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Friday, August 24, 2012

Wish You Were Here (Friday's Letters)

Dear Vacation: One of your definitions are 'freedom or release from duty, business, or activity.'
Another one states 'a period of suspension from work, usually used for rest, recreation or travel.'
I think that you should have a new definition for people with kids. We will discuss this later.

Dear Door County: You were supposed to be relaxing. A time where I didnt have to think.
You should have prepared more activities for my kids to do so that I didn't have to think about them complaining how we never do anything fun.

Dear Alpine Resort: You provided the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, rest, tanning, walks...
just what I wanted. I failed to remember that I have 3 kids. That simply doesn't happen without
a fight. I mean, a fight every 1-2 hours.

Dear Wesley: My dear sweet son. Oh, how I love you. You are my first born. My only boy. I will never forget how happy I was when you were born. But the screaming and running from bees in front of groups of people all over Door County, Wisconsin is rather humiliating. I'm sure, at the very least, our family is famous now...for having the kid that "screams & runs from bees." Look us up in the Door County directory next time you visit. Thanks. See You Soon.

Dear Leila: My sweet blonde haired, blue eyed doll. Babes, when mommy buys you a blue ice cream cone, it is for your enjoyment. Not to schmere all over the Ice Cream Shop window. I mean, of course, unless that is what you enjoy.

Dear Jada: Why must you terrify your mother and be so independent? I'm not a fan of yelling your name throughout a resort in tears. Please, for the love of your mom, stop wandering off.

Dear Hayride & Bonfire: One marshmallow and a fire the size of my stove top burner does not qualify as a "bonfire." But thanks for getting me all excited.

Dear Mom: Happy Birthday! I'm sorry that one of my daughters pretended to throw up and my other daughter decided to take off her shoes and take a nap on the floor of the fancy restaurant you chose for your birthday dinner. They're YOUR granddaughters. Aren't you proud?

Dear Stars in the Sky: Oh. My. God. Beautiful.

Dear Lake Michigan: Thank you for remaining crystal clear on our vacation. It was a nice change to the mucky, litter and crap filled Lake Michigan we know in Milwaukee.

Dear "Fun Park": I don't think I'd go that far to call it a park... or fun for that matter. How do a go-kart, mini golf and 8-9 video games qualify as a park? Just sayin.
Maybe Mediocre Thing would be better?

Dear Tiny Ice Cubes: I love you. I mean, Apparently I must. Since I kept making Jeff go get me buckets of you from the bar so I could chew on you like I was in labor or something.

Dear Hubs: You're obsession with trying lattes from every coffee shop you can find is a little out of control. We may need to get you some help.

Dear Restaurant Establishment in Fish Creek: Who knew buying a simple "memonay" (lemonade) to appease a cranky 3 year old who "couldn't walk" would lead to crabbypants falling off your high table bench and sprain her wrist and develop a giant egg on her forehead. Sorry about all the ruckus.

Dear Technology: Sometimes I hate you, sometimes I love you! Car trips are one of those "love filled" moments.

Dear Readers: Again, thanks for your patience with me. I am excited to start blogging regularly. I feel like  I am past that "ugh" moment I was having and am ready to blog my little heart out.
Thanks for showing me the love.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Guess We're Kinda Cool???

Don't let my sleepy eyes fool you.
I'm not bored. I'm just having so much fun that I'm worn out.
Exhausted. Kaput.
I was about to make GIGANTIC COOKIE MONSTERS with warm cookies,
ice cream, chocolate syrup & whipped cream for us all, but I may just sleep instead.

I know you want to be jealous cuz we are painting what looks to be a
super awesome amazing adventure right?
Don't let that intimidate you! Paint Your OWN adventure!

I gotta say, just from the few conversations I've had with the Blank Canvas Tour team 
about passions and dreams, and the few interviews they've done so far here in Milwaukee...
alot of people actually feel the same way...
We simply get frustrated that people don't notice how hard we work,
how good we do at what we love doing,
or how passionate we feel about the adventure we pursue.
I've come to the conclusion that it's probably just because everyone's passion is 
different, so not everyone gets what we love & why we love it!
(we...being everybody who has any kind of dream inside of them)
...but that doesnt matter!!

and I am determined to always make a difference to people who need me to notice them!

People as a whole need that encouragement to pursue everything that has been placed in them!
Otherwise, it's tempting to give up & thats just so wrong. Right?
And THAT is what this TOUR is all about!

Here is just a few pics from our photo shoot together this morning.

the entire team... technically i am the "virtual" member...but made it to this photoshoot in "real life."

this is everyone staying in the house this week
apparently, pursuing adventure makes us very angry at each other???
maybe we are kinda cool...just a little bit.

not every moment goes as planned with a photoshoot of this many people
pretty sure she's a keeper (wink wink)

Monday, July 2, 2012

If I Could Pack Myself In A Suitcase

Ok, excuse me if I am making major assumptions in this post
But I'm gonna go ahead and put this out there, in public, anyways...

Not too long ago, I dont even know when, I 'm pretty sure less than 2 months ago, 
Christina from TicoandTina found me in the land of blog... (I think) ?
and I made my way to their blog... and I immediately felt connected to them.
And I am pretty sure the connection was mutual (hence the assumption)???
First of all they make THESE videos. Sounds crazy, but it's totally my thing.
For those of you that know me: I have close to 70 videos on my Youtube channel.
2 of My FAVES are HERE and HERE
Some crazy silly, some made out of boredom, some vlogging, some dancing, some singing..
whatever, they are up there for the humiliation of myself
and the judgement of all.

But it's simple, if you love doing "that kinda thing"...playing with all that creativity
rolling around on the inside of you."
It's probably there because God placed it there.
Anyways, on top of that, one of my husbands main jobs is Video Editing.
So I can appreciate anyone who has that sorta artistic blood running through their veins
or of course anyone who can just be crazy and sing and dance in their car videos...
You know like I did HERE.. .
or Like Christina does HERE..
So then after a little bit of stalking investigating,
I find out that they are...What???.. doing a tour?  
A tour for what? Are they musicians? 
Touring the Country singing in Coffeehouses?
How do I put this in my own words?
They are using what God has obviously instilled in them, 
to inspire others. To dare people to dream, chase those dreams.
Their Organization: The Beauty of One
First of All, how amazing is that? One person, having so much beauty inside of them!!!
And their tag line is : Life is a Blank Canvas, Paint an Adventure!
  They are traveling from city to city with their 2 kids this summer, and 2 interns...
and encouraging people to live bigger! Because God is bigger!
I love the quote they have on their BLOG header!
"You can't dream bigger than God. You should be more concerned with holding God
back with your small dreams!" 

They are taking a camera to  the people that have DREAMS but are too scared to follow them,
or people that have been working hard to chase their DREAMS,
Or people that are currently living out their dreams in their own ADVENTURE!
and they are interviewing people, loving people, taking lots of pics and video...
and blogging their way through this journey.
And in the end of it all, will make an online documentary of sorts,
and are hoping to spark adventure in the lives of many more people!
Because that adventure, that dream, that gift, that creativity..
lies within them, and within YOU for a reason!
And I believe as David and Christina pursue THEIR adventure,
 this will only the very beginning of many other 
adventures to be pursued by so many others.
(By the way, check out their planned tour HERE...
and if you know ANYONE that would fit one of these categories...
You can NOMINATE them for an interview of THEIR adventure!!!)

Can I tell you this in all honesty? When I read their purpose and saw their videos... 
Their plan, their hearts... knowing this is something I can say I really really believe in,
(MAINLY because I really believe in people, no matter who you are)
I was really moved...Truly.
Because if there is only one thing that has been poured out of my heart
since starting this little blog, it has been that YOU have purpose,
YOU are beautiful, YOU can something AMAZING with YOUR life!
This tour they are doing, "The Blank Canvas Tour"
is EVERYTHING that is inside of me that has been dying to come out
for years, but has just made it's way out recently through this blog...
(not to mention some opportunities at our church in the creative department.)
I hope that if you are reading this and your niche is not necessarily creative,
you can still appreciate the desire to follow your dreams, 
to reach after what is in your heart... 
because that is what David & Christina are doing.
Obviously, if I could pack myself in a suitcase  
and tag along with them, I would.
But then I'd have to pack my 3 kids and husband in too...
and 11 people in one car... hmmmm, I dont know..
Plus I don't know them well enough to know if they have B.O or not would actually
like me in real life.
Seriously, I am so jealous of this opportunity they are taking.
HOWEVER, they have asked me to join their team, virtually.
Which basically means, I get to tell them where to go, what to do...
who to interview, what to eat, and what to wear.. 
No, this means.. I get to support them, and I get to use my own
creativity to do it. And I'm excited too..
Does my agreeing to this have anything to do with the fact that being a
means they get to come visit ME here in WI first? Uhhh... maybe?

But, first things first. I pray as you are reading this,
 you understand their heart. 
If not take a closer look HERE at what they are doing!!
And Believe it or not, they are about to embark on this nationwide tour, in ONE week!
 `with 6 people...and currently have $1125 of support.... 
Their goal is $3750. 
Please, ask yourself, ask God...if this is something YOU can support...
Help them pursue their adventure, as they inspire others to pursue theirs...

If you would like to help this AMAZING family do something BIG,
then please contact ME asap...(they are on a time crunch)
You can also help by donating the items listed on the above page.
OR uou can also help by making a purchase at  

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read through this,
and consider this something amazing you can do for the "beauty of one."

The Winner of the "It's Not Even Funny Giveaway" is"
Amy M. from okayeAmy !
Congrats Amy! Shoot me an email!!

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