Saturday, December 15, 2012

Twenty Little Lives

Today I think of all the times my kids left for school and I didn't give them a 
hug or kiss before they left, didn't even say goodbye...
and then I think of all the parents that may have been in a rush Friday morning,
hurrying their kids along, maybe stopping a fight with a sibling, 
fussing over what they were wearing or rushing them to eat breakfast...
How many times have I done that?
Thinking that after school, they could hug them, take them to do pictures with Santa,
or perhaps next week they would be opening their Christmas gifts together, 
excited to see the precious excited smiles on their kids faces.
When I think of those surrounding children, the fear and the 'in your face' reality
that these tiny lives had to face, that most of us as adults have never had to face...
It's not something that can be ignored.
I wanted to prolong writing the inevitable in hopes I could come up with anything
that could make sense of the pain these families are facing this afternoon.
And we know that tragedy is a daily thing in our world and that lives are
lost daily and more than twenty were lost yesterday, 
but suddenly we can't close our eyes...
because it involved so may innocent precious little lives,
twenty little lives
We can get angry, we can cry, we can question, we can hug our kids more, 
tell them one more time that we love them...
and I have done all the above several times in the past 24 hours...

but the most important thing we can do right now is pray...

Hug your kids once more today
Tell your spouse once more that you love him or her
Stop doing the dishes for 5 minutes to tickle you son
Or laugh & play dress up with your daughter
Call your mom or dad up and maybe stop in for a visit
Have a family movie night
Make cookies together
Make right the wrongs
Forgive the offenses
Ask forgiveness from those you've hurt

Yes, do it all. Make sure the people you love know that you love them...
We never know what tomorrow holds.

But before you do 
and after you do,
keep praying for these precious families 
who didn't have that chance...
My heart & tears weep for these.

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