Monday, January 28, 2013

The Lies I Believed

I was invited to share a little bit of my story in a link up called Overcome The Lies.
To share my story about the lies I have believed about myself,
and that God has taken me out of.
We as women, are subject to so many kinds of lies about ourselves...
Lies about ourselves are fed to us through circumstances, media, family, peers...
or maybe lies that we come up with on our own. Lies that satan feeds our thoughts.
Oh man, do I have a lot of them. If I look over my life throughout my 37 years,
(yes I turn 37 this week) I can pinpoint the lies in so many places.
Some of them disgust me, because some of them I talked myself into believing,
even when I knew the truth. The ones that told me I would feel satisfied or loved or free
by doing my own thing. I know it sounds SOOOO cliche to say it won't, but I know just as much as 
anyone that freedom doesn't & hasn't come in serving myself. Nor does happiness.
In fact, this so-called "freedom & happiness" only made me feel worse.
There were lies that told me the grass is greener on the other side. It's not, trust me.
Lies that told me I am getting too old, it's too late for me to do anything great now,
I should have started earlier.
Lies that have told me I can't get through my day, through my life
without some sort of substance that will help me float through it, or sleep through it.
Lies that told me God had nothing for me & I wasn't talented in a family 
full of preachers and musicians. And I had nothing to give.
I really could go on and on with those little annoying nagging thoughts, those hideous lies,
that have turned my life into a mundane chore, rather than an epic adventure.
This past year of blogging has changed my life more than I could ever imagine.
Writing out my thoughts here, my inspirations, has helped me grow,
 and has put me to action in a way I never even knew was possible.
Who said I was too old? Who said it was too late for me to do something great?
Oh, that's right I did. Or maybe satan did. Either way, it was a lie.
God has proven his purpose in me time and time again through the avenue
of writing and encouragement and compassion.
I knew that I prayed for compassion as a young 19 year old girl.
I just wasn't sure in which way it would come out of me.

I think this blog is just the beginning of proof that He has something wonderful for me.
It's not the end of my life. It's just the beginning. And I'm celebrating it!
He is doing something great. Something artistic. Something that is me in ME.
It's ME, because He made it to be me. He designed me.
His passion inside of me isn't the same as my family, no. But it is still the same God working
through me. I'd venture to say that each one of us out here in blogging community have some
sort of gift in a similar area as one another since the majority of us write to an extent. 
Our gifts from Him lie in our interests & passion. What are you passionate about?
Why would God place passion inside of us for anything?  It is all to be used for his glory.
Even if your passion is for simply being the best mother or wife you can be.
That can absolutely be done for his glory.
Every time you set the table or change a diaper or take a photo or write a song,
or a blog post, or paint a picture...
Do it with this is mind. That you wouldn't have that passion if it wasn't for God.
So that passion is a God given gift He placed inside of you. It's his purpose for you life.
We don't always get that. We just think, 'Hey, I like playing basketball, because I do.'
But think about all the different kinds of people there are in world,
with all the different talents and passions, who may be only able to reach that one person
that is similar to you, that gets where you are coming from.
Just like me, you have something that drives you. Don't believe the lie that
life is just day in and day out and your blog is just as an outlet.
I'd say it's a gift. It's a passion. Be intentional with it.
I'm not saying you have to write about God every day, 
But let this life he gave you be a celebration.
And celebrate your precious life by writing about it, sharing it with others...
because God gave it to you.
It's your life on purpose.



Ashley Beaudin said...

Love this. So pumped you are party of Overcome the Lie this week. Girl, you are gorgeous, talented and powerful. Keep bringing your expression of heaven to earth.

Esther Lee said...

Thank you for your words of encouragement especially through God's command in Colossians 3:23.

I think many times we (well me! haha)
always choose which work is for the Lord, and which ones are for ourselves/others.
For eg. In the past, my rest day was spent being a couch potato because I feel I deserve the break from doing so much.

Needed that verse.

Jess said...

What great words of encouragement! I need them today!

Karen said...

Delightful blog -- I think that today I was in serious need of this reminder!
I'm thankful that I found you on the blog hop and am going to spend the next however long looking through old posts :)
I'm your newest follower and can't wait to come back to read more!

Hoping you'll stop by to say hi sometime.

Hanna said...

Beautiful post Julie:) you look beautiful too!!

Jana Faith said...

I swear I'm not a copycat but I wrote about a similar topic for my blog tonight. I love your take on our gifts God gives us and doing all things to His glory.

Rebecca Rejoices said...

Love. this. post.

We all have lies to overcome. Whatever it is, freedom from the lies awaits us through Him.

And I am glad you don't believe the lies about blogging. Love your voice. We need more authentic voices like yours to tell the story!

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Yes Girl!!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I can't even tell you how badly I needed this post right now. Thank you. Seriously you have no idea how much your words in this post mean to me.

Sarah Kil said...

Julie~ beautiful post! It's amazing! This blogging thing is not just an outlet, it's a passion, a gift God has given to us to use our voice for Him and Him alone!
Blessings friend!

Leelee said...

Thank you. Too often I forget or underplay the fact that my passions are indeed gifts from God.

Maria said...

your words always uplift and inspire me. thank you for sharing all you do. thank you for being so real and true to's refreshing. <3<3<3

Maria said...

your words always uplift and inspire me. thank you for sharing all you do. thank you for being so real and true to's refreshing. <3<3<3

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