Two In Diapers

Emily Elizabeth Photo

P.S. - I'll still be blogging... don't stop coming over to read my mommy posts and leave your comments that I so adore!


Welcome to week 21 of the Mommy-Brain Mixer, ladies!

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The Mommy-Brain Mixer is the perfect place to find some great new blogs to follow, make some wonderful new blog friends, and enjoy some entertaining new reads!

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