Sunday, December 16, 2012

Name That Christmas Movie Game!

Hey friends!

I bet you all have some Christmas Parties coming up in the next few weeks!
Yep, me too! Every year it is my job to come up with some new, fun games for 
 Christmas Party in the youth ministry at my church! 
Last year I made this one up! And we used it again this year!
It's timeless! 
And fun!
And something different than the same ole, same ole!

If you want to grab it to challenge your family & friends with some
Christmas Movie Trivia without doing all the work, then Merry Christmas!
This is my gift to you! ;)
Feel free to download or save it to your computer & convert to dvd or a video file 
or whatever you want to do for your Christmas Party this year!

...Or just play it for yourself! 
Chances are, since you are playing it online, you will have time to 'think' about it,
but when you play it with a group, its not quite as easy to think of the answers so quickly.

1) Number a paper 1-20
2) Watch (listen) to the video and Name that Christmas Movie that each sound bite came from!
3) Then just replay it, this time giving the answers as you go through the game!
I already did all the work for you!

If you would like me to email you the answers so you can challenge your family,
leave me a comment and let me know you love it and I will send the answers your way!
Make sure I can reply back to you somehow!

All sound bites came from various movie clips which do not own any copyright to
Background photo file found here . I just put it all together as a game. 

Congrats to Niki from Glossy Blonde for winning the Our Favorite Thing Giveaway!
Shoot me an email, Niki!

A beautiful friend I want you to know...


Kelly Ann said...

What a cute idea!

Sparkles and Shoes

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Too cute!! Love this Julie!

Sola ante el espejo said...

Good post and blog. Lets follow each other?

Anonymous said...

Love it! Can you send me the answers at


Anonymous said...

LOVE It! Please send the answers to

Anonymous said...

Hi this quiz is fantastic. i know its late in the day but i don't suppopse you could email me the answers at I am having thr whole gfamily over tomorrow and would love to play this with them :)

Many thanks

brittany said...

such a fun idea. can you send me the answers? I would really appreciate it.

Samantha Disney said...

I love this idea- Its new and refreshing. This year I am doing the games for our work Christmas party and I think this would be so much fun. Could you please send me the answers at

Erin Wonsmos said...

This is so fun! We'd love to play this in our office. Could you please send me the answers at

Thanks so much!

Katie Skowronek said...

This is awsome! Can I please have the answers for my family christmas party?
Thank you!


samnunn said...

Awesome idea. Could you email the answers please?
Thanks heaps!

Michelle said...

This is great! Can you send me the answers to Thank you!

Lauren said...

Oh Can you please send me the answers! Love this!

Lauren said...

I love this - can you send me the answers at Thanks

Kristi said...

We were looking for a Christmas movie game and this is PERFECT! Could you send me the answers?

Miss Shell said...

LOVE the trivia!!! Could you please send the answers my way? Thanks

Miss Natherson said...

Hi there,

I love this game! Would you send me the answers?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is great, can you please send me the answers?

Megs said...

Awesome! Could you please forward answers to Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great idea for an ice breaker at an office party! Please send me the answers to

Alicia Tate said...

This is great! Thanks you for putting this together. Would you please forward answers to

Anonymous said...

Love it! Can you send the answers to:

Kristen said...

Can you please email me the answers?

Kristen Hernandez

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