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Monday, November 16, 2015

Your Future Is Bright

Over the weekend, I've been trying my best to process what is happening in our world. The evident evil taking over otherwise happy, everyday moments of so many lives in so many places. From threats of terror to movie theater and school shootings, life can really feel unpretty these days. Like the rest of the world, my heart was aching the moment I heard about attacks of concert goers and city dwellers in Paris. My heart was aching and my mind was fearful. Then articles started pouring in about suicide bombings in Beirut. And hashtags start switching from #prayforparis to #prayfortheworld as people around the world began letting their voice be heard of their own tragedy.

Everytime I hear of a mass attack on humanity by any means, two things automatically cross my mind. One, what happened to these people? These were once someone's tiny sweet innocent babies, full of life and purpose. How did they get to this place where this was okay in their mind? And second, why oh why have I brought children into this world? I am just one person and can only protect them so far, so how do I protect them from things like this, because it seems to me, no one is immune.

In the midst of all our facebook filters and hashtags rallying support around others that have had tragedy strike, we either live in fear or we keep convincing ourselves to just keep living fearlessly, because we may as well make the best of our life, do the most that we can, while we still have breath to breathe. We know our true future is in Heaven, but what about now?

My 12 year old son was showing some concern on and off over the weekend for the "what ifs?" What if it happened here?  How do we arm ourselves and our families? How do we not show up at the wrong place at that wrong time? And as I was looking to the Lord, he showed me that our only answer is to know His voice. We need to know the voice of God's spirit. We need to learn how to let it lead us, how to let it stop us and how to let it give us the go ahead. The Holy Spirit was given to us as our comforter and helper, to reveal to us the deep things of God and to show us things to come.
1 Corinthians 2:10, John 16:13.

In times like these people tend to think that God doesn't care, but the fact remains that he gave men dominion of this world for this time period. They do with this world what they wish. For some, it's evil. For other's its selfishness. For others, it may be just living life oblivious to what we are truly here for. But while he gave mankind dominion, He gave believers the Holy Spirit so that they would allow Him to lead them and guide them throughout their life. And we better have our ears tuned in to His voice, because our future and life depends on it.

It frustrates me at times, watching the enemy working on the lives of Christians, getting them to a place where they compromise truth for lies. They compromise living lives in close communion with the Lord to living lives based off quotes and memes on the internet. Honestly, when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter how inspirational a person or his words are, if it's not the whole word of God, it's not truth. And memes and quotes aren't going to save anyone when the enemy is working on someone's mind to blow a up a building that you just walked into. Being led by God's spirit and knowing His voice is our only hope and comfort in this time. We need to know Him and be willing to obey his leading. We need to stop getting in our own way, stop playing the devils games and get serious about this life, friends. Clearly the devil is serious. He means business. He is at constant war with humanity because his sole enemy is the God who created them. So why do we play games in a world he's infiltrating?

I know this is a serious post, but this is a serious time we live in. And sometimes I fear for people that want to say as long as we love Jesus, everything is okay. Love Jesus or not, if we don't know His voice, how will He ever warn us or show us things we need to know? Time away from this 'world' and spent soaking in God's presence is key. I believe God will and does show all kinds of people all kinds of things they need to know for their future, but if you are too busy following all the other voices that are beckoning you in this world, online, in books, on youtube or even in our own mind... you will always second guess or flat out disobey his voice--His voice that was trying to show you things that will protect or bless you and your family.

I get tired of the gross darkness that is attempting to cover our world and even infiltrate the body of Christ. And I just had to say it. It's deceptive. It's sneaky. And It's meant as a distraction to water down the power and presence and anointing of God in our lives. And ultimately, it's meant to deter the body of Christ from hearing His voice and doing what they are called to do. God's love is bigger than acceptance which seems to be the mantra these days . Jesus came to set people free from the things that hold us captive, to give us authority over the enemy, and then He left us with His Spirit to keep us growing, moving, protected & guided. All incredible acts of His incredible love.

And right now I'm thanking God for all the tools He's provided for me. I'm thanking God I don't have to live in fear. And it's my hearts purpose to make better use of what He left for me to use, both for myself and for the world around me... I'm thanking God my future is bright. My kids future is bright. My husbands future is bright...

And yours can be bright too, friend.

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. -Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stripped Of Me

  Up until recently, I was very uncomfortable with myself.
I'm not even sure I knew myself until I stumbled on the misfortune of sinking into depression and began grasping at straws to tear and claw my way out. I had very little confidence in who I was. And somewhere in between people pleasing and attention seeking, I figured out that I needed to be alone with me. Just me. I needed to know who I was.
I couldn't rely on who somebody else said I was, because that is always a set up for disappointment... 
And the only way I could do that was to find out who God created me to be and how desperately much He loved me.

So I needed life quiet for awhile.
I let myself settle into sort of a withdrawn state from my surroundings & social media, so I could see ME in the mirror of God's words about me. The only thing I was in need of was God's affection for me.

It was during that season of seeking that He seemed to shine his light on my innermost desires & passions in life.
I finally took a good hard look at who I was. The person I am isn't some needy girl, desperate for people to like me.
I have gifts to give. I have talents to offer. I have passions to chase after.
I have a little ol' personality of my very own that is God given just for me.
He kicked down the ladder out from under me that I kept climbing, trying to reach people and make them like me. (As if I believed I was beneath them somehow.) And He made me see HIMSELF inside of me.  I realized, it is in Him I live & move & have my being.

And something clicked. I didn't need people to see ME anymore. I needed people to see Jesus through me. When I speak or write, when I parent or do my responsibilities as a wife or friend, I don't have to lack confidence or crumble with insecurity any longer.
I was made to shine. I was made to take on these roles with confidence because of who lives in me.

It's a confidence that led me to the journey of loving myself, just as God made me.
My personality, my quirks, my talents or lack thereof. It's me. There is only one me. There is only one mom to my kids and one wife to my husband...
and there is only one ME who can inspire people or encourage people or be a friend the way that I can. The way I do. I do how I do.

I was looking through my recent instagram pictures, wondering how people may see me these days.
They may or may not see anything wrong with me. I'm not too concerned.
In times past, I would have seen plenty wrong with myself.
Especially just a few months post pregnancy...(if you know what I mean).
But something deep inside me changed. It's not about me.

Because I have a newly discovered genuine assurance that has taken residence in my heart.
It's a sort of spunk and an undeniable peace, knowing I got this under control, this life he gave me.
Not because I am so great. But because I have the greater one living inside me.
Not because I know & have everything, but rather that he has supplied me with an immeasurable amount of faith and grace to live this life beautifully. Gracefully.

I am the happiest I have been in years. I truly love my life. I am so in love with my family. I can't stop snuggling my new baby. My husband is so crazy and makes me laugh all the time. And I feel the sweet presence of Jesus peace with me non-stop.

Despite what my bank account says. Despite what my scale says. Despite what my clothes sizes say. Despite what number my twitter or instagram followers say. I am happy. I am confident. And I am free. There is a freedom in loving yourself simply because God created you and you know He doesn't mess up.

I want more and more each and everyday to be stripped of "me."
And more and more each day lived out, I want Jesus to be seen in me.
This is my heart.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kicking God Out Of My Country

To everyone in my country that proclaims freedom from God,
who screams out for freedom from Biblical standards and Christian principles
Separation of Church and State you say.
I ask you this: Have you seen the heartache & bondage in other countries?
Have you seen the famine? Have you seen the poverty?
They lack the freedom to choose the life or death of themselves,
much less that of another life. This isn't an option.
Death or life  to them is determined by the food the ground produces,
or even the weather, the lack of rain, the lack of soil.
Freedoms to do how or what they please because it's their body isn't a choice.
 For they are enslaved to their governments, their lands, their poverty.
Why do you think that is? Why have other lands escaped the peace we have here?
It's absolutely heartbreaking. We want to help so many other countries.
Because they lack so much of what we have.
But so many have made Gods out of creation. Out of the work of their own hands.
They have made Gods out of people. Animals. Or Man made objects.
Instead of giving their heart to the one true and living God.
These are people that God loves. So desperately loves.
We still need to help and offer hope to those nations who lack. And never stop.
Yet they lack. Why?

However, the Bible says " Blessed is the NATION whose GOD is THE Lord."
Why do you think we have freedom, we have food, we have money?
Why have we been so blessed out of all the countries in the world?
Do you think we are just the lucky ones? Just happened to have all the good stuff here?
It's because up until recently, our country relied on God and his principals to guide
our footsteps. To make our laws. To decree our freedoms.
Little by little, as our country slips into ungodly decay, demanding in freedom 
from the one who gave it to begin with. Little by little our freedom is being taken away.
It's sad that people want to rid themselves of the giver of life and prosperity and freedom.
Can't you see it?
Our blessed nation is becoming a fearful place where we will
no longer have the choice of who governs us.
When I vote to keep God in my country, it's not because I hate you, 
it is because I love you.
I know placing our trust in God and his standards is where our protection and blessing
as a country has lied for so many years.
This is what you want to escape?
Yes, you can choose. You have rights. You have freedom.
You may choose to escape the prison that you believe Godly principals have placed you in.
Yes, Go ahead. You may choose this kind of freedom.
But it saddens me that one day, so many that thought they were choosing
freedom and separation from God, are actually choosing bondage.
You are choosing to kick God out of your country, and your life,
so it means you are choosing to be free from his hand of protection
 that surrounds us, and our freedom.
The Bible says "Where the spirit of the Lord is, THERE is freedom."
If you shove him out, you're so called freedom is soon to be completely lost.

No matter what the outcome, and who sits in the presidental seat in my country,
I know that God will reign in my life.
Therefor this day and every day, I choose him. He is on the throne.
My trust is not in man, my trust is in him,
even if the rest of my country's trust lies within themselves and their rights.
My trust will always remain in God.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

I don't know if I could do it...

Firsthand, I know nothing of the sacrifice it takes to let go 
letting go of a husband, a father, a sister, a family...
for the sake of others.
I know nothing of what it means to spend months away 
only hoping and praying
you would one day see your your kids again, 
your husband again, your wife again, your parents again.
I know of patriotism, I know of freedom, I know of love for my country,
but firsthand, I know nothing of sacrifice.
Whether it's sacrifice of a beautiful life 
you so deeply loved and depended on,
or whether it's sacrifice of time,
time lost from that person who means the most to you,
while you were busy giving of your life for me, for us~
I want to say thank you,
to all of you, those who gave your lives
those who gave your husbands, your sons, your daddys,
your mothers, your sisters
those of you who gave up memories
who gave up laughter
who offered up tears
for me, for our country
for our freedom
and the freedom of others
I want to say thank you.
I don't know if I could do it.
I don't know if I could let go of my husband,
or let my kids give up their daddy
for your freedom,
but You have given up so much for mine.
It must take a special grace from God
to do such a task, to even be willing to do such a task.
And I honor all our vets,
all our active duty military
(and anyone else serving our nation for the protection of mankind)
and all the families of those who have sacrificed
the time and lives of their loved ones.
You can know this about me,
I understand that Memorial Day is NOT about sales,
not about barbecues, days off work...
It's about You, 
and I speak for myself, and my husband & my family
we will ALWAYS remember your sacrifice.

Pictured above are four of my mom's brothers.
(She comes from a family of 14 kids)
three of them have passed away.
Thankfully, they lived past their service time,
and went on to have families, kids, grand kids,
but have now made their home in heaven.
This is for my mom, her brothers and sisters, 
my grandparents who are no longer living,
and who had to give up their sons for a time...
 my cousins and aunts who love them., and miss them.
(Danny is still with us.)
I am SO thankful & we Honor all our vets, 
but especially our family members who served us and our country.

My Grandpa ( My momma's dad) passed away when I was in elementary school...

(don't be jealous of how awesome I look. like my velvet shirt? yeah, i bet you do)
This post was a last minute idea, so I didnt have time to gather up military photos 
from my dad's side of the family or my hubby's side.. 
But pictured here are my uncle Bernie (Korean),
My Papa (who just recently passed-WWII) and my Father In Law(Vietnam), 
with Jeff and the kids...
Just moments ago, when I put this together, tears start streaming down my face...
suddenly I missed my Papa very much..

So many more members of extended family,
close friends, church friends, children of friends, etc...
that have served or are currently serving our great nation...
Thank You to all, who choose freedom for me, 
for my kids, for us...
at times over your own lives.
Thank You to all who serve, who have served...
and who watched & allowed your family member fight for freedom.
My gratitude is more than I can say...

I don't know if I could do it...

Happy Memorial Day & Memories to all...

I leave you with this Kick Butt song,
one of my absolute FAVES of all time..
Thank YOU, Toby Keith!!!

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