Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ten Reasons Why I Love...

Twenty Ten reasons  why I love my cell phone... HTC Rezound...
What? Don't look at me in that tone of voice!

1) It gives me a good excuse ( and true excuse) as to why I am not on top of my email.
I usually check email on my phone, and I hate replying on it, so when I forget to reply
days later...I easily blame it on the phone. (Because its true!)

2) It lessens the burden of carrying a phone AND camera in my purse. I used to hate
when people used their cell phone to take pics for everything, but NOW...if you know how 
to edit it right, it's all good yo. I heart my cell phone camera.

3)I can blame all my typos on my phone's auto correct. Since almost everything I type 
(aside from blog posts) are from my phone, I always  (truthfully) blame my phone 
on my screw ups.
A favorite of mine is when it turns the word "My" into "Mr." So I'll be texting my sister,
and I tell her something about "my" shirt. Instead I just nicknamed my shirt. "Mr. Shirt."
Good times.

4) Honestly I hate the touch screen, I was able to type much faster with my thumbs on my
old school phone,but I do love the auto correct ALMOST all the time.
Because when I do start typing something
and the "rare" amounts of time that I hit the wrong letter ;), auto correct is my BFF!

5) I look super awesome using it. It's the equivalent to a jr higher in the 90's smoking 
a cigarette. Just plain cool.
6) It makes a great journal. Here's what I mean...Because  I can type anything into it...
and sometimes that's pretty much where it ends. I type those things and get nothing in response. 
I mean, my intention was to actually converse with something someone, but when
 they don't reply, then at least I got my thoughts out on that topic, right? ;)
(thank you, glass if half full)

 7) Hello, insta- self portrait! Boredom. Car. Self-Portrait. Easy peasy.

8) I heart getting notified of everything going on in my virtual world immediately.
When I wake up and I see a tweety bird, an instagram lens, an envelope, a pencil, a microphone, 
a "W", a grey 'extra large envelope, and an"F."
I know I have a tweet, an instagram comment, email, draw something, hey tell,
words with friends, a FB message, and a FB comment...
they are all waiting for my beckon call. It's a good feeling, right?
Or is it just plain sad that this makes me so happy?

9) My You Version App. Love it. Loving having the Bible at my fingertips all the time.
Not to mention, it's awesome to have people look at you weird like you 
are playing phone games in church. Haha, gotcha sucka. I'm reading my Bible!
Who doesnt need a little Bible to pop up on their phone screen now and then to
remind them to read their devotions? ;)

10) your mom
(that was because I couldnt think of reason #10)

Apparently this is my "angry cell phone" post???



Lindsay said...

LOL, I love this! #1 especially -- I ALWAYS do that!

Thee FireWife said...

I love a good "Your Mom". Perfection. And I'm considering going back to my dumb phone, just so I have an excuse not to be all up on my emails :)

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Haha! Awesome list! Love #5! And I'm on draw something too... We should hook up! ;)
Fact: I only got my phone in December! It had been years(!!) since I had one!

TicoTina said...

we are SO looking forward to having a smartphone to blame everything on very SOON. up until now we've been blaming everything on our old school phone =) YOUR mom!

the mom diggity said...

Oh girl, I love you. I'm cracking up. But I'm an iPhone girl all the way!!! :)

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

New follower here, from Jenna's blog. This is awesome & hysterical. And, I love my phone for pretty much all the same reasons!

Maria said...

You crack me up, Julie! I love #10! :)
I agree...idk what I'd do without my phone. It's always by my side. I'd be lost without it. And I too, love waking up and seeing I have mail/fb and Instagram notifications!
You're too cute!
Have a happy Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Love it!

THE COOK'S said...

haha. you crack me up!! and I LOVE my You Version App!!! Beats reading it, I just listen to it! :))

Courtney B said...

Dido with #1!!
And I hate my cell phone camera. Probably because I DON'T know how to edit :)
I must admit though... I am LOVING my what to expect when expecting app. I am excited to wake up and read what tips it has for the day. (Even though right now it mostly talks about sex and working out..... Yeah. I just love reading the parts about BABY!)

Lindsay said...

i love your list! oh, and i love my cell phone too :) found ya on mom3m&r link up, i'm your newest follower!

Lucy McCracken said...

I love your list lol.. You crack me up :) I can't wait to have a smart phone someday, for now I'm thabkful at least I have my dinosaur (it's very old) phone. :) Happy Tuesday!!!

Jackie said...

You are hilarious. Sheer brilliance in list form. I'm actually thinking I *shouldn't* do a list now myself because yours is far superior in everyway ;)


Jackie said...

You are hilarious. Sheer brilliance in list form. I'm actually thinking I *shouldn't* do a list now myself because yours is far superior in everyway ;)


Garage Sales R Us said...

HAHAHA love this post! So funny! Thanks for linking up to the Monday Meet up! Hope you will stop by and visit.

kendra said...

With my phone it's definitely love/hate for nearly all the reasons you listed :) I'm coming over from Kelly's blog and am following you via GFC now! :)

Cassidy said...

lol! Yup can relate to most of those.

Paige said...

Love your list! I completely agree with #1, #3, and #8. One of my favorite things about the morning is waking up to e-mails letting me know I have blog comments and fb notifications and twitter replies. I'm not into instagram yet, but I downloaded the app so that's one step closer right?

I'm hosting the Tuesday10 link up starting next week until the end of July and I hope you'll check my blog and link up! Hope to see you there. You're hilarious!


Jess Judkins said...

Oh my goodness this made me laugh out loud!

MostWhatMatters said...

Found you through the link up today! I loved your cell phone post and your puctures. Your kids are adorable. I am your newest follower! Check out my post if you get a chance.

CarleeJ said...

Such a cute idea. I love the your blog.

Rachel said...

Ha, Mr. Shirt is cracking me up :) I also have you version's Bible app, it's great! Had a hard time trying to figure out with my husband how we could follow each other though but finally went on my computer and was able to (but only through twitter) and I saw you in there too so followed you :)

Rachel said...

hahahaha....oh man I burst out laughing at #10...I feel like I should have expected it, though. My husband always says that in the most random of situations...

Sierra said...

The most frustrating (or my favorite) typo that my iPhone does is when I try to type: hot tubbing. And it comes out as hot rubbing hahaha
love this post. I can totally relate.
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