Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Influence Pre-Conference Meet & Greet

Um, so apparently I am out of the loop. 
I had no idea there was a Influence Meet & Greet link up thingie today and I had already put up a new post today about my NEW HAIR HERE today! 2 posts in one day? That's ok, right?
For those of you who don't know, yes I have committed myself to going to a blogging
conference rooming and driving with people I have never met.
Is blogging that big of a deal to me? Am I that passionate about it?

Anyways, I'm sorta in the middle of a bunch of work for my church,
so I am going to fly through this quick.

Get To Know Me:

1) Hi, I'm Julie. Wow. Exciting name right? Wouldn't Julianne, or Julia be better.
I always wanted a little more pizazz to my name. Nope, I'm stuck with Julie.
A name straight out of the 70's. Oh Gosh, did I just say that? The 70's!!!

2) I'm kind of a brat and sassy. But my heart is big. I am a super huge believer in encouraging
the beauty and talents and gifts in people, because if people don't believe or know how
vital and unique and important their qualities are, they might give up on them.
I don't want that. Do you? You can see what I mean HERE

3) I survive having 3 kids by writing (or typing out) down the conversations we have or they have with each other, on a regular basis. Sometimes you can breeze past some of the things that kids say,
but not me. I need to find humor it it. Need to. I mean, for my sanity. Not kidding.
Like this post HERE

Two Things I am looking forward to About the Conference:

1) Of course to meet YOU! I think everyone says this, but I had no idea so many amazing girls blogged, but more importantly I had no idea the community behind it. It's not just social media,
nor is it just about "MY" blog...but I've made so many friends who have encouraged and
lifted me up. I've met a couple in real life so far, but I am looking forward to meeting
so so so many more of you in just a few weeks! Mothers, missionaries, college students, youth pastors, wives, business owners and all around gorgeous gals whom I've grown to love.
I mean that!

2) Because blogging in itself was stepping outside of the box, I think actually doing this, going...
with a bunch of people I never met is a NEW step for me. Rooming with girls I have never met, driving down with a couple of Wisconsin girls I don't really know.  WOW, huge step!
It's an adventure. And it wasn't easy for me to swing the money for it, so I feel like it will be worthwhile in many ways...both to step outside the box out of my shy and comfort zone,
but also learning to use this huge online tool to help others! Exciting!

One thing I can't leave home without:

Um, clothes?


Jacquelynn said...

Hi Julie! I 'linked up' after you and wanted to say hi!

I am so excited for the conference... and excited to meet you and all the wonderful ladies!

Michelle said...

Hi Julie! I just wanted to let you know that you were chosen as the winner of my giveaway! I am super excited to send you your copy of "Don't Waste Your Life" and your Starbucks giftcard, so please make sure to check your email and get back to me! =)

Kacia said...

Wisconsin..... :) I'm here right now!! But sadly, I'll be coming in from PA!!

Ahhh, i miss this state!
Can't wait to meet you!


Brooke said...

Looking forward to meeting you!

Annie said...

i LOVE the name Julie! it has long been one of my favorite girl names.

You and I can be kind of brats and sassy together. My roommate actually used to call me sassafras because I was so sarcastic. haha!

I'm so excited to meet you, Julie!

Trina {Beginner Beans} said...

It really is incredible the community in blogging, and it doesn't even seem worth it without that. Looking forward to meeting you at the conference!

MsMills said...

I'm not the only one coming from Wisconsin?!

Anonymous said...

Yay for adventures and breaking out of our comfort zones! Excited to meet you Julie!

Amanda said...

So glad you're bringing clothes. I'm hoping to steal other blogger's uber-cute outfits so I don't have to wear my birthday suit. *wink*

2 1/2 weeks til I hug your neck!!!!!!!!

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