Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Wedding That Rocked My Socks Off

I am usually not a "I just went to a wedding so I will post all my pictures on my blog" 
kind of girl. However, this venue of this wedding was beyond cool for a wedding...
and the bride is one of my oldest friends and favorite people ever.
Plus, look...does she totally rock or what?
Ok, I'm setting aside the fact that there was some gospel R&B all up in the ceremony,
it can still rock, right?
Aren't her shoes Sa-WEEEET? Doesn't get much more Kat Von D-ish than that? Wink.
totally dug the pinwheel theme too.

love my tattoo loving friend xoxo
Trin and I have been friends since she was in 3rd grade, I was in 5th grade.
Thanks to her, I always "went out" with boys 2 years younger than I.
Some how we always managed to share boyfriends and music, even though we 
were so much different. And we still laughed at all the same dumb stuff.

We weren't exactly ALWAYS close, with life driving a wedge in between us. Haha, I'm kidding.
We never really fought, ok, except that one time...She knows the time.
Anyhow, life, marriage, college, blah blah blah...all that shot by us, touching base now and then...
and little would you know years later we would end up bawling our eyes our to each other.
Not because we missed each other, just because we thought we had lame lives. 
Or something like that.

I'm sorry, but I'm coming back to this hotel. Maybe for a vow renewal or something. I'm creeping on 20 years already.
Basically the only person I really knew was my sister. Thanks Jen, for making it look like I had a friend.
 Right after high school, we spent morning, noon and night together for like an entire summer...
Ok, that sounds strange. But we really did. It was so pathetically sad. 
The constant joke was that we had no friends. Once we told her mom about it. 
Her mom goes "You have friends."Trin's reply "Who? Jesus?"
Ok, maybe it was funnier at the time. Probably.

We had a posse at one time. A posse of alternative loving, hardcore rocking,
skateboard riding, grungy wearing cool hipsters with baggy pants.
The only problem was Trin had a secret. 
In her words "You guys were decked out in flannels listening to Nirvana, while I was secretly listening to Tupac and doing drive-bys." THIS is why I love Trin. That's like my favorite quote of all time. She told me to write a quote book, because I'm always jotting down random conversations 
and quotes. Her quote will be in "said" book.

This is what I do at weddings. At least weddings with cool mirrors like this one.
Anyways, I love you Trin. I am so happy for you that you found someone that totally
gets who you are, and is seriously so much like you. I really love it. I'm serious.
I wish you & Eric blessed lives & I know you you'll prove Love
where love 'seems' defenseless.
So thankful God is so merciful and can bring restoration & happiness to us all.

Oh, and thanks for choosing a super sick venue where I can take sweet pics of myself
in the mirror in my down time...
Ok, that totally wasn't me to say sick. I know. Yeah, I did that for you.

Oh, and p.s.s....I'm thinking up a new logo for the super shades stationary club, 
so when you get some free time, I wanna throw some ideas at ya.

Ooops, almost forgot about this one. Can't forget my Smyth photo. wink wink.

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Alyson McMahon said...

Ok. YOU are beautiful. In every single pic. I mean really?? That's not even close to being fair. And, that venue looks RAD!!! I want to go there.. and have drinks and take pictures of cool mirrors. Love the story of your friendship. That's awesome! Friends like that are the greatest. Here's to many, many years of love & happiness for the two of them.

Jana Faith said...

Amazing shoes. Lovin' the long-time friendshp. And you're fabulous, as always!

Makaila said...

i am a total I went to a wedding and i'm gonna post all the pics kinda girl and i looved this post! how beautiful and unique! love your outfit too!

Annie said...

i love this post! i haven't yet seen any of my best friends get married, although one of them will hopefully be engaged soon (and thinking of that actually is making me tear up and it hasn't even happened. haha!). reading what you've written to your best friend just makes my heart smile.

also: i also write down conversations and quotes. Julie, i'm really starting to think we're basically the same person.

Winery Weddings said...

You are so cool my dear friend and I like your heels it is so nice.

Boracay Wedding said...

Like your tattoos and your heels so nice. Looks so pretty and very lovely. Thanks for the share, it was so nice looking at your photos..

Ashley McCardia said...

the bangs still look fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for an awesome post! I love having a few people in my life who just "get me "and you are definitely one of them!! This was the best day ever, and im so glad you got to be there!.
Love you girl!
Xo Trin a Tron
Aka thug life

Kelly said...

Julie I just want to hang out with you wherever you go!!! AWESOME times 1000 wedding!

Jess Judkins said...

Your stunning!!
Also gorgeous venue and her shoes are amazing! Did she wear them for the entire reception? I had stilettos for my wedding and ended up taking them off before we had our pictures taken outside

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I saw these on Insta and was just in aww. This is so cool. A wedding should be about who you are and this nailed it. I also thought about you last weekend. They had a Pow Wow right down from my house in the park. I wanted to go but had baseball with my son.

chestnutmocha said...

wow! awesome heels!

TicoTina said...

what a fun wedding! wish I could have been there taking selfies with you, LOL! =)

ginanorma said...

seriously i can see why that wedding rocked your world, how incredible was it!?! I love the pic of you in the bathroom, what a cool place.

weddings have a way...


Breenah said...

That is awesome. LOVE the shoes.
Came via Truly Yours!

Chelsea said...

That polka dot headband is GORGEOUS! You're just a doll :) Saying hello from your 3 4 & under giveaway!

ramsaygrace said...

Loved this! Is her name Trinity by chance? Just wondering as my family calls me Trin too and I don't meet too many that share the name. :-)
Trinity B.

Maria said...

I love it!! Those shoes ARE amazing! I love when people think outside the box for weddings! You are beautiful as always - love the mirror photo!

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