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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kids and Conversation~Leila's thoughts on God

 I've mentioned this before several times, but one of the wonderful things about having kids 
is the brilliant things they say. I wonder how their little minds come up with such creative 
thoughts and I challenge any parent to start keeping record of things your child says, if you 
don't already. You won't regret it and will love looking back and laughing and you read what
 your child thought and said out loud!
Here are a couple of Leila's adorable quotes about her thoughts on God that 
she said to me in the past week!

"Mommy, How come God got a lot of eyes? 
He gots two eyes, but he can see everything."

"Mommy, I think the cats purring. Because I felt her belly and it was krinkly. And I think 
that means she has God in her heart cuz some cats have God in their heart."

"Mom, God does everything. He does morning and 
night night time and rain and flowers.
Satan just fights. That's what I think about it."

I loved the "that's what I think about it" she threw in at the end.
Obviously I am bias, but she is pretty darn cute.

Friday, September 13, 2013

An 8 Year Old & The Bible

Last night Jada asked me to read her a book and ended up bringing me a kids Bible Trivia book her Grandma had given us. This by far was one of the best decisions I've made all week, because I can't stop laughing at her answers. If you know anything about the Bible at all, you will love me for this....

Q: When Jesus visited Peters house, a woman was sick w a fever. Who was this woman.
A: I know her name. It was Sally. I mean Sinner.

Q:This baby made a crying face. A princess found the baby in a basket floating on the river Nile. 
Who is the baby?
A: Moseph?

Q: This man & woman are very old, but they are happy and holding a baby. It's not their gran dson or great grandson, its their son Isaac. Who is this man and woman? It starts with an S & A.
A: Sacrifice & Animal

Q: It's a place where a boy is about 12 years old is teaching older men who are like teachers. A man & woman come in concerned and say "Jesus, we've been looking for you."
 What is this place?
A: Um, a cinnamon? Thats what my teacher said.

And this is coming from a preacher's granddaughter & a christian school student.
Looks like we need to brush her up on her Bible Trivia a little bit more at home.
I will say, I'm gonna make good use of this book though, pretty much for my own entertainment.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Actually Happened...To Me!

You know that girl who split her pants? At Disney World? This week?
Sure you do...
And this is not a metaphor for something deeper.
Nor is it a tiny split. This is the real deal, people.

What the heck? Right? They were like the baggiest pair of shorts I've worn in years.
I'm in Florida today. At Disney World. 
Monday, I'm sitting down on a curb, while holding my sleeping daughter and I felt it happen.
Granted the angle at which the lower half of my body made its way down probably wasn't
my cutest move ever. But there was no need for complete humiliation. No, not like this.
Nevertheless, it happened. To me. I'm pretty sure it was Gods way of telling me to start my 
50 Shades of Stupid series again.
 Luckily it was beautiful out and I was able to use my sweatshirt to 
tie around my waist and cover it up. And luckily it happened right before we left the park.

Meh whatevs. I got myself a new skirt out of it.
And now we can call Monday... a success.

Thursday, February 28, 2013


I love writing down conversations with and between my kids that I find funny. Actually I
always facebook status them. So I probably at some point should go back and write them down.
 Because pretty soon, facebook will probably be charging me to log in or review my timeline history
or something crazy. To be honest, I'm getting a little weirded out at the access and rights some of
these social networks are gaining lately. Go figure and I have a public blog. Haha.

Anyways, LOVED this one Jeff had with Leila the other day right after he finally bought new 
glasses after 8 years and we were driving home.

Jeff: Nobody will recognize me with my new glasses. I will be going incognito.
Leila: NOOOOOO! I don't want to go to cognito. I want to go home!!!

It was so whiney and so cute.. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

You Ask, I'll Answer! Because I'm Turning 40. Pretty Much.

Hey Guys! 
Soooooo.... I can't really ignore the big elephant in the room you didn't know existed. 
Maybe some of you did. But a week from Saturday, it will be my birthday.
Yes, February 2nd! It's groundhogs day.  Celebrate!
I will be 25 years old ahem...37 years old.
Let's just all pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that in 3 years I will be 40.
Deep Breaths...That was for me. Because I need them. You know. At my age.
It's moments like these I look into the world of beautiful blogging women,
and I am reminded that almost everyone out there is just turning 23, or 28 or even 32.
Not me, I am turning 40... I mean 37.
I could throw a big party. Come up with some sort of giveaway.
But lets face it, at my age, I just don't have the energy to work rafflecopter magic
as often as some of you, youngsters.
So instead, I thought it might be fun to let you dig into the deets of my life a little more.
I saw a few random posts about "What you wouldn't know from my blog?" type of thing
and I thought that would be fun, but then I saw others where YOU THE READERS 
get to ask the questions of the things YOU want to know.
I gotta say, I'm a pretty open book on this lil blog of mine. But maybe there is something
you missed. Or something I didn't reveal already.
Ask Away.
Gosh, this will certainly be embarrassing if nobody asks me anything.
Crossing my fingers someone needs to know something about me?

Ask me on twitter, facebook, email or here in my comments. Whatevs.
I will answer one week from today! Yay. Fun!
Happy Birthday to Me!

Oh and by the by. That photo of me . I live in Wisconsin. No this is not the current weather.
I opted to not go out in the 0 degree weather and instead use a photo from my "Younger Years"
and from "Warmer Days."
Ok, it was like a year and a half ago, but I was still younger and it was summer.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Am I A Bad Mom? (Mommy Brain Mixer)

I've been posting a lot of fart/poop posts lately.
I'm not sure this is conducive to trying to spread the love of Jesus.
But in all reality, I do have kids.

And I do buy them books like the one above...

or like this,
the one below
Does that make me a bad mom? Or just a fun one?

Actually, I think Uncle Clayton bought them this one.
Yes, I blame him.

P.S. I have also cursed myself with such a dog. His name is Lukas. Ugh.


Welcome to week 18 of the Mommy-Brain Mixer, ladies!

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Please welcome Cassie from Live.Laugh.L0ve and Julie from From Awkward to Art ! 

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Welcome to...

At the Mommy-Brain Mixer, we will be linking up our writings about anything and everything motherhood!

We want to see funny posts, serious posts, sweet & sappy stories, mommy-brain episodes, memories from when your older children were younger, thoughts & lessons learned, and anything related to motherhood or little people. You know that post you wrote yesterday about your teething baby? Or that hilarious post you wrote about your 2nd grader's school play? Those are perfect, so link 'em up! 

The Mommy-Brain Mixer is the perfect place to find some great new blogs to follow, make some wonderful new blog friends, and enjoy some entertaining new reads!

To make things even more fun, our friend Mar, over at Raising Bean, is hosting a sister link-up for you to join, too!

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A beautiful friend I want you to know

This One Time...Girl Behind The Blog

Well, here it is!
My turn to co-host Girl Behind The Blog with 5ohWifey
My favorite blog link up on the planet.
I'm so excited. 
You will notice this by the amount I laugh and smile in my video.
Perhaps we should have went with a different topic,
because I am way too happy & excited telling my stories.
You know how I always say, I used to be a really happy smiley girl..
Yes, well here is a good example of that.

I apologize for the crappy quality. Of course the week that I would co-host ,
my camera would break and I would have to use my phone to record..
For the prompt this month, you can click HERE or read below!

Hope you have fun watching, listening, chuckling at my embarrassing stories.

 Today... we invite YOU to get silly and real and share a funny story about yourself. And maybe make a few new friends. All you have to do is follow both of our blogs, post a button anywhere on your blog, and post a short vlog answering the following questions. You'll only have to link up on one of the host's blogs because our links will be interlinked. We really hope you join us. You can grab a button below to put up on your blog. Spread the word and lets get to know each other a little better! Here are the deets... feel free to make your video your own but please try to stick to these prompts and the time limit.

The Girl Behind The Blog- This One Time...
Time limit: Vlogs should be 2-3 minutes long
Introduce yourself and your blog
Tell us a funny or embarrassing story about yourself

P.S. I'm going to be, and my scheduler doesn't work, so I am posting this now...
Sorry, but the link up wont go live until 12:01 PST 11/28/12
Stop back and link up!
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="5ohwifey" width="200" height="200" /></a>
check out the Advertise Page for more deets

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Girl Behind the Blog Prompt-This One Time...

I haven't made it a secret that my first few months in blog world were disheartening.
I had no clue what was going on. I had no idea so many people blogged.
I had no clue that I could make friends blogging.

Honestly, I just thought all my family and friends would love to hear what amazing words of humor and wisdom I could manage to drum up.
Sadly, that didn't happen. I am ever so thankful for those of my family & friends
that have mentioned, "Hey just so you know, I do read your blog, I just never say anything."
That has made me feel a lot better over time, knowing I had their support.
However, when I first started blogging and didn't know about this great big blog world,
I was in tears, thinking no one cared.
Then one day I discovered Girl Behind the Blog somehow.
It was my first round of  Girl Behind The Blog , acutally THEE first round I believe...
And ever since then, I've been addicted. I think I missed only 2 because I was on a blog 
break at one point and out of town once. I love the entire idea behind it, getting to know people just a
little better as you hear and see people in animated form =) And not just in pictures.

So, anyways, I guess you know what I'm about to say. Last month I had the fabulous
opportunity to meet Ashley, the mastermind behind Girl Behind the Blog and 5ohWifey at
where else, but Influence!!
And I love how encouraging she has been to me in subtle ways.
I was so excited to not only take this picture with her...

but, naturally, I was the lame one who embarrassed myself and told her "I love you"
because she was standing behind me talking to either 5ohHubby or 5ohBaby or someone she loved on the phone and she said "I love you." And what else would I say when 5ohWifey tells 5ohHubby
"I love you."  Uhhhh... duh.... I tell 5ohWifey..."I love you too."

And those are the kind of cool, super amazing, awesome and embarrassing moments that brings us to today! If you know anything about me and my blog, you know that I like to tell funny stories about my life! I have no shame.
And guess what? I get to co-host The Girl Behind the Blog 
ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Woot! I am pretty sure it's because of my spoken love. Yes?

  So, Wednesday, November 28, 2012... one week from today... we invite YOU to get silly and real and share a funny story about yourself. And maybe make a few new friends. All you have to do is follow both of our blogs, post a button anywhere on your blog, and post a short vlog answering the following questions. You'll only have to link up on one of the host's blogs because our links will be interlinked. We really hope you join us. You can grab a button below to put up on your blog. Spread the word and lets get to know each other a little better! Here are the deets... feel free to make your video your own but please try to stick to these prompts and the time limit.

The Girl Behind The Blog- This One Time...
Time limit: Vlogs should be 2-3 minutes long
Introduce yourself and your blog
Tell us a funny or embarrassing story about yourself

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="5ohwifey" width="200" height="200" /></a>

P.S. Link up all your THANKFUL posts this week to the BLESSED series going on all
week. Most recent BLESSED POST right below this one =)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Make Believe

Some kids pretend they are ninjas.
Some kids pretend they are princesses.
Some kids might even pretend they are animals...
or maybe rockstars.

Not Jada. This is what she pretends.

Oh yes, more inspiring moments from my life.
And you are welcome.

For more, Kids and Conversation fun, click HERE 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby, baby, baby steps ohhhh...

Why is it that 2-3 weeks in blog world seems like 2-3 years?
It hasn't really been that long since I've blogged.
It's been 2 weeks. It feels like an eternity.
And then a week or so before that... I think.
I'm not really anti blog. I'm anti computer?? Possibly anti social?
But I've missed all my "sweet friends" here in blog land.
I have a lot of "volunteer work" I do on the computer, 
so I haven't been able to keep away from it entirely... unfortunately!
But I've had plenty of good conversations the past 3 weeks to keep me busy.
I'm not entirely back, just....hmmmm... touching base? Taking baby, baby, baby steps...ohhhh...
Hopefully you enjoy these real life conversations I've had lately with my 3 babies...
These are the conversations and things that keep me busy..."otherwise!"

I always like to keep a record of the odd conversations I have with my kids that make me 
chuckle to myself. Usually I let all my facebook friends in on them...
and usually they are enjoyed by all.

The scenario~ Jada has been sucking on those 2 fingers since she was six months old.
The Conversation~
Me: Get you're fingers out of your mouth, girl."
She shook her head no. 
Jada: It's my fingers Mommy. You dont tell where my fingers wanna go. 
It's a fun place in my mouth and my fingers wanna go there. See look!
~and proceeded to show me her fingers dancing around on her tongue~

The Scenario~Jada BUGGING us non-stop to go buy crap from the dollar store
The Conversation~
Jada: Mom can you plllleaaassse take me to the dollar store? I needa get stuff for me 
and Wesley's party. I need balloons and candy and a skeleton head and a dragon.
Me: What party?

The Scenario~Random, She's three. And cute. What can I say?
The Conversation~
Leila: Mom are you a girl superhero?
Me: No
Leila: Yes you am.
Me: I am? ok.
Leila: Yay! I'm telling Jada you a girl superhero!

The Scenario ~Leila sniffing my cheek
The Conversation~
Leila:  Ewwwww. You smell like stink. You gotta take a bath!
Me: I took a shower today.
Leila: Mmmmm you smell good!

Ever since he was around the age of 4, people would stop me everywhere...
or I'd hear them whispering "Hey, he looks like that kid from home alone."
Wesley actually acts like him too...IN THAT MOVIE!
The attitude. The complaining. The boredom. ALL OF IT! 
But I love him. Of course.

The Scenario~Wesley studying up non-stop online preparing for our trip to Six Flags last week.
The Conversation~
Wesley: When I go to theme parks, its like I make a movie in my head. Like, for example, 
when I go on the American Eagle I imagine I'm forced into a different dimension and a 
giant eagle is chasing me.
Me: oh yeah?
Wes: mmmmm hmmmmm

The Scenario: Leaving Six Flags later that week in tears.
The Conversation~
Wesley:  I wish Six Flags was my home.  All I have is my dog and my tv and my computer 
and DS and outside."   ( as if the rest of the kids in the world have their own six flags)
Me: You forgot your Wii and Netflix in your room.
(That conversation went over real well, by the way)

Thanks for stopping by! Seriously!
And Thanks SO much to everyone who has left me encouraging notes!
I'm looking forward to coming back to blogging "full time" soon!

For MORE conversations I have with my kids, click on   Kids and Conversation!
And if you've never read my Poop Post on the page, ya gotta!

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