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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Girl Behind The Blog: A Little More

Woot Woot.
It's that time again. Time to link up with some super sweet and amazing awesome chicas
for a new round of Girl Behind The Blog.
5ohWifey and Our Crazy Beautiful are our fabulous hosts!
You know I love me some girls behind the blog, yo...
Our prompt this time around is to tell a little more about ourselves.
You know, the stuff you might not know just from reading the blog.
stuff like : my musical style, my biggest pet peeve, my guilty pleaure
One thing you might find out, is what a GIANT DWEEB I am...
And I talk way too long, so I ALWAYS have to edit it waaaayyy down.
But I always leave in the "good stuff."
For those of you that have seen my former "Girl Behind The Blogs"
You know what I am talking 'bout...
And setting up a camera to record me accurately is not my main talent..
(it is one of them, just not my main one) wink wink.

Anyways, enough chattering away...
I'll let the girl in the video do it for me.

Don't hate on  my camera person.

Pssssss.... If you haven't entered my  
It's Not Even Funny Celebration Giveaway
  yet,  go do it...  =)

20 giveaways, 1 Winner!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Shout Out to My Girls!!!

Before you go anywhere, Let me tell you this:
1) I love my girls. I love their blogs. I don't just let them introduce themselves to you,
I let you know what I love about them too. So, don't shut your eyes just because this is a 
"Shout Out'...instead, this may be your chance to find something beautiful.
2) MAKE SURE YOU come back tomorrow, because I will be hosting my first GROUP or any kind of GIVEAWAY with adspace, shop credit, gift cards, jewelry 
& other made with love, one of a kind Perfection...

P.S. NO, I don't actually play the guitar. That's a total prop. I had to. I'm a cowgirl. Right?

Ya might wanna stick around for this one!

Meet Joanna from ModaMama
Can I just say I'm totally in love with her freaking ADORABLE pics and style? Just sayin...
About Me:
ModaMama is my personal life and style blog, or at least I like to think so!  It's where I share my daily fashion adventures as well as my own special brand of sassy sarcasm about the things that made me smirk and made me frown.  It's honest, it's simple and it's my way of trying to stay sane and fashionable while juggling acting, photography, writing, tv hosting, martial arts, family and friends.  The friends, and discoveries that have happened along the way are what makes ModaMama completely worthwhile to me. It's my fun side project, my way to reach out to people I may not know and say things like, "Hey, yes that's me you saw on that sausage commercial!  How come I'm the only one who hasn't seen it?," or you know, other profound thoughts like that. 
My Favorite Post:
I don't have a favorite post, there's  posts that are just thoughts, and other that spark some controversy, and others that entertain, but no favorite. I just like to keep moving forward.
If You Came To My House Unannounced
This post is simple, short and to the point. But the point is good. Being a mom and blogging isn't
always easy, especially when you need pics for your fashion posts.
But it just goes to show what a wonderful Momma Joanna is...

Meet Lena from Mom2MemphisandRuby
Can I just say that this girl rocks SO big time? How can a mom be this cool? Seriously?
About Me:
I am a lot of things... a fashion lover & wannabe photography, a good girl with a thing for tattoos, a wife/sister/daughter/friend... but of all the things I've been or am, a mommy is who I was meant to be!  My blog is a collection of all the things I love! Family, Fashion, Fun!
My Favorite Post: Ruby, for a day  
This is one of my favorites. It was fun to get inside Ruby's head while I wrote this post. She's such a sassy & spunky little one that it's hard not to blog about her  It's a post I'll be happy to look back on with her when she's older! ♥
THE FUNNY'S FAVE Mom2MemphisandRuby Post: 
10 Favorite Things About The 90's
Basically, because we are  like 2 peas in a pod. All Lena's 90s faves are mine too.
I sure miss Nirvana. (that was extra, free of charge)

Meet Helen from Eat. Enjoy. Live.
Alrighty. I'm just gonna say it. I haven't know Helen long, but to me when I read her life
and blog, two words come to mind. Sweet (ok, super sweet)...and loyal.
About Me:
Eat.Enjoy.Live is my journey to live a better life. Whether its eating better, dressing better, learning new skills, baking up a storm, or learning to be a nicer person. I try and learn something new everyday, and then share it with you! I would love for you to join me on my journey of discovery. 
My Favorite Post:  Grilled Pepper Salsa
I completely love this salsa. Honestly, I just can't get enough. I make a HUGE batch and then it goes on everything; chicken, sandwiches, chips, salmon, salads. I can also be seen sat in front of the TV with a spoon and my salsa! Yum!
THE FUNNY'S FAVE Eat. Enjoy. Live. Post:
I'm A Blog Angel Not A Stalker, Promise.
I was browsing through her blog and thought this was a perfect example of how incredibly sweet this girl is! Seriously, who doesn't love a little blog love? Ok, a lot blog love.

Friday, June 22, 2012

You KNOW She's All That and...

Have I told you how awesome my sister is?
Oh, yes I have here, in this post Love, Support & Photography!
Have I told you she is my next door neighbor?
Yep, pretty sure I have. And I assume by now, if I said
"Have I told you she is a photographer?"
-even if you hadn't seen that post yet, you would know the answer is yes!
So, when she has the urge to take pics of some adorable,
she unexpectedly stops by my house and steals one of my kids.
Usually one of the girls, of course.
Well, yesterday, she stopped by... and stole one.
Later that day, I found some adorable on my facebook wall.
I'm almost jealous of myself for having such a cute blonde haired blue eyed,
native baby! 

One of the best parts is, she styles her "models" herself...

I mean, not that this kid isn't cute anyways...

I don't know if cute is even the right word to describe her!

I don't even know if there IS a word to describe her!

All I know is that I am completely, over the stars... in love with her!

Wouldn't you be?

Check out more pics by my sis, at   Joanna Photography...
one of these days, she will get her photography blog up ;)

Friday, June 8, 2012

He Said, She Said~ 30 Words

A sweet friend of mine, Gina from Contemplating Beauty wrote a post called 30 words,
which she had seen other people do on their blogs.
You find thirty words to describe yourself.
I am lacking for time this week, 
but I wanted to post something new.
So, on a whim...I will try this

but there's a catch...
This will be sort of a "He Said, She Said" version~
I will do the first 15 words~
and I haven't actually asked Jeff yet, 
but I hope to get him to do the last fifteen!
(I am curious to see what he comes up with
to describe me after almost 16 years of marriage!)

Here goes me:
1. compassionate
2. seeker
3. creative
4. dreamer
5. needy
6. frazzled
7. tired
8. busy 
9. lover
10. sarcastic
11. open (sometimes too much)
12. trusting (always too much?)
13. endearing
14. obsessive
15. encouraging

Here Goes Hubby: (eeeeeek!)
16. Chippewa
17. Inspirational
18. Cute
19. Creative
20. Caring
21. Tomahawk
22. Godly
23. Loving
24. Cowgirl (thanks to me :x)
25. Takemypicturous
26. Motherly
27. Stressed
28. Sassy Pants
29. Fun
30. Enjoys life

Awwwww! I got him to do it!!
I swear I don't run around my house with a tomahawk doing native chants!
Ok, now my 2 cents.
# 25...Bloggers~ Who isn't?? Right?
#27...Mothers~ I swear I am not the only one.

Since HE mentioned "takemypicturous".... everytime he DOES take pics for me,
I end up with at least 2 or 3 of the the above disgusting shots,
so apparently   he keeps himself amused he is a professional...

Friday, June 1, 2012

A Look Back:1984

Writing this post makes me feel ancient, to be honest.
You wanna know my age in 1984, do ya?
While you were the sweet, innocent age of 6 months old,
I was embracing life with a red Michael Jackson wanna be jacket,
had my sleeves rolled to my elbows,
my collar up,
and secretly testing out cuss words on the playground.
Yes, that is a very specific memory I have,
jacket: red. sleeves: rolled. collar: up. 
cuss words: who me? never!! absolutely.
Don't worry Mom. It was short lived. It only lasted the day.
The coolness of it wore off quickly.
I was eight. My attention span was still short.
I'm pretty technical about numbers, dates, all that stuff.
So when I see shirts like this, I think to myself:
"Wait a second, if you were MADE in the 80's,
You probably don't even remember Rainbow Brite.'
I, on the other hand, do. Who forgets their favorite Rainbow Brite coloring book?

I would love to tell you, that in 1984, or the 80's in general my favorite music included 
Duran Duran or Cyndi Lauper, 
that my favorite movies involved: Molly Ringwald or Anthony Michael Hall, 
because they are certainly my faves these days...
But 1983 to 1986 was more of a collaboration of 
awesome animal documentaries,
contemporary christian rock and roll, 
everything disgusting about Garbage Pail Kids...
and I don't know about you, 
but the Get Along Gang pretty much rocked my world.
We didn't have cable, and we lived in a small town, so pretty much 
if you didn't have cable, you didn't have television.
Alrighty then, Disney True Life Adventures, it is!
Which is cool, because this covers both
my favorite TV show AND my favorite movie.

(The Get Along Gang was watched at other people house's, 
plus I had the stuffed animal moose, Montgomery)
Petra (an old christian rock band, in case you have no idea what a "Petra" is),
was my first concert ever. 
The first time I got a major crush. ON the keyboardist.
I definitely cried when we left that concert. 
We were stationed in the UP of Michigan.
I say stationed because my daddy is a preacher.
At that point in my life, our summers were spent
 living in a bus turned trailer home.
 as he took his family with him on the road to travel from town to town,
preaching in a Gospel tent.
I know you must be thinking, what an odd life...
but I didn't know the difference.
For me, it was normal. I actually liked it.
Until the morning I woke up with a huge hole in my blanket, 
because I dropped it from my top bunk onto the space heater.
Oooops.  Or better, yet, Yikes. That wouldn't have been good. 
So, not only does that cover where I lived, but also my favorite vacation.

I spent my indoor time reading books like The Babysitters Club,
Sweet Valley High...(oh wait, maybe those came a year or two later...)
BUT of course JUDY BLUME books!
Best outdoor time ever!!! Building snow furniture, snow forts, snow cities...
all out of
(I didnt have a snow pic with me, so I compromised with the pic you see below.
You get the idea)
And I spent my nights, taking care of my baby brother, Jon...
He was "stationed" in my room, 
so I very vividly remember giving him bottles & holding him at night.

1984. Or 1983-1986 are some of my favorite memories.
It was at that time period that I discovered I loved art.
I remember I kept entering contests and winning.
(that was said like Courtney from the Bachelor)

Did I forget to mention my cabbage patch kid, Shelly Love?
I remember the high demand for cabbage patch kids in those days.
I remember crying hearing a Cabbage Patch Factory had burned down.
Surely I wouldn't get one now.
But my parents are fighters.
They traveled 2 hours. Stood in the Christmas lines,
waiting for stores to open...
"You grab one for Jenny, I'll grab one for Julie."
And they did it! Got one for me and my sister!!
Thanks everyone, for taking this little journey back in time with me...
and thanks to the gals who hosted this Link Up...
Click Below to Follow THEIR Journey..
and link up too!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Have You Been Superflied?

It's Tuesday!!
So once again I decided to LINK UP with SARAH from Yes Teacher Crafts for her 
Tickle Me Tuesday Link Up.
It's a quick easy post, with not alot of thought needed.
Who wants to think anyways?
Just a few random time sucking things that have been tickling my fancy!!

I am also linking up with ANDI at The Holli Rogue and Inspired By Family Magazine for 12 Days of Capturing Motherhood link up party!
If you're a mom, go check it out. Fun way to show off your crazy life with your kiddos,
and maybe win some great prizes =)

first thing tickling my fancy!!!
1. Instagram
OK, I mentioned this in my last post, but I recently got a smart phone, an Android.
And we know Android recently aquired Instagram.
So, this is my FIRST new obsession that has been tickling my fancy lately.
If you want to follow me on Instagram, I am funnythingblog =)
this picture is for PROMP #1 of the "12 Days of Capturing Motherhood" Challenge. (Where/What I Spend My Day doing)   Aside from being a blogger, my hubby works from home on the computer &  I do a ton of side work (writing dramas, designing web graphics, etc for my church) we spend A LOT of time on the computer... as do our KIDS!! All 3 of them! We are CONSTANTLY wiping off greasy little paw prints off our keys and screens and telling them "No Food By the Computer!" This morning, I guess Leila took it upon herself to put food ON the computer.  THIS IS HOW & WHERE we spend our days! For REALZ~~
my baby princess turned rockstar at a mermaid birthday party =) i heart instagram.

thing 2 that has been tickling my fancy!
So, a few days ago, my hubby took this photo of my daughter, in which he looks like she is a tiny person or he is just a giant... his name on instagram is superflysmith...since then myself, and several of our friends have #superflied their photos as well. It's getting a little out of hand, but its pretty funny. I even had two of my sweet blogger friends KATIE at The Lee Family Happenings and JENNA at The Life Of A Wife do one this morning..
Try it! You will definitely tickle MY fancy...and my hubbys.
Don't forget to hash tag it #superflied
here is the ORIGINAL #superflied photo

 here are TWO of the #superflied photos I took =)

thing 3, this band...
In 2010, my brothers wife, Taylor made it to Hollywood on American Idol (yes, my whole family followed her out there. ~~good excuse to go, ya know?) While she was there, she met Stephanie, another Milwaukee survivor making it to Hollywood.
They (along with my brother, Jonathan) formed this band XOHEART and just a month ago, they took it to the road in Nashville (they left us, snif snif) pursuing, of course, Music! I saw this video my brother posted this morning. They do alot of COVER songs on youtube, but of course have their own AMAZING music releases as well...
Please go check them out and "Like" their page, if you "like" them.. hee hee..
HAD to post this video, because it DEFINITELY tickled my fancy. Anberlin is one of my favorite bands of ALL TIME... so when they covered one of my FAVORITE SONGS, you know that I had to feature it =)
Taylor is the one in middle, and of course, my brother, Jon the guy =)

click HERE to "like" XOHEART on facebook!

And last but not LEAST whatsoever..
4. Draw Something App
BIG time sucker that tickles my fancy...
this is a picture i had to guess. my son guessed it as "Jesus" ...haha.. let me know if you want to "draw something" with me. I will let you know my name =)

Have a great tuesday everyone. If you're photos are #superflied, leave me a comment and let me know =)


Monday, April 2, 2012

Love, Support & Photography

not always easy doing photoshoots with my short little leg stumps . haha.
My little sister, Joanna and Me. She is 11 years younger than I.
I have always been a big fan of being a fan.
In other words, showing your support, some LOVE for the people you love.
If anyone should be cheering you on it's the people that love you, right?
I am an avid believer that if you see a someone hurting, love them.
If you see someone rejoicing over something wonderful happening,
don't be jealous, rejoice with them.
If you see gifts and talent in someone, praise and encourage those talents.
I gotta say, not many things feel worse than being excited about something that you love,
telling your family or friends about it, 
and feeling insignificant as their response is less that supportive,
or perhaps they even down right make fun of you for having that passion...
simply because it's not THEIR passion.
so they don't get why you are so LOVE it so much.
God gave us each talents, gifts, abilities, in such a WIDE spectrum of...
well, things to LOVE doing.
NO gift is insignificant. Each is given for a purpose, whether that be musical, creative, artistic, business, medical, scientific, ministry, communicative, writing, acting, fitness...
the list goes on and on
of the passions that drive us to do what we love doing.
And ALTHOUGH we do them because we love it,
the support of people who love us can continue to steer us in the right direction.
My Aunt Pat is the reason I am doing this blog.
After reading my facebook status's that touched her and made her laugh over and over,
she kept encouraging me to write. Probably for a year or two, she would keep bringing it up..
Finally, I am here, doing it, and she is still one of my biggest encouragers...
and you have no idea how I sooo appreciate the people who have encouraged me in this journey..
and have made it known how much my writing has touched them 
or made them laugh.. or made them cry..
Hearing that makes me want to continue what I am doing even more so.

this one is probably the most popular photos of me that my sister, joanna, has taken.
SO, be that voice in someone else's head. That voice that says
Or that says 
"Wow, I never realized how talented you are. What a gift you have."
Don't be the friend that stands back, not paying attention
 or taking interest in those you love.
I know we are all busy, but take time to love BIG on some people
 that are crazy talented!!
That's what I love about all the bloggers,everyone is so supportive.
Yes, of course, we all have our own thing going, 
but everyone still takes the time to cheer one another on.

This is also the reason for my "I HEART PEOPLE" page.
Simply to recognize people that deserve it.
Today I wanted to do two things.
1) BRAG on my little sister Joanna and her fab photography skills. She took up photography just a few years ago, just because she loves it so much. She is always searching for models and make up artists to work with. And she is doing fabulous and I am so proud of her. And I love her so very very much.
2) ALSO I can take this opportunity to show off some of the pics she has taken of me and my lovely family (mostly me and the girls, since we are the cutest...haha). I live less than a block away, so whenever she is wanting practice like...NOW... she calls me up and asks me to take pictures.
and hey, I'm not gonna say no to free photoshoots!

***to read a little letter I wrote to my baby sister, click  HERE

 Below are some of my favorite pictures she has taken of me and my posse..
there are literally hundreds more...
but it if you like THESE ONES...please check out   Joanna Photography facebook page and "like" it.
She's got some AMAZING PICS on there.. maybe a little less "impromptu" than mine are...
bands, models, engagements, weddings..etc...all completely fab!
...go love my little sis =)
click here!
i normally hate smiling with my mouth open, unless its natural and i am laughing. you should see the things i have to do to make myself laugh during our photoshoots. it ok though, it's just my sister xoxo
workin it.. haha
pretty sure this was christmas 2010...i always shoot a text to joanna before the holidays saying "can you bring your camera and take a few pics of us?" =)
the train tracks. always one of my favorite places for a photoshoot.

OH MY GOSH...i love her!
i can't say enough how much i love this one of jada and leila. just taken last week.
is it just me, or is she the cutest ever?

it's not often i can drag the hubby out to a photoshoot, but he does ok ;-)
joanna stops by now and then and i hear her in jada's closet, next thing i know she is yelling "julie, i am taking jada!"  And this is what appears later that day on my facebook wall.
fall fun for baby leila
this is unusual. usually they are punching or hitting each other. so this, i adore. xoxo
there is something so completely loveable and natural about this. ok, this wasnt actually a "photoshoot."
she's a natural. my jada.

capturing summer fun in 2011
this is an older one of jada and me, but i love instilling the native into my kiddos =)
yes, we snuck into some sort of truck stop and hijacked a semi for this one.
easy access to a nature walk by our house. so lots of "woodsy" pics!

one of the first pictures joanna took of me.
my little ladybug.

jada's native photoshoot =)
this is what happens when you do a photoshoot in a blizzard. you come off looking super sassy.
the real deal. trying to do a shoot with 3 kids.
i love this one. it reminds me of  "twilight."

joanna loves hitting up the thrift shops to find 'vintage looking' get ups. she called me one day to do a wedding dress photoshoot.
no, i didnt actually climb a tree for this.. haha. there was one tipped over near our neighborhood.
family photoshoot 2009

here is a brand new one of Leila taken this week. she's such a little girly girl supermodel baby. haha. she actually made me change my outfit yesterday because she said it wasnt "pretty" and then picked something else out for me.

this photoshoot was a challenge. i was in total pain. i didnt know i had an ulcer, but could definitely feel it. taking pics and trying to look cute when you are doubling over in pain es no bueno. 

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