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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Girl, Two Vlogs (Represent/Girl Behind The Blog)

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I'm a girl who loves to vlog. So a few months ago, when I was approached by Allison from
Sweatpants and High Heels to help her Co-Host a Vlog link up where we give our story 
of how knowing God has changed our lives in under 5 minutes...
As scary as this can be, I was all for it. So those of you here today for
Represent: Take One, welcome to the first vlog in this series...
I am so honored and glad that you have chosen to join us.
Us being Myself, Allison, AND ALSO the lovely Sarah from The Fontenot Four .
And I am so excited to watch your videos throughout the week!

But then I saw that Ashley from 5ohWifey announced her monthly Girl Behind the Blog to go live the same day, with her co-host being one of my favorite bloggers, Erin from Sweetness Itself.
So, how could I miss out on that? It's easy. I couldn't. I never do. So I did two vlogs =)

1) I did the Girl Behind the Vlog video like 12 times and I couldn't NOT cry for 
some reason. Finally I made it through this one with no tears.
2) However, in both videos, I sound weird. I have a lisp. I mean, I really don't,
but something is wrong with my camera, so I sound like I do... Sorry.
3) If you are still looking for tears, you may want to stick around to hear a little more into
my story ON my Represent vlog, because you may or may not see me get all choked up.
4) I never stick to the time limit as much as I try and as much as I edit. Ugh. Sorry.
Just sayin.

If you are here to link up with Represent, grab a button, follow each of the girls Allison and Sarah if you
get a chance, and link yourself up!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Are Words Really Necessary?

This is a great quote, I believe in it. I believe we are to live our lives so that others see
the love of Jesus shining through our actions.
However, I think it has the possibility to give the impression that words are never necessary.
When in fact, words have their time, and their season.
God spoke the world into existence.
Let there be light. 
Let dry ground appear.
Let there be a space between the waters...
Proverbs 18:21 says "Death and Life are in the power of the tongue."
Words have the ability to lift up, or the ability to destroy.
So there are those moments when it's not only in your actions, but in what comes 
out of your mouth that has the ability to reach a life or touch a heart.

And we,  Sarah from The Fontenot Four, Allison from Sweatpants and High Heels and myself
are giving you the chance to speak up and use your words
in a vlog. Take 5 minutes and share with everyone your story of how you met Jesus.
There may be somebody out there who needs to hear what YOU have to say,
and only you.
For more about this new VLOG link up called REPRESENT, 
click here!
We go live ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Wednesday, September 26th!

Going to leave you with this song, about letting our lives display the love of Christ.


Monday, August 27, 2012

What Do You Represent?

Describe yourself. Hmmmm... About me, about me...
What words do you come up with to talk about yourself in a short quick glimpse 
at who you are? Your twitter or facebook profile. Your blog 'about me' page.
What is it that you represent?
The words I always come up with seem to stick around every time I update.
Wife, Mother, Native American, Sarcastic, Lover of people, Encourager....
Jesus Follower.
Yes, you see it all over blog world. All over life, really. 
Jesus Follower, Christ follower. Daughter of God. Disciple of Christ, Christian, etc etc...
But what is that? What does that mean? Does that mean you are a fanatic? No.
Does it mean you love Jesus? Yes.  He's probably everything to you.
Why do we sort of clump it in with everything else we claim to be?
If you are like me, or most "Jesus Followers" ~ you claim that Jesus or your faith is the most important thing in your life. Yet, so many of us have such a hard time talking about it.
Why? Maybe because of fear? Haters? Not being able to find the right words to say?
All of the above and more?
Yet, our lives and hearts and everything we are, depend way more on Jesus than on 
anything else we talk about on our blogs. Our entire existence is dependant on Jesus.
So why wouldn't we want the people we love most to experience him too?
Oh man, speaking from experience...I don't know where I'd be without him.
Personally I feel like I do okay at balancing out being a normal person who is just fun and a mom & wife and loves clothes and loves being a smart alek.... 
but I also have those moments where I need to let God speak through me to those who will listen.
I love to write fun, silly sarcastic stuff. I love fashion, talking about my kids...
But it is not what I want to Represent , so to speak.
If I could choose one thing, one person and say...
"In everything I write about, everything I do, I want to Represent this person..."
It would definitely be Jesus.

I can tell you one thing for sure. I never EVER want to dishonor him.
But as far as speaking up, (blog "writing" aside) I have a really difficult time talking to 
people "live or in person" about the greatest joy and hope I've ever known.
It's very strange, how suddenly my mouth gets dry, my hands start trembling,
my mind is thinking one thing and my mouth can't spit it out...
Yet, I know through life and experience, trial and error that there is no other peace
or hope like that of Jesus. So why is it so hard to talk about?
Practice makes perfect, maybe?
We...we meaning myself, Allison from Sweatpants & High Heels and Sarah from Fontenot Four
want to give you an opportunity to speak up, to share your testimony...
to Represent the one who has been your source of strength, comfort, hope.
We are introducing a BRAND NEW VLOG link up called: REPRESENT
It will be a year long link up: One link up each season for the next year~
 (so of course, this means 4 opportunities to share your faith via vlog)
The first link is called Represent: Testify Take One!
We are going LIVE with this link up on September 26th. The reason this date was chosen is because that is the day SEE YOU AT THE POLE is happening in our schools, So we are teaming up to pray with students all over and simply share our faith on the same day!
Girl (or guy), this is YOUR chance to testify what the Lord has done for you!! Speak that!
For the first link up we will share our "orignial" testimony in under 5 minutes... 
It will be a VLOG  (good practice, right?)
and we can share "How we found God, or how God found us..."
Basically tell the people how you came to know Jesus & why~
I'm super excited to see how God can use this to share the love of Jesus to those who might be curious what "following Jesus" is all about...and want to hear it from our own mouths...
We really hope you can join us...
Mark it down on you calender, make your video, and grab a button...
and if you can, follow each of us when you link up!!
We are so excited to team up with you all to get big things accomplished!

To find out MORE about this, click HERE to read Allison's post! 
or HERE to read Sarah's post!


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