Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How Blogging Has Changed Me- Girl Behind The Blog

Yay. It's that time of month again for a new
Girl Behind The Blog!
Welcome to those of you who are new to "me."
Hope I don't scare you away!!!
(and feel free to stop the video beyond the 3 minute mark if you must-wink wink)
Today, I am talking about the ways Blogging has changed me.
Hope you all enjoy!
Thanks to 5ohWifey and Racing Towards Joy for the awesome & fun opportunity!

If you are interested in finding more about the link up I discussed on the video,
called Represent, it will be going live on September 26th, the same day as
See You At The Pole!
Check out all the deets here !!

Also posted a NEW FUN Link Up right below this...called 50 Shades of Stupid.
Yes, based on all the stupid things I do.


Kerrie said...

thanks for that opener -- It totally made my morning ;) A. I can't wait to meet in October, roomie and B. It was so obvious that you were speaking from the heart. I'm looking forward to the testimony vlogging :)

menopausal mama said...

Adorable blog here! Funny that you talk about how blogging has changed you---I just did a post a few days ago on the same subject while celebrating my first year as a blogger! Newest follower from the GFC blog hop. Would LOVE it if you could visit and follow back. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You're openings always kill me. You are so funny! And, sistahfriend, you are always such an encouragement to me and to others... Excited for your represent linkup!

Cassie @ Overuse I Love You said...

Love your vlog - you are such a natural vlogger! :)

L said...

YOU CRACK ME UP!!! I wanna come see you in your home and just hang out with all the fun going on =)
LOVE your heart as always friend! So looking forward to meeting you at Influence!!! =)
Much Love!

Janna Renee said...

I was looking forward to your video the most! You are always funny, entertaining, and have the best editing! I'm glad that blogging makes you comfortable with having a voice, because you have every right to speak up! We all love you, so keep it up!!

Becky Marie said...

It's nice to "meet" you! I love the idea of Represent, although for me its much easier to voice my belief than to write it down. It will be exciting to see everyone take a stand next month!

Allison Coomes said...

I need to join in on Girl Behind the Blog-putting it on my calendar! Thanks for being real as always-a rare find in a blog!

Anonymous said...

Haha you are too much fun! I definitely agree that it's amazing when God takes things that we've been through and uses our experience to speak encouragement to others. So excited to link up for Represent!

The Mrs. and The Momma said...

So excited I found your blog! I guess that's one of the great things about linking up!!!! Super pumped to get to know you. Super inspiring vlog! -Kristen

Melissa said...

This is awesome! I think I'm going to have to get in on this See You At The Pole thing

Annie said...

I love your heart for encouragement, so I'm so glad you started blogging! I can't wait to meet you in October! Represent sounds awesome. I definitely plan to join in!

sarah said...

girl. you are so cute inside and out, and i love love your wit and sweetness all rolled into one! I cant wait to get to know you better! And i agree that with how you said that blogging has really "brought things out" in you that were already there. That really got me thinking actually...I think thats so true and cool to reflect on. Love to you today girl!!! Look forward to getting to know you better!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

It's do funny how for some it changed their lives with the connections and friendships

LWLH said...

I wish I could vlog half as good as you :)

Erin said...

okay, your opening moments had me totally cracking up :) girl, you are so fun but even more, you have a BIG heart for the Lord - so clearly, and you inspire me to chase Him. "Represent" sounds amazing and I hope I can join in :)

Love ya sistah!

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