Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blessed: Thankful for My Parents

I am so blessed to be the oldest daughter of these two right here.
My parents have set such an example of faith, of never giving up, and of never wavering.
Like most children, I can't say that we have always seen eye to eye on everything,
but I am so grateful to have each of them in my life. Sometimes, especially lately,
I realize how quickly time is going by. Life is just flying right past us all.
It seems like just yesterday I was arguing with my dad about what time I came home last night,
or with my mom about, well everything. Because that's how I did.
But that was already half my life ago!
I am so thankful they were so balanced. It sounds strange, but they were. 
They were balanced with me in discipline, with handling the teenage years, freedoms and 
restrictions, church, my wedding...everything. And I do treasure both my freedoms,
and my rules that they set for me as I was growing up.
I respect them and am thankful that they pushed through the doubts, the hard times...
and kept following the plan of God for their life. If anyone is to be role models to their
children in certain things, in working hard, in loving Jesus, in loving one another...
 it should be your parents. And they are...just that to me.
Dad & Mom, I love you. I am so very thankful God placed me into your arms.
I really do realize how blessed I am to have been raised under your protection and
guidance and love.
Thank you for all you have done for me, Jeff and our kids.
But also, Lord, I thank you, for giving my mom and dad to me. Someone had to get 
the best parents around, right? Today, I am so so blessed.

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LeahJo said...

it's great to see how much you love your parents. it is a great blessing when we have the opportunity to grow up with parents that love the Lord. beautiful post!

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Bev said...

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lesley kim said...

awww what a sweet post about your parents! parents do so much for their children, and we never know their sacrifices until we have children ourselves. do you want to follow each other? following you now and would love it if you do the same =)

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