Friday, August 24, 2012

Wish You Were Here (Friday's Letters)

Dear Vacation: One of your definitions are 'freedom or release from duty, business, or activity.'
Another one states 'a period of suspension from work, usually used for rest, recreation or travel.'
I think that you should have a new definition for people with kids. We will discuss this later.

Dear Door County: You were supposed to be relaxing. A time where I didnt have to think.
You should have prepared more activities for my kids to do so that I didn't have to think about them complaining how we never do anything fun.

Dear Alpine Resort: You provided the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, rest, tanning, walks...
just what I wanted. I failed to remember that I have 3 kids. That simply doesn't happen without
a fight. I mean, a fight every 1-2 hours.

Dear Wesley: My dear sweet son. Oh, how I love you. You are my first born. My only boy. I will never forget how happy I was when you were born. But the screaming and running from bees in front of groups of people all over Door County, Wisconsin is rather humiliating. I'm sure, at the very least, our family is famous now...for having the kid that "screams & runs from bees." Look us up in the Door County directory next time you visit. Thanks. See You Soon.

Dear Leila: My sweet blonde haired, blue eyed doll. Babes, when mommy buys you a blue ice cream cone, it is for your enjoyment. Not to schmere all over the Ice Cream Shop window. I mean, of course, unless that is what you enjoy.

Dear Jada: Why must you terrify your mother and be so independent? I'm not a fan of yelling your name throughout a resort in tears. Please, for the love of your mom, stop wandering off.

Dear Hayride & Bonfire: One marshmallow and a fire the size of my stove top burner does not qualify as a "bonfire." But thanks for getting me all excited.

Dear Mom: Happy Birthday! I'm sorry that one of my daughters pretended to throw up and my other daughter decided to take off her shoes and take a nap on the floor of the fancy restaurant you chose for your birthday dinner. They're YOUR granddaughters. Aren't you proud?

Dear Stars in the Sky: Oh. My. God. Beautiful.

Dear Lake Michigan: Thank you for remaining crystal clear on our vacation. It was a nice change to the mucky, litter and crap filled Lake Michigan we know in Milwaukee.

Dear "Fun Park": I don't think I'd go that far to call it a park... or fun for that matter. How do a go-kart, mini golf and 8-9 video games qualify as a park? Just sayin.
Maybe Mediocre Thing would be better?

Dear Tiny Ice Cubes: I love you. I mean, Apparently I must. Since I kept making Jeff go get me buckets of you from the bar so I could chew on you like I was in labor or something.

Dear Hubs: You're obsession with trying lattes from every coffee shop you can find is a little out of control. We may need to get you some help.

Dear Restaurant Establishment in Fish Creek: Who knew buying a simple "memonay" (lemonade) to appease a cranky 3 year old who "couldn't walk" would lead to crabbypants falling off your high table bench and sprain her wrist and develop a giant egg on her forehead. Sorry about all the ruckus.

Dear Technology: Sometimes I hate you, sometimes I love you! Car trips are one of those "love filled" moments.

Dear Readers: Again, thanks for your patience with me. I am excited to start blogging regularly. I feel like  I am past that "ugh" moment I was having and am ready to blog my little heart out.
Thanks for showing me the love.


Katie said...

love all the pictures! jealous of the vacation too :) don't you love it when kids act so wonderfully in public??

Destiny said...

Rad photos! And funny stories to go with them, now you have great memories even if things never go as planned with kids.

Stephanie said...

Loved this:) #funcity

TicoTina said...

yaaay you're baaaack =) I love that I can just picture all of you doing these things and know the expressions you would have, LOL. can't wait until our paths cross again! we still need to do your interview =)

LWLH said...

Loved all the pictures and stories...sounds like a fun and interesting vacay :)

Mom of A and a said...

Love the photos!! Thanks for linking this up to the Mommy Brain Mixer!

Kelly said...

1) Oh, how I've missed you!!!!
2) I want that waffle. LOOKS AMAZING!
3) Glad my kids aren't the only crazies out there. Makes me feel better!!!
4) Oh, how I've missed you!!!!
5) Oh, how I've missed you!!!!

Andiepants said...

welcome back to the blogosphere hon!
I'm excited that you got a chance to "relax" and get away with the family! You inspire me to look in the bright side and follow my heart ;)

Andie's Traveling Pants
PS-Your pics are amazing!

Amanda said...

I love the pictures! It sounds like y'all had a fun time - and the letters to your kids = HILARIOUS! What great memories!

Cassie {} said...

Love the ice cream on the store window!! And the pic of you and your momma is just so lovable! :)

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