Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Where My Girls At?!

I barely have time to say this, to sit down and write...
but I'm gonna anyways, so hear me out for a sec...

This is dedicated to You, all of you who have made me smile
who have talked me through what felt like hell,
but also for those of you, who have been there waiting in the light at the end 
a treacherous long dark tunnel.
(Meaning, you weren't there during it, but you most certainly have every
right to be called my friends now!)

It seemed for a good 4-5 years (in MY early 30's)
myself and a few of my closest friends suddenly found ourselves going
 through a heckuva time in life.
That's not a good heckuva. Life got sketchy.
There was divorce, crisis, depression, miscarriage, anxiety,
financial difficulties, strained relationships...
and basically very low zeal for life.
I remember when I was young, hearing about the 2nd coming of Jesus,
(or as some people call it, the end of the world)
and not wanting it to happen just yet...because I wanted to get engaged, 
have a wedding, have kids, a house  know the story. 
You most likely have been there too??
But once I got past all that exciting stuff, it's almost as life kicked in...
it suddenly became hard, and I quickly found myself saying..
"Ok God, anytime you wanna take me to heaven, I'm so ready to leave this place."
But, instead God gave me some amazing friends,
who sat and listened to me cry about the same stupid stuff 
over and over again, literally for years.
And then life started changing AGAIN, God was healing hearts,
we were happy again, we were determined to not let other people 
or circumstances drag us down, 
we became fighters...
friends were finding love, finding peace, finding freedom...
as was I, but inside of me it has just been a slower process,
and honestly I've had a few moments where minor things would crush me...
but everyone else was so happy again, I didn't want to bother them
with the same ole, same ole. So I kept the down times to myself..
between me and God.
Mind you, these crushing moments have been few and far between lately,
and honestly I believe are just an attack from Satan to see if he CAN in fact
KEEP me defeated, (which he can not.) 
HOWEVER... and this is a BIG HOWEVER....
I don't say this lightly. I met several girls through networking...
and suddenly I was smiling all the time again.
Let me just say this... meeting GIRLS that I could relate to, that had similar creative
inclinations and interests as me, that were so incredibly encouraging...
was ABSOLUTELY, EXACTLY what I needed.
It sounds silly, it sounds like I am merely keeping myself preoccupied
with the internet or social media.
But if are like me, you know that is not the case.
Particularly if you are mom...much of your daily communication is 
with 1 year olds, or 3 year olds, or 6 year olds, or 8 year olds...
It's just the way it is... and YOU NEED SOMETHING to let you be YOU,
not only a creative outlet, but friends who get why you do what you do...
here, online... because chances are most of your real life peeps, don't quite 
understand it..
I love my blog, I love being creative with it...
writing, graphics, videos, tweeting, instagram....all that is fun.
I really have found my niche with this thing.
However, it can be very time consuming.
But at this point, there are 2 things about it that HONESTLY interest me
1) encouraging others and making them smile
2) having friends like YOU who make me laugh, smile and get me

Seriously, there have been moments where I get choked up, when typing the words
"Exactly!!" to a bloggy friend on twitter, because I have someone that KNOWS what I mean.
My "real life" friends KNEW exactly what I was going through,
because they were going through bits and pieces on their own...
and they were most definitely there for me..
And then when life got full & happy for everyone again..
it still seemed I needed friends that I could really connect with, 
and I got me a bunch...
I got you. wink wink...
So I am writing this as both a HUGE thank you, to all my friends...
BOTH real life and online, who have laughed with or at me, 
gave me their honest opinions about my stupidity,
let me come barging into their house in tears, complain, 
borrowed me all the coins they had 
just so I could get a freakin ice cream cone at mcdonalds...
or repeatedly retweeted how amazing a blog post I wrote was...
but in the end, loved me, encouraged me... gave me hope.
But beyond the thank you, this post is also a defense for all my girls online, 
who are connecting, making God ordained friendships...
and being such an ENORMOUS encouragement to one another..
It's not just something to do to suck time away from you, it's creating friendships...
and you have a world of people question why you tweet so much, 
blog, or why you're so into social media...
(after all its not real life, right?)
I'm just sayin... I get you.. I love connecting online when I have a house full of kids...
playing, yelling, screaming...and there YOU are...
someone to keep me sane, someone that is doing 
the exact same thing and laughing about it...
even if it is via tweet, ok?
I know things are different, more complicated, 
more techy in this day than they were 10-20 years ago ...
"Life was simpler. why must we 'waste' our time on the internet?"
blah blah blah
Is there beauty to be found there? Yes. I have found so much of it
through you... inside of you... and found hope & inspiration.

Don't shout me down when I'm preachin good, yo.

Anyways, there is NO super awesome way to end this, but to say Thanks to ma' girls..
and Holla !... Where My Girls At?
You are truly sent to me by God, because HE knew what I needed
at this point in my life... it was most definitely the beauty and inspiration of 
so many wonderful encouraging women.

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Jessica | Jessica Who? said...

love this post so much! thank you for being such a positive inspiration to me. keep on smilin' girl!

Kerrie said...

absolutely :)

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Awe such a great sweet post!

Anonymous said...

what an awesome post! i don't have many friends yet on this blogosphere, but i follow many blogs and love each and every one. :) it is a strange thing to try and explain to my friends/family that don't follow or write blogs what a cool community it is. thanks again for this, and for being you! :)


TicoTina said...

haha, you KNOW I get you, girl! =) so happy to know you! love this whole post!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Love you Julie! Love this blog! So glad you open your heart and share.

Allison Coomes said...

I think your comments speak for themselves Julie...we love you, love your words sista! Beautiful post-love how you always keep it real!

I Know The Plans I Have For You said...

Thank YOU for this post. You could have easily been writing this post as me. I feel the same way and have been going through tough times. My blog is not just an escape, you guys are not just my escape. This thing we do, is a passion. It's a place were we can find ourselves, be ourselves, and lean on each other when we need some one that gets it! The people that I talk to make me strive to be a better person, at times allow me to step outside of my problems and remind me to be thankful for the things in my life. Blogging has been a blessing in my life as well and I'm thankful for it and for girls that I get to cross paths with such as you! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

this post was too amazing for words. so happy to have found your blog. you rock mama.

Maria said...

Julie, thank you for being an inspiration for so many. I love your passion for life...the way you express yourself and aren't afraid to.
There certainly are some crazy, scary and heartbreaking obstacles we have to face in life...but you're right, where would we be without love and strong faith?!
Thank you for being you!
Have a happy Wednesday, pretty lady!

Lucy McCracken said...

Julie, it's been such a blessing to meet a like minded spirit like you! I love that you're such an authentic and real person! I'm so excited to see where your journey of life takes you and it's an honor to be a part of it. :)

Janna Bogert said...

I am so happy to have found your blog, because you seriously inspire me! This is so sweet and definitely made me tear up a bit <3 I don't know what HelloCotton is, but it sounds fun!

Sourire11 said...

This was a GREAT post. I think we blog for alot of the same reasons. It's nice to hear it all put this way... The reality of the early 30's is alot of ... REALITY. I see that same upheaval going on with alot of my friends.

Erin said...

i love this - what a great idea! :)
hope you are having a happy weekend so far, girl :) xo!

Erin said...

and ps - girl, everything you write i can so relate with. loving your blog :)

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