Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby Blue Eyes

This little angel turns four today. I can hardly believe how quickly the time has flown by.
It seems like just yesterday I was taking a pregnancy test in tears, crying to first my
little sister, then to my husband how I wasn't ready to have another baby.
I wasn't even sure I wanted one.
Now my hubby ALWAYS teases me with that song, "I Loved You First" as he sings it to Leila.
How mean, right? Obviously once the shock wore of, I was completely enamored of this 
little girl. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already figured that out.

Like seriously, sometimes I just want to squeeze her so hard, I can hardly stand how much
I am completely in love with her.

My Dear Sweet Lallies (as your big sister start calling you when you were still in the hospital),
You are truly Mommy's little princess. Girls can't get more girlier than you.
Princess dresses, Christmas dresses, Easter dresses...
it's easy, those are your every day clothes. It's a fight to get you to wear anything other than
a dress.  It's a nice change from your big sister who I beg to stop wearing Wesley's clothes.
How those big blue eyes in a family full of brown eyed people can not catch anyone's attention,
I am not sure. But that certainly makes you extra special.
One of my favorite stories to tell when people notice your big blue eyes, is how your pediatrician
told us that a blue eyed child in a brown eyed family has a 25% chance, but a brown eyed
child in a blue eyed family is impossible...and one time he came across one...
He said "I didn't say a word." I always get a little laugh out of that story.

I very seriously have contemplated homeschooling you, because you are the first baby I have 
had with me 24 hours, 7 days a week since you were born. I don't know what I will do 
when you are away at school. It will make Mommy so so sad to say goodbye to you every day.
Each day,  I try to get stuff done and you ask me "Mommy, will you play with me?
Mommy, will you snuggle with me and watch tv?" And I try to remember that one day you won't
be there all day for me to snuggle and play with. You will be a big girl.
You already are a big girl. Today you turn four years old. You keep telling me that you want to 
stay a "wittle girl." And that you don't want to go to school. Yet you love to have friends around
you at all times so that you have something to do. Possibly the amount of time you spend at home
with mommy and daddy will make it that much harder when that moment comes...
oh that moment is coming much quicker than I want it to.
I want you here with me, your sweet baby girl voice, asking me to snuggle all day long.

I am head over heels crazy in love with you, my baby blue eyes. God knew what he was doing,
God knew exactly what I needed when he gave you to me. I can not for a minute imagine my life
without your smiles, your laughter, and your complaints that "My hair looks crazy."
You are my little perfectionist when it comes to how you look. Sometimes that concerns me at
your tender young age. It concerns me that you are so beautiful and if your bow is out of place
you tell me "I don't look perfect." 
I pray that we can turn this issue into something useful in your future ;)
My dear sweet Leila, thank you for being YOU. There is nobody else alive that could ever 
take the place you have in my heart.
I love you.


la petite lulu said...

Happy 4th birthday to your sweet girl! This is a really lovely post :) Those eyes really are gorgeous - I love the first shot with the dogs!

Kelly Ann said...

Oh my goodness, these photos are AMAZING! She is so cute and getting so big, Happy Birthday to her!

Sparkles and Shoes

Sophie @ Pop Up Gazebo said...

Awww, she’s an angel. The pictures were so cute and I love them. Hope to see more of them.

Annie said...

Happy 4th birthday, Leila! This is a beautiful post, Julie.

totallybrenda said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl. And You don't have to be perfect to be BEAUTIFUL!!!

Meredith said...

She is so, so precious! And fashionable too :) Happy 4!

Vicki Sturgiss said...

Gorgeous photos Julie, she is too adorable. There's something so special about little girls and their love for all things glittery! I think it's quite true that you don't know what love really is until you have babies....they fill your heart so full sometimes you feel like it could burst!

Ishel Brimhall said...

this is SO sweet! love the photos! happy birthday!!

Ishel Brimhall said...

love the photos! happy birthday!

Jelli said...

How sweet, Julie. I had to giggle about the song your husband sings, but the letter to Leila made me tear up. God certainly did know what he was doing and I'm so grateful to read about your little girl love today. Thanks for sharing with the Mommy-Brain Mixer this week.

stephanie said...

i can't believe she's 4!!! such a cutie pants.

Taylor @ Pink Heels Pink Truck said...

I hope she gets to read your blog when she's an older "little" girl and appreciate what an awesome mom she has!!

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Oh my goodness, what a sweet sweet post! You can tell how much you love her and that is so beautiful! Thanks for linking up to the mommy brain mixer!

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