Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kicking God Out Of My Country

To everyone in my country that proclaims freedom from God,
who screams out for freedom from Biblical standards and Christian principles
Separation of Church and State you say.
I ask you this: Have you seen the heartache & bondage in other countries?
Have you seen the famine? Have you seen the poverty?
They lack the freedom to choose the life or death of themselves,
much less that of another life. This isn't an option.
Death or life  to them is determined by the food the ground produces,
or even the weather, the lack of rain, the lack of soil.
Freedoms to do how or what they please because it's their body isn't a choice.
 For they are enslaved to their governments, their lands, their poverty.
Why do you think that is? Why have other lands escaped the peace we have here?
It's absolutely heartbreaking. We want to help so many other countries.
Because they lack so much of what we have.
But so many have made Gods out of creation. Out of the work of their own hands.
They have made Gods out of people. Animals. Or Man made objects.
Instead of giving their heart to the one true and living God.
These are people that God loves. So desperately loves.
We still need to help and offer hope to those nations who lack. And never stop.
Yet they lack. Why?

However, the Bible says " Blessed is the NATION whose GOD is THE Lord."
Why do you think we have freedom, we have food, we have money?
Why have we been so blessed out of all the countries in the world?
Do you think we are just the lucky ones? Just happened to have all the good stuff here?
It's because up until recently, our country relied on God and his principals to guide
our footsteps. To make our laws. To decree our freedoms.
Little by little, as our country slips into ungodly decay, demanding in freedom 
from the one who gave it to begin with. Little by little our freedom is being taken away.
It's sad that people want to rid themselves of the giver of life and prosperity and freedom.
Can't you see it?
Our blessed nation is becoming a fearful place where we will
no longer have the choice of who governs us.
When I vote to keep God in my country, it's not because I hate you, 
it is because I love you.
I know placing our trust in God and his standards is where our protection and blessing
as a country has lied for so many years.
This is what you want to escape?
Yes, you can choose. You have rights. You have freedom.
You may choose to escape the prison that you believe Godly principals have placed you in.
Yes, Go ahead. You may choose this kind of freedom.
But it saddens me that one day, so many that thought they were choosing
freedom and separation from God, are actually choosing bondage.
You are choosing to kick God out of your country, and your life,
so it means you are choosing to be free from his hand of protection
 that surrounds us, and our freedom.
The Bible says "Where the spirit of the Lord is, THERE is freedom."
If you shove him out, you're so called freedom is soon to be completely lost.

No matter what the outcome, and who sits in the presidental seat in my country,
I know that God will reign in my life.
Therefor this day and every day, I choose him. He is on the throne.
My trust is not in man, my trust is in him,
even if the rest of my country's trust lies within themselves and their rights.
My trust will always remain in God.

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CAS said...

God bless you for sharing your thoughts and speaking up when so many are silent.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! Great post!

Anonymous said...

So good. We must remember God does not care what political party we affiliate ourselves with, and his will will be done regardless of how much passion we put into following one man or another. On my heart today… have been thinking so much about how blessed I am and how much the American church is failing At getting out the message that we have a responsibility to share the love of Christ with people who are unable to take care of themselves. So convicted!

LeahJo said...

this was powerful. so many people wonder why bad things happen here, there but don't stop to look how hard we are trying to kick God out of our country. I wish people would take a hard long look at that. a godless country has no future and it is a pretty scary thought, but I have to remember that as long as i continue to make Him my King, his protection will always be over me.

Breenah said...

I just want to hug you after reading this :)

Sandra Kohlmann said...

I don't know what to think of this post. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but it sounds like you're implying that under-developed, poverty stricken countries are in their situation for lack of loving God. But God loves EVERYBODY. He isn't punishing those people and their lack of understanding the Christian God isn't the reason for their lack of modern development. Drought and famine could just as easily destroy our nation as any other.

Am I misunderstanding? Can you explain? FYI: this question is specifically for Julie and I'd like her response, before any others. I'm not criticizing your beliefs AT ALL. I'm just trying to understand better. I really like to hear others' opinions, but I want to fully understand them!

Kerrie said...

great post Julie. You are right, "freedom" from God is bondage. It burdens me as well.

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

I could not agree more with this post!! So true and so well written!!

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

I love this post and wish I would've thought of it myself! great writing my friend!

Jasanna Czellar said...

Totally true! I love that you just said it like it is. Great post and very well said!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this! Love it and totally support you!!

TicoTina said...

amen, sista'! and I put the linkup on my calendar - woot!

Joy Foucault said...

I also am a bit confused at this post. Maybe read my latest one,,, because I had written it before I read yours and I take a totally opposite approach to it. Am I misunderstanding what you are saying? <3

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