Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One Girl, Two Vlogs (Represent/Girl Behind The Blog)

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I'm a girl who loves to vlog. So a few months ago, when I was approached by Allison from
Sweatpants and High Heels to help her Co-Host a Vlog link up where we give our story 
of how knowing God has changed our lives in under 5 minutes...
As scary as this can be, I was all for it. So those of you here today for
Represent: Take One, welcome to the first vlog in this series...
I am so honored and glad that you have chosen to join us.
Us being Myself, Allison, AND ALSO the lovely Sarah from The Fontenot Four .
And I am so excited to watch your videos throughout the week!

But then I saw that Ashley from 5ohWifey announced her monthly Girl Behind the Blog to go live the same day, with her co-host being one of my favorite bloggers, Erin from Sweetness Itself.
So, how could I miss out on that? It's easy. I couldn't. I never do. So I did two vlogs =)

1) I did the Girl Behind the Vlog video like 12 times and I couldn't NOT cry for 
some reason. Finally I made it through this one with no tears.
2) However, in both videos, I sound weird. I have a lisp. I mean, I really don't,
but something is wrong with my camera, so I sound like I do... Sorry.
3) If you are still looking for tears, you may want to stick around to hear a little more into
my story ON my Represent vlog, because you may or may not see me get all choked up.
4) I never stick to the time limit as much as I try and as much as I edit. Ugh. Sorry.
Just sayin.

If you are here to link up with Represent, grab a button, follow each of the girls Allison and Sarah if you
get a chance, and link yourself up!



TicoTina said...

1. I love Gungor
2. I love you - not in that order
3. hahaha! "I almost said in Jesus name, amen"
4. I love what you say about how it's so easy to take things for granted, even God, when he's just always kind of been there.
5. HAHAHA I just noticed your "sweet girls" sidebar label, LOLOLOLOL!
6. I still need to make my represent video today, so... we'll see how that goes!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you had such a rough span of years. I know how hard that can be.. but God has used this experience in you FOR SURE. Cant wait to meet you soon!

Allison Coomes said...

Your VLOGS always make me stop and silence after I watch them because you are so candid and honest. I hate that you had a rough span of time in your life, but I'm so encouraged that you have embraced it as part of your story. Thanks for sharing, thanks for all of your hard work on promoting this link up, and thanks for helping a newbie blogger like me along the way. You are loved by so many!

Becky Marie said...

I love to see you and your open, honest heart! I totally relate to growing up in the Church, often hard to explain that to people. Thank you for sharing your story. (in Jesus Name, Amen!)

Erin said...

Girl I am tearing up while watching this. Thank you for being so honest - I understand what you mean about your struggles and feelings in the past years... I have struggled with similar things in the past 2 years and so I relate with you and how you've come out of it with the Lord's help. You are such an amazing woman and momma and I think it is incredible to see how God is using the pain you've been through for good through your beautiful blog.

can't wait to meet you in a couple weeks!!

"in jesus name, amen". ;)

ps - love represent and need to link up next time!

Anonymous said...

I think that knowing your story has definitely helped me understand better what others go through! You are so beautiful, Julie, and it is beautiful to see your influence used for the glory of Jesus :)

brittany willard said...

hey friend. enjoyed getting to know you a little bit more through these two vlogs. I love how God can take the really hard times in life when we have felt so broken & he can turn them into something so beautiful. Your story is a testament of Gods faithfulness. I have gone through similar times in life of just being sad & for me I struggled with depression. Through it all, the Lord brings us through. I also, loved how you almost said in Jesus name, Amen. :)

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for sharing a little of your testimony! It is so encouraging to hear how God works in lives in different ways. I feel like I can relate to a lot of how God brought you to Him. I also grew up in a Christian family going to church whenever the doors were open...but it took going through a painful situation and coming to the end of myself to really see God's hand in my life. Praise the Lord that He always brings good from even the hardest times we face! Have a blessed day! =)

Patricia Robertson said...

I am sitting here after listening to your videos reflecting on what God has done for me and how I had come so far with His help in my life and now how I have fallen so far back. I have also struggled with depression for many, many years. I have periods of being okay and periods of being completely broken and every time it seems I go deeper in to the dark in a place I didn't even know existed. Thank you so much for sharing and being honest.
Patricia @

Lisa @ MMT said...

So sorry you went through such a hard time but so glad that God was able to help you through and strengthen your beliefs. Can't wait to have long chats in real life!

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

these videos touched my heart so. <3
You have such a precious soul. I am so thankful for you and for what God is doing through you.

I so hope we can meet in person one of these days.
Love you..seriously.

Kelly said...

I'm FINALLY watching these videos and speak to me in a way you have NO idea about girl. I love you!!!! I wish I would have posted my video...i just have this crazy fear with my parents...they don't get it...and this is still a touchy subject with them...if you say you are "saved" you are one of those "bible thumpers" ya know. I mean for goodness sake I was raised in the is it the ones closest to us are the hardest to be honest with...?

Jessica Jean-Marie said...

I've been a follower of yours for awhile, but I just need to say. You are such an inspirational person with such a beautiful soul. I can relate so much with your testimony. I grew up in the church & never had that 'finding Jesus' experience. But I drew away from God for a few years because I wanted to 'do my own thing'I had never felt so depressed in all my life. Thankfully I turned back to Him after hitting rock bottom. Thank you so much for sharing.

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