Thursday, January 24, 2013

You Ask, I'll Answer! Because I'm Turning 40. Pretty Much.

Hey Guys! 
Soooooo.... I can't really ignore the big elephant in the room you didn't know existed. 
Maybe some of you did. But a week from Saturday, it will be my birthday.
Yes, February 2nd! It's groundhogs day.  Celebrate!
I will be 25 years old ahem...37 years old.
Let's just all pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that in 3 years I will be 40.
Deep Breaths...That was for me. Because I need them. You know. At my age.
It's moments like these I look into the world of beautiful blogging women,
and I am reminded that almost everyone out there is just turning 23, or 28 or even 32.
Not me, I am turning 40... I mean 37.
I could throw a big party. Come up with some sort of giveaway.
But lets face it, at my age, I just don't have the energy to work rafflecopter magic
as often as some of you, youngsters.
So instead, I thought it might be fun to let you dig into the deets of my life a little more.
I saw a few random posts about "What you wouldn't know from my blog?" type of thing
and I thought that would be fun, but then I saw others where YOU THE READERS 
get to ask the questions of the things YOU want to know.
I gotta say, I'm a pretty open book on this lil blog of mine. But maybe there is something
you missed. Or something I didn't reveal already.
Ask Away.
Gosh, this will certainly be embarrassing if nobody asks me anything.
Crossing my fingers someone needs to know something about me?

Ask me on twitter, facebook, email or here in my comments. Whatevs.
I will answer one week from today! Yay. Fun!
Happy Birthday to Me!

Oh and by the by. That photo of me . I live in Wisconsin. No this is not the current weather.
I opted to not go out in the 0 degree weather and instead use a photo from my "Younger Years"
and from "Warmer Days."
Ok, it was like a year and a half ago, but I was still younger and it was summer.


Anonymous said...

Even if that photo is from a year and a half ago, you look NOWHERE near 40 OR 37! You look fantastic, and hopefully you feel fantastic, so your age shouldn't even matter one bit! It just makes you smarter and wiser than all of the younger bloggers. :) Happy early birthday!


Niken said...

i think we all feel the same way about birthday. no matter we're turning 30 0r 40. for me it's the thought that my time on earth is getting shorter.

but anyway, happy early birthday and enjoy another adventurous year of life

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Girl.. Age is a GIFT!! Each day is a blessing!!! ROCK whatever age you happen to be.

You know how we were talking about how perception isn't everything...
So're a 5'7" 28 year old... because that's what I totally would have guessed. hahaha. You are like me and are blessed with youthful looks.

Though... I haven't always seen it that way... I have resented for a long, long time the fact that I still look like a freaking teenager.
(At least I did up until the last couple of years.) I know that it is rooted in my being a teen mother...(but that's a whole other can of worms.) Now, I'm finally like.. Whatevs. I'm going to be so hott when I'm 60 years old. Ha!!

Happy Early Birthday! I am going to come up with some good questions for you!

Vicki Sturgiss said...

Oh hun, I know your pain! I turned 37 last year and I remember laying on the bed and it kinda hit me...half my life could already be over, then I thought, what if I only live to 60? Then that means more than half my life is over, and so on and so on.....hen I decided to get over and just enjoy that I'm alive! You look great for 37 (too bad your not 38 cos that woulda ryhmed!) xx

AbsoluteMommy said...

The only way I believe that you're going to be 37 is that I'm going to be 35 in March. I totally understand the lament of watching the blogging world turn 30. But you would never know you are 37! You are gorge! Also I still feel 29 most days... Am I right? Happy soon to be birthday! I'll think of some questions. Us old broads gotta stick together! LOL

Vicki Sturgiss said...

Oops, sorry forgot to ask a question...hmmm...what's your fav childhood memory?

Vicki Sturgiss said...

Oh and can I be greedy and ask one more? Would you rather be 21 or 37? and why??

Terésa Marie said...

Being new to your community I feel I will have a lot to learn from all of your questions and answers. I'm really looking forward to it.

Happy (early) Birthday and make every day count!

Cassie @ Southeast by Midwest said...

Wow you do NOT look 37 or like you should be close to 40. My question would have to be, how do you do it? ROFL

Leah said...

seriously? giiiiiirrrrl, you are blessed with those looks. i seriously thought you were way younger than that. woot, woot hot momma!

Erin said...

You are so beautiful and I love you! I think you're such an amazing role model and look up to you so much! Happy early birthday :)

Lauren Hochleutner said...

is there a special year that you have had??

Karri said...

Dude. Age is a state of mind. And you are not essentially 40. Or even almost 40. I just turned 39 and I am not even almost 40. (denial. lol.) Anyway, you certainly don't look in your late 30's. You don't look to have a lick of a wrinkle, girl. Very nice.

Hmm...lets see...would you rather be this age? Or 10 years younger? Why?

Hanna said...

Happy birthday early!!!! I'm 34, not far behind darlin!! And besides you look freakin fantastic, like smashing!!!! Like your 21 so no worries!!!!
I'd love to know you and your husbands love story. How you met, how long you dated? How long you've been married? Xoxoxo Hanna

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

First - Happy early birthday friend!! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you!! :)

Next - questions!

1. If you could visit any place in the world right this minute, where would it be and why?
2. If you could spend an entire day doing whatever you wanted, what would you do?
3. Have you always been a writer?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. All time favorite song?

Okay, I think i'll stop now! Love you friend!! xoxoxo

lilliesandsilk said...


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello:) Happy Early Birthday! I'm not far behind you, I'll be 37 in October. You look good girl:) Have a great weekend!

Lillies & Silk

Cody Doll said...

Happy early Birthday! My birthday is Feb 1st. Too funny.
By the way, I don't think you are old (and I will be 21). Just as long as you are you and don't forgot that.

Anonymous said...

you are gorgeous! and i'll be 34 in a few short months...sooo, yeah. :) rock your age girl! and if i had to know one thing? how do you stay so darn skinny?!?

Happy Early Birthday!


Brittany T. said...

OMG! Julie--you totally don't look 37 at all!! you are beautiful! I am gettin' excited for you and your birthday a most special day!! :) will not feel embarrassed or awkward because you have some friends here asking you i'll add a couple:

what kind of makeup and/or skin care products do you use?.. because seriously your face looks flawless! :)

2nd: my middle name is marie too (twins!) are you happy with the name your parents named you? on the subject of did you and ur hubby decide/get inspiration on naming each of your children?

already friend, have a good night! <3

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