Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Days of Summer Hurrah!

Hey guys! So Summer is just about up.
I'm looking forward to fall! SO BAD!
But before I get into my fall mode, I thought I'd throw one quick "Summer" post at ya!
I'm not really a summer girl, so I don't do these often, but I had the chance to 
guest post for a summer traditions series, and this is what I posted.
Summer Traditions in Milwaukee! Are you excited? Probably!

Amazing Necklace from Andi @ The Holli Rogue

I thought I'd take just a few minutes to educate you on Milwaukee Summer Traditions.
I come from Wisconsin, so automatically when I say that I am pretty sure people imagine
2 things: cheese & cows probably.
I'm pretty much like you, in that I eat cheese on my cheeseburger or taco, or
the occasional grilled cheese sandwich & the ONLY time I come across a cow is
at the Wisconsin State Fair.
Like every state, that is a story within itself, full of traditions...
ahem... um...cream puff... 
Ok, Ok, let me just show you quick...
because people literally stand in line for like over an hour for one of these at the state fair.

Anyways, state fair and cream puffs aside, let me tell you about a little local claim
we have going on here in Milwaukee.
Every summer is a season of festivals here along the lakefront (Lake Michigan in case you
didn't know) we have fests that celebrate different nations...
Germanfest, Greekfest, Festa Italiana, Indian Summer, Mexican Fiesta...etc..
but before all that starts we have SUMMERFEST!
Here is the claim! Summerfest: The worlds largest music festival!
Really Milwaukee? The Worlds Largest? I don't even know. Maybe it's true, maybe not.

So Summerfest, like any festival involves the 3 following;
Food: Which i love to hate and hate to love. It's all just too delicious.
Booze: Mostly I just hate it, because its crowds of people who have no clue whats going on.
Music: Everything from Local to  Katy Perry to Toby Keith to Iron Maiden.
Most definitely HUNDREDS of bands performing. 
Actually I just looked it up. 11 stages and 700 bands in the span of 11 days. Crazy right?
(I'm sure they didnt count the smaller local stages in that)
This year in particular I went to see My brothers & sister in Laws band play...
They rocked that stage, and had a decent crowd too for being "local."
(local, but currently living in Nashville)

We enjoyed the splendid 108 degree heat that day. The insane heat wave we had here 
in the land of Winter. I blame all the people here who threaten to move to Florida,
mid-winter. They brought it on us.

But at least we got some cute pictures out of it, right?

No, I didnt force the kids to "just lay down for a minute and look nice at mommy,
so I can take a picture." Nope, not me. I never do that.

So, that is ONE of our summer traditions. What did YOU do this summer?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How Blogging Has Changed Me- Girl Behind The Blog

Yay. It's that time of month again for a new
Girl Behind The Blog!
Welcome to those of you who are new to "me."
Hope I don't scare you away!!!
(and feel free to stop the video beyond the 3 minute mark if you must-wink wink)
Today, I am talking about the ways Blogging has changed me.
Hope you all enjoy!
Thanks to 5ohWifey and Racing Towards Joy for the awesome & fun opportunity!

If you are interested in finding more about the link up I discussed on the video,
called Represent, it will be going live on September 26th, the same day as
See You At The Pole!
Check out all the deets here !!

Also posted a NEW FUN Link Up right below this...called 50 Shades of Stupid.
Yes, based on all the stupid things I do.

Monday, August 27, 2012

What Do You Represent?

Describe yourself. Hmmmm... About me, about me...
What words do you come up with to talk about yourself in a short quick glimpse 
at who you are? Your twitter or facebook profile. Your blog 'about me' page.
What is it that you represent?
The words I always come up with seem to stick around every time I update.
Wife, Mother, Native American, Sarcastic, Lover of people, Encourager....
Jesus Follower.
Yes, you see it all over blog world. All over life, really. 
Jesus Follower, Christ follower. Daughter of God. Disciple of Christ, Christian, etc etc...
But what is that? What does that mean? Does that mean you are a fanatic? No.
Does it mean you love Jesus? Yes.  He's probably everything to you.
Why do we sort of clump it in with everything else we claim to be?
If you are like me, or most "Jesus Followers" ~ you claim that Jesus or your faith is the most important thing in your life. Yet, so many of us have such a hard time talking about it.
Why? Maybe because of fear? Haters? Not being able to find the right words to say?
All of the above and more?
Yet, our lives and hearts and everything we are, depend way more on Jesus than on 
anything else we talk about on our blogs. Our entire existence is dependant on Jesus.
So why wouldn't we want the people we love most to experience him too?
Oh man, speaking from experience...I don't know where I'd be without him.
Personally I feel like I do okay at balancing out being a normal person who is just fun and a mom & wife and loves clothes and loves being a smart alek.... 
but I also have those moments where I need to let God speak through me to those who will listen.
I love to write fun, silly sarcastic stuff. I love fashion, talking about my kids...
But it is not what I want to Represent , so to speak.
If I could choose one thing, one person and say...
"In everything I write about, everything I do, I want to Represent this person..."
It would definitely be Jesus.

I can tell you one thing for sure. I never EVER want to dishonor him.
But as far as speaking up, (blog "writing" aside) I have a really difficult time talking to 
people "live or in person" about the greatest joy and hope I've ever known.
It's very strange, how suddenly my mouth gets dry, my hands start trembling,
my mind is thinking one thing and my mouth can't spit it out...
Yet, I know through life and experience, trial and error that there is no other peace
or hope like that of Jesus. So why is it so hard to talk about?
Practice makes perfect, maybe?
We...we meaning myself, Allison from Sweatpants & High Heels and Sarah from Fontenot Four
want to give you an opportunity to speak up, to share your testimony...
to Represent the one who has been your source of strength, comfort, hope.
We are introducing a BRAND NEW VLOG link up called: REPRESENT
It will be a year long link up: One link up each season for the next year~
 (so of course, this means 4 opportunities to share your faith via vlog)
The first link is called Represent: Testify Take One!
We are going LIVE with this link up on September 26th. The reason this date was chosen is because that is the day SEE YOU AT THE POLE is happening in our schools, So we are teaming up to pray with students all over and simply share our faith on the same day!
Girl (or guy), this is YOUR chance to testify what the Lord has done for you!! Speak that!
For the first link up we will share our "orignial" testimony in under 5 minutes... 
It will be a VLOG  (good practice, right?)
and we can share "How we found God, or how God found us..."
Basically tell the people how you came to know Jesus & why~
I'm super excited to see how God can use this to share the love of Jesus to those who might be curious what "following Jesus" is all about...and want to hear it from our own mouths...
We really hope you can join us...
Mark it down on you calender, make your video, and grab a button...
and if you can, follow each of us when you link up!!
We are so excited to team up with you all to get big things accomplished!

To find out MORE about this, click HERE to read Allison's post! 
or HERE to read Sarah's post!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Wish You Were Here (Friday's Letters)

Dear Vacation: One of your definitions are 'freedom or release from duty, business, or activity.'
Another one states 'a period of suspension from work, usually used for rest, recreation or travel.'
I think that you should have a new definition for people with kids. We will discuss this later.

Dear Door County: You were supposed to be relaxing. A time where I didnt have to think.
You should have prepared more activities for my kids to do so that I didn't have to think about them complaining how we never do anything fun.

Dear Alpine Resort: You provided the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, rest, tanning, walks...
just what I wanted. I failed to remember that I have 3 kids. That simply doesn't happen without
a fight. I mean, a fight every 1-2 hours.

Dear Wesley: My dear sweet son. Oh, how I love you. You are my first born. My only boy. I will never forget how happy I was when you were born. But the screaming and running from bees in front of groups of people all over Door County, Wisconsin is rather humiliating. I'm sure, at the very least, our family is famous now...for having the kid that "screams & runs from bees." Look us up in the Door County directory next time you visit. Thanks. See You Soon.

Dear Leila: My sweet blonde haired, blue eyed doll. Babes, when mommy buys you a blue ice cream cone, it is for your enjoyment. Not to schmere all over the Ice Cream Shop window. I mean, of course, unless that is what you enjoy.

Dear Jada: Why must you terrify your mother and be so independent? I'm not a fan of yelling your name throughout a resort in tears. Please, for the love of your mom, stop wandering off.

Dear Hayride & Bonfire: One marshmallow and a fire the size of my stove top burner does not qualify as a "bonfire." But thanks for getting me all excited.

Dear Mom: Happy Birthday! I'm sorry that one of my daughters pretended to throw up and my other daughter decided to take off her shoes and take a nap on the floor of the fancy restaurant you chose for your birthday dinner. They're YOUR granddaughters. Aren't you proud?

Dear Stars in the Sky: Oh. My. God. Beautiful.

Dear Lake Michigan: Thank you for remaining crystal clear on our vacation. It was a nice change to the mucky, litter and crap filled Lake Michigan we know in Milwaukee.

Dear "Fun Park": I don't think I'd go that far to call it a park... or fun for that matter. How do a go-kart, mini golf and 8-9 video games qualify as a park? Just sayin.
Maybe Mediocre Thing would be better?

Dear Tiny Ice Cubes: I love you. I mean, Apparently I must. Since I kept making Jeff go get me buckets of you from the bar so I could chew on you like I was in labor or something.

Dear Hubs: You're obsession with trying lattes from every coffee shop you can find is a little out of control. We may need to get you some help.

Dear Restaurant Establishment in Fish Creek: Who knew buying a simple "memonay" (lemonade) to appease a cranky 3 year old who "couldn't walk" would lead to crabbypants falling off your high table bench and sprain her wrist and develop a giant egg on her forehead. Sorry about all the ruckus.

Dear Technology: Sometimes I hate you, sometimes I love you! Car trips are one of those "love filled" moments.

Dear Readers: Again, thanks for your patience with me. I am excited to start blogging regularly. I feel like  I am past that "ugh" moment I was having and am ready to blog my little heart out.
Thanks for showing me the love.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby, baby, baby steps ohhhh...

Why is it that 2-3 weeks in blog world seems like 2-3 years?
It hasn't really been that long since I've blogged.
It's been 2 weeks. It feels like an eternity.
And then a week or so before that... I think.
I'm not really anti blog. I'm anti computer?? Possibly anti social?
But I've missed all my "sweet friends" here in blog land.
I have a lot of "volunteer work" I do on the computer, 
so I haven't been able to keep away from it entirely... unfortunately!
But I've had plenty of good conversations the past 3 weeks to keep me busy.
I'm not entirely back, just....hmmmm... touching base? Taking baby, baby, baby steps...ohhhh...
Hopefully you enjoy these real life conversations I've had lately with my 3 babies...
These are the conversations and things that keep me busy..."otherwise!"

I always like to keep a record of the odd conversations I have with my kids that make me 
chuckle to myself. Usually I let all my facebook friends in on them...
and usually they are enjoyed by all.

The scenario~ Jada has been sucking on those 2 fingers since she was six months old.
The Conversation~
Me: Get you're fingers out of your mouth, girl."
She shook her head no. 
Jada: It's my fingers Mommy. You dont tell where my fingers wanna go. 
It's a fun place in my mouth and my fingers wanna go there. See look!
~and proceeded to show me her fingers dancing around on her tongue~

The Scenario~Jada BUGGING us non-stop to go buy crap from the dollar store
The Conversation~
Jada: Mom can you plllleaaassse take me to the dollar store? I needa get stuff for me 
and Wesley's party. I need balloons and candy and a skeleton head and a dragon.
Me: What party?

The Scenario~Random, She's three. And cute. What can I say?
The Conversation~
Leila: Mom are you a girl superhero?
Me: No
Leila: Yes you am.
Me: I am? ok.
Leila: Yay! I'm telling Jada you a girl superhero!

The Scenario ~Leila sniffing my cheek
The Conversation~
Leila:  Ewwwww. You smell like stink. You gotta take a bath!
Me: I took a shower today.
Leila: Mmmmm you smell good!

Ever since he was around the age of 4, people would stop me everywhere...
or I'd hear them whispering "Hey, he looks like that kid from home alone."
Wesley actually acts like him too...IN THAT MOVIE!
The attitude. The complaining. The boredom. ALL OF IT! 
But I love him. Of course.

The Scenario~Wesley studying up non-stop online preparing for our trip to Six Flags last week.
The Conversation~
Wesley: When I go to theme parks, its like I make a movie in my head. Like, for example, 
when I go on the American Eagle I imagine I'm forced into a different dimension and a 
giant eagle is chasing me.
Me: oh yeah?
Wes: mmmmm hmmmmm

The Scenario: Leaving Six Flags later that week in tears.
The Conversation~
Wesley:  I wish Six Flags was my home.  All I have is my dog and my tv and my computer 
and DS and outside."   ( as if the rest of the kids in the world have their own six flags)
Me: You forgot your Wii and Netflix in your room.
(That conversation went over real well, by the way)

Thanks for stopping by! Seriously!
And Thanks SO much to everyone who has left me encouraging notes!
I'm looking forward to coming back to blogging "full time" soon!

For MORE conversations I have with my kids, click on   Kids and Conversation!
And if you've never read my Poop Post on the page, ya gotta!

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