Thursday, January 31, 2013

What You Asked//What I Answered

What's your favorite childhood memory?
I spend 3 years of my childhood in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A tiny little town
called Ironwood. I remember going across the street to where my school was and there was a huge 
hill and it would turn to ice in the winter and we would all slide down it , for recess or just
on the weekends. No sled. And we would slide fast too, on our butts.
Thats gotta be a top fave of mine.

Would you rather be 21 or 37 & why?
Honestly, if I had only those 2 choices I'd rather be 37 . I mean ideally I'd rather be probably 27 ,
but that wasn't an option in the question. I just feel like I've lived more, I understand more, 
I know more at my age now. When I was 21, it wasn't as if I was out living it up in the single life.
I had already been married for over a year. But I like where I am now. I like the experience I've gained, the life I lead, my children, my husband... I realize the older I get, the shorter my life span
is, but I try not to focus on that. TRY.

You do NOT look 37 or like you should be close to 40. How do you do it?
Um...photoshop...Haha. Seriously, that helps. But I have always looked a lot younger than my 
age. Our local mall has a weekend curfew and you have to be eighteen & over after a certain time.A few years ago I was carded. At that time I was thankful to be carded. When I was 26 , and 
got carded at a tanning salon where you had to be sixteen to tan, I was not so thrilled.

Is there a special year that you have had?
I'm gonna go with the typical answer, but true answer, when my son was born. I was 27 .
I had been through 2 miscarriages the previous year.. One of which was midterm and we got to hold and bury our baby girl, Naomi who was just 6 inches long. That was a traumatic season in life.
Then during my pregnancy with my son I had to take progesterone supplements to hold the
pregnancy and also ended up with pre-eclampsia and a c-section after 36 hours of labor.
He came in December. I was just very thankful that he was finally in my arms.
I finally had my baby boy.

Would you rather be this age or 10 years younger? Why?
Ok, I kind of answered this already, but have more of an option in age choice than the other question.
But now that I think about it, I crack a lot of jokes about being "almost 40" and some people
actually thought I was 40 when I wrote that. I really don't mind being the age I am. I love it, really.
I think what kind of scares me more is realizing that the older I get, so are my parents...
Again, a thought that I try to both embrace and put out at the same time...
I'd love to know you and your husbands story. How you met? How long you dated? 
How long you have been married?
Jeff and I have been married 16 years. Wow, I know. There are some bloggers that are that age.
Yikes. We dated for about 2 1/2 months before we got engaged. Then we were engaged for 11 months before we got married. Our original plan was to get married in May of 1997, but my dad secretly
changed it all behind my back and moved the wedding date up. I say that lightly, because of course
he asked me, after he had "checked with" the catering, the hall, the honeymoon, the flowers, the cake...and he came to me with an "How about you get married on November 23rd instead."
This was in 1996.I freaked because of money, but I guess he just didn't like the idea that Jeff and I were together nonstop anyways til 3 or 4 in the morning, he thought we might as well be married.
Our families had actually known each other since I was about 6 years old, he was 9. I wasn't super
tight with Jeff or anything, but when we'd run into each other over the years, he'd give me a nod
with a "Hi Julie" and that was the extent of it. How we started dating is another story.
Maybe someday I will tell it.

If you could visit anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?
Easy. Rome, Italy. When I was 19 I went on a missions trip to Albania. We made about a six hour
stop in Bari, Italy with about 90 students on the way there. Then we made an overnight stop
in Rome, Italy with about 90 students. Needless to say, I didn't really get to "experience" it 
like I would like to and would love to go back.
Have you always been a writer?
Nope. I have always been artistic. Loved art. Loved to draw when I was younger.
Won county contests even. So I knew I had a creative flow in me, I guess. MY very first attempt
at writing came out in emails or on facebook in  the past few years believe it or not. 
I realized that when I wrote I was more eloquent than when I spoke and I sorta started 
loving it after I started blogging.

What is your favorite color?
I tend to stick to neutrals or fall colors in general. Black, grey, nave, beige, maroon.
Which is weird if you have seen photos of my bright walls in my house.

What is your all time favorite song?
Oh geez thats hard. I can tell you a few. I'm an 80s New Wave girl.
I love Melt With You by Modern English. Or If You Were Here by the Thompson Twins.
If You Leave by OMD... Bizarre Love Triange by New Order...
stuff like that.

How do you stay so darn skinny?
This is funny. I don't feel so darn skinny. I feel average. I dont know. I watch my weight
pretty closely. If I know I've been pigging out alot, I jump on the scale and if I see it hit
a number I don't like, I get back to the gym or start cutting portions.
Generally though I am just an everything in moderation girl.
Currently I am on a fruits and veggies fast, so that has helped me drop some 
serious weight quickly.

What kind of makeup and/or skin care products do you use? Your skin looks flawless.
This is another funny question to me, because a) I am very self conscious about my complexion.
I had a lot of acne when I was growing up and have alot of scarring. Depending on what lighting
my photos or videos are taken in, it can look really great, or pretty horrible.
b) I use photoshop a lot to make it look better than it actually does =(
And as far as what I use, it's pretty much what is cheapest. I don't have a lot of extra money
laying around at these times for make up or skin care. Unfortunately. I used to use MAC
back in the day when I used credit cards.

My middle name is Marie too. Are you happy with the name your parents gave you?
I am ok with it now. When I was younger I hated it and thought it sounded so old school.
I wished they had named me Julia, or Julianne or something. Now vintage is cool,
so I am too ;)

How did your hubby decide & get inspiration for naming each of your children?
It was really sort of by random choice. Wesley was originally going to be Wyatt, because we love
the move Tombstone and love Wyatt Earp, but I wasn't sure I was totally comfortable with it
since at that time it was a little unfamiliar. So I switched it. Jada, was pretty much taken from
Jada Pinkett Smith. And Leila was because I love the song Layla by Eric Claption and I just
thought the name sounded good as a little girl AND as a young lady!

Thanks everyone for all the early birthday wishes. I look forward to celebrating
this weekend with my hubs and next week with my family. I'm sure there will be plenty-o-pics!
Come back tomorrow to find what out my BIRTHDAY WISH for this year is!
Something I have never done.

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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I hate not getting carded, lol. At 29, it just makes me feel OLD. Then again, in my college town it's pretty easy to tell the college kids from everyone else.

It was great getting to know more about you!

Cody Doll said...

I get carded ALL the time. I know it will be cool when I am older but that really doesn't help. By the time that I get that old I have a feeling that being old is that last thing on my mind. Anyways, I love your Q&A. Very cool. I think I would like to see more of these.

Hanna said...

I loved reading this!!! So fun getting to know you better!!! Happy birthday mama!!!!

Maria said...

happy birthday, julie! i hope it's been a wonderful day and that you're enjoying yourself! you are beautiful inside and out - i loved reading your true and honest answers. i love your realness. wishing you a beautiful year 37 (and many, many more)!

Maggie Donnelly said...

People always think I look younger than I am, too. I think your dad moving your wedding day up is pretty "wow" and funny and I guess I get the part where
"well, you're out until 3-4 anyway, might as well be married!" There does come a point where you don't want to be away from your loved one!!!

Amber Cease said...

I have also had difficult, high-risk pregnancies... so I could really relate to what you shared about your most special year. I experienced PPROM with LW and he was born at 32 weeks, so I received progesterone supplementation shots throughout my pregnancy with NK. Happy, happy birthday to you! Hope it was filled with all things wonderful! :)

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