Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh Dear Girl, You Are Worth So Much More

**i couldn't sleep. this is for any girl that has ever tried to find their value in the "eyes" of a man**

oh dear one, you try to break free from the prison you have built
you try to claw your way out, grasping for breath
your fingernails dirty, your brow creases with lines of confusion
lines of regret
oh dear girl, why cant you see you are worth so much more
than this object of momentary adoration
seeking approval in  the lusting eyes of that man
his glances, his thoughts, the touch of his stare
what is it you are looking for, when your skin you bare 
oh dear one, why can't you see that you are worth more than what he thinks
you're worth more than those tears that you drink
how is it that you keep seeking the love of  those
who value only what they can see
depth is deeper, love is stronger,  purpose is found in freedom
not slavery to the weak
you are more  i keep trying to tell you,
you are worth so much more than working to  please to be loved. 
you deserve to be loved unconditionally
oh be strong, dear one. you have love.
It is me.
blindfolded you follow him
yet you can clearly see.
handcuffed to your own mistakes. When will enough be enough?
I'm telling you now and I told you then. I bled for you, and I'd do it again.
To me, you are worth my own life. I took it for you.
Like Romeo and Juliet,  a tragic death
I told you I would never abandon you, even when you forsake me
there is nothing you could ever do (or not do) that would make me want to leave
That is what you are worth, you are my everything
oh dear one, you needn't only to be told "oh baby,  you deserve more"
because you deserve more than mere words of debt
To be clothed in the glory of strength and purpose
is more beautiful  than the nakedness of  regret
let your smile show the confidence of how much you cost
let your eyes sparkle finding all that's been lost
Genuine love will seek you, because you are worth being sought
oh dear girl, the key to your heart 
isn't found in the baring of your body or skin
its treasured in the liberty of letting love win
This knot in your stomach, this burden you carry, this shame you live with 
 every single day and every night
let it go. let it go. let it go.
Let HIS love engulf you and comfort your aching soul


The Pink Growl said...

AMEN to this!

Sue said...


brittany t said...

OMG Julie---soooo beautifully written! THis EXACT post speaks volumes to much that I need/want to email you. Isn't it amazing the thoughts, the words, the prayers that can heal come at 2 in the morning? love it and you!

Sandra said...

Absolutely beautiful :)

Jacy Pulford said...

Amazing and beautiful!! Praise God. Every woman, married or single, needs to read this!

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