Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 Things You Should Know Before You Meet Me

I can hardly believe in about a week I will be  trying on outfits, packing my bags, desperately
trying to lose 4 lbs in one day as I prepare to head to meet  Lisa & Ally,
2 other Wisconsin girls that I have never met and then we will make our way to Indy together for
 There we will meet up with over 200 other girls, bloggers, shop owners,women of tremendous
influence, including our other roomie, Kerrie and there we will gain inspiration in glorifying God in all that we do and just have some good ole fashioned girl time fun. I think?
I thought it was only appropriate that I take a minute to introduce you to my roomies, who I will
know so much better in a week and a half, but for now, I will let you know that I already love them.
Lisa from Mommas Me Time
Alli from Life On Leroy
Kerrie from The Williams Post

And I thought, Hey I better let them and all of you other people that may meet me soon
 a little bit more about me...

1) Just to clearn any rumors from the get go, despite my lack of wedding ring, I am STILL happily married.  I never got my engagement ring and wedding band saudered together back in the day and I lost it a few years ago at an indoor water park. I do still have the engagement ring which I wear sometimes by itself, but I haven't had the cash flow to replace it yet.

2) A few health Issues: If you see me popping pills, it's for low iron and an ulcer , I swear.
Also, and inhaler is a must for me, especially if I laugh a lot. Annnnd~I depend on nasal spray to let me breathe. Horrible I know.  Addict? Uh, kinda. Ever see this episode of King Of Queens? I love it.
I can totally relate.

3) I have been overly tired like all the time. (Just found out it was because of the low iron thing)
 Naps have been a must. Not only tired, but extremely fatigued.
Using the stairs over the past few months have felt like I did an hour jog. And I am
not exaggerating. My body looks like feels like jello when I walk up the stairs in my house
and I start huffing and puffing, all out of breath. So, uh, don't mind the heavy breaths? I guess?

4) I swore I would lose 10 lbs before Influence. Thanks to NO energy, muscle fatigue...
and an ulcer which requires me to eat every hour (not kidding) to feel better, this has not happened.
Instead I gained 5 lbs. Whatevs.

5) The show Friends. You may hear it pop up in conversation alot.
I watch it nightly. Even when I know every episode by heart, own all seasons, I will
still watch it on tv if its on before anything else. So needless to say, I can find a moment
in every situation that "reminds me of this one Friends episode."
Just Warning You.

6) Despite my expression of my inability to hug in this post: I Thought Thats What Bloggers Did,
that I wrote a few months back, I want you to know...Seriously, I DO hug on occasion of first meeting, saying goodbye and if someone comes to hug me first at any other random time. I just feel awkward initiating most hugs. So, please don't let what I said scare you. wink.

7) And I wonder if maybe because of that post and my sarcasm & sense of humor, I may come across in verbiage as if I'm rough around the edges or dry? Maybe? Kinda? I think I'm just a little awkward?
But here's the real deal.
I'm definitely OVERLY sentimental. 
I cry at EVERYTHING. Just warning you. I will avoid "goodbyes" or "closing statements" if I can, because I promise you, I will cry. You can see what I mean IN THIS POST.

8) Is it just me and my hubby, but whenever we get a break from the kids, all we really
want to do is sleep? We go out, try to figure out what we should do, dinner and a movie perhaps?
Nope, usually its dinner and "lets just go back home and sleep." I hope I don't feel that need
while with new friends, but those kid breaks always put me right in "I just want to sleep" mode.

9) I hope to God we are all wearing name tags with our name and blog/business  posted right on them .Please do not be offended if you approach me knowing who I am and suddenly your name and/or blog gets lost in my mind somewhere. Or if your real life self looks different than your pictures...I need to go through the Influence Meet & Greet posts. (No, I have not done that yet) to get better acquainted with your faces this week, so I don't humiliate myself.

10) Is there a Chick-fil-a near by? Because the closest one to me is 45 minutes.
Just so you know. That's all.


Lauren @ Pink on the Cheek said...

totally wish I could meet you!! Im like the lone blogger not going to influence con. but maybe next year, have fun!

LWLH said...

I would have loved to meet you...have fun with your girls though :)

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

Such a fun post!! Wish I was going. You are going to have the best time!!

ginanorma said...

I am so happy for you Julie!!! How fun and exciting, it would have been so awesome if I had been able to go:)
I can't wait to hear alllllllll about it, every detail!

sorry to hear about the Iron thing, I hope the supplements help and I'm glad you found out what it was, I know it's been bothering you for a while now. And ya, who cares about the weight!!!


Grace martin said...

argh I so wish I was going!!!! Lucky you though, I hope you have a great time :)

Jess Judkins said...

Your freaking adorable, now I wish I was going just to meet you (maybe borrow someone elses name tag as a joke) and hug you so you think I am someone else. Creepy maybe but funny yes :-)

I found out last year that I have and ulcer and the low iron thing. So I hear ya on taking the meds, also it takes FOREVER for an ulcer to heal and hey its your stomach literally bleeding so you have two things going against ya. Eat some honey (it helps) and get better :-) Also I went dairy free because well Judah made me allergic to dairy but that helped my ulcer as well

Have so much fun!!! Ps you look fantastic! You dont need to lose 4 or 10 pounds

Ashley said...

totally know what you mean about hugs....ha! Wish I was coming to Influence so I could meet everyone.


Tender Allure said...

Hi! Thanks for the giveaway on 3 Four and Under :)

Anonymous said...

So wish I was going :(
Next year! Enjoy it :) *cyber hug*

TicoTina said...

you're going to have so much fuuuuuuuun!!!!!!!! I can barely even remember girls' stuff because I haven't even had a girls' night in forEVa! and don't worry, you're one of the cool chicks that everyone wants to be - you can't help it, you just have that vibe for some reason =)

Dawn said...

If I was going, we could go to ChickFilA together. And we could laugh, hug, and cry together.

Julie S. said...

I have never had Chik-Fil-A ! :)

rachael said...

You're cute! I look forward to meeting you!

Meredith said...

I'm snorting! I have yet to have the courage for a blog conference, but I'm sure I would feel EXACTLY the same way. I hope you have a blast--and get to hit that Chick FilA :)

Sarah Mcdougal said...

You are stinkin' adorable! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you'd take a moment to check out my blog. Read it and follow it if you like what you read!


Lisa @ MMT said...

I think we are going to get a long great!! Even if we are both slighty awkward with hugs haha, just kidding.
1. I think we will both be taking naps, because I also like my sleep
2. You do not need to lose 10 or even 4 pounds! You look great just the way you are!
3. I am the worst with names! I swear I will forget everyone's names and blog names but I could probably tell you exactly what their blog layout looks like lol. Visual learner :)
Can't wait to meet you in one week and chat on Sunday!!

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

I sooooo wish I could go. I really am sad that I can't make it.
But perhaps next year...I definitely won't be in the middle of a move then.

I watch Friends non-stop also. ;)

Annie said...

WE. ARE. TWINS. i depend on nasal spray to breathe, too!

i have never been to chick-fil-a and i told my roommates we have to stop at one while we're in chicago! hopefully there's one in indy too!

Maria said...

I hope you have so much fun!! It sounds like such an awesome experience!! I love that you love King of Queens so much...I remember that episode...Arthur is hilarious...I want to marry that man. ;)
Hope you're having a nice weekend, Julie

Alyson McMahon said...

I canNOT wait to hear all about your time at Influence. I'm kinda jealous (in a good way) that you get to hang with Lisa & Alli. Promise we can all hang out again soon, once I move. Ok? ;) And um.. the whole pills & inhalers and nasal spray thing.. yeah, sounds so familiar. Hope you feel good this week for the conference.

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