Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Indian Summer

I didn't grow up on an indian reservation, like my mother did.
Or like many of my cousins and relatives did.
Adapting to the "being native" thing is still new to me.
I grew up attending pow wows here and there, but never participating.
So, this is all recent for me, but it's something special, ya know?
Something I want to instill into my children.
Their heritage and culture.

Can I just say that I am completely obsessed with some of these costumes?
I love mine. It's my first. Hopefully of many more to come.
My AMAZINGLY talented cousin, Lydia made it for me.
Her and my aunt did it all, the beadwork, the ribbons, everything.
In fact, she makes her own. EVERY YEAR!
They are all so extremely beautiful, aren't they?
SO rich in color and tradition and culture...

These pictures are from last week, September 9, 2012.
A local festival called Indian Summer. 
I mentioned in THIS POST that Milwaukee's summers are filled with festivals.
Each one embraces heritage and culture.
Italian, Mexican, Polish, Greek...and so on.
So, this past week, I decided to join in the fun and dance a little for the pow wow.
Really, there were competitions. I have very little clue what I am doing,
but I have fun with my kids dancing the "all nations" dance,
in which they invite anyone out to dance, costume, native or not!
It's a lot of fun!

For more NATIVE HISTORY AND PICS of mine, check out this post HERE!!!


jes @ twosmuppies said...

you and your little one look adorable. especially her little moccasins!

TBeetle said...

I never really post comments on the blogs I read, but just wanted to say, Julie, that yours is visually beautiful, well written, and quite entertaining. I read them all.
Love you! Tiff

Lena B @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

This (your) culture has always fascinated me... It all seems so intense and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Kerrie said...

I always love your native american posts! You looked so cute and I just think it's so cool how you are cherishing your culture.

Niken said...

you girls look cute!
it looks like a lot of fun.

Montana said...

LOVE this! I want to go now! The colors are all so beautiful!

Kelly said...

That dress is beautiful!!! It must have taken FOREVER to make!

Janna Renee said...

I'm a tiny bit Iroquois and we used to visit the reservations when I was little too! I was dubbed "Quiet Child" by an elder (I was the quietest out of my siblings), so now I have "Quiet Child" tattood on my wrist in Cherokee symbols! I love your outfits. Especially the "jingle dress" :)

Brooke said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment! Love your blog by the way!!

stephanie said...

so fun! i love it, you both look so cute.

Maria said...

julie, you look amazing. your costume is beautiful and fun and full of color! i love it.
your girls are lucky to have a mama who shares so much with them. <3

Annie said...

new around here! just 'follower' today and i have to say you are gorgeous and have the most adorable little family, ever! what an awesome, fun way to celebrate your culture.

Benlovesting said...

Oh so beautiful! x

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