Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Tradition/ Girl Behind The Blog

(First of all, I am lame and posted this on Tuesday night thinking the Girl Behind The Blog
went live on Wednesday and I just realized it goes live on Friday. Oh well. I'm leaving it. 
And when 5ohWifey & The Williams Post actually do go live, this is who I will be linking up with.

Ok, carrying on...

I just got home from a fun evening at my sisters house.
She invited myself and my girls over....along with my mom for a girls night.
Dinner and a Christmas movie. I am tired and exhausted and still, like everyone else,
have a long week ahead of me, and I had contemplated skipping this round of 
Girl Behind The Blog...
but I gave in, so here I am...talking about our Christmas Traditions with my
very favorite Christmas song playing in the background!
Hope you enjoy!

And if you haven't yet, stop by my post below and play my very own 

A beautiful friend I want you to know...


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Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Julie... I just love you so much! I would eat all of the Hershey cookies too. =/

Janna Renee said...

His dimples!!! "I just want to be a part of your blog." I believe him because your blog is so cool, but staying up late was definitely a bonus ;)

Sola ante el espejo said...

Thank you for visit my blog. I'm now following you. Kisses dear.

Kristin Dawn said...

Hey, new follower from the GFC blog hop. What a cute photo! Can't wait to check out your blog some more. :)


Jamie said...

What a fun video!

TicoTina said...

awww I finally got to watch this while eating my breakfast this morning - HI WESLEY! =) that was the cutest, hugging you, and then saying Merry Christmas right at the end. he reminded me a lot of Jeff for some reason when he was talking in the middle, lol. I love how much alike we are in so many ways - "I guess I'm not mommy enough" or whatever you said - yep, that's me!

Kerrie said...

I'm nearly in tears. If I was a cryer, I would be. This was soooooooo sweet. I loved it. You are a terrific mom. I love how open you seem to be with your kids. What a great thing for them to have. Love ya girl! And Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Karla said...

oh my goodness, I loved this video!!! =)

shannon said...

just found your blog!
your babies are beautiful!
i can't wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

Aweeee he is SO cute! "I just want to be in your blog". Love it. I love that y'all have simple christmas traditions but its special to you. Merry Christmas friend!

gayle t. said...

Ahhh, I should have posted about stocking stuffers! We always, always did that, and would open them very very last. :)

I linked up, too, over at Merry Christmas! xoxo

elpuntodelola said...

Preciosa fotografia, unas niƱas preciosas. Besitos y Feliz Navidad, si quieres nos seguimos

Kelly Ann said...

What a cute post, I love this!

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you started to cry at the end when your boy was so sweet and thanking you and his dad, and his Grandma, but I sure did. So sweet. Merry Christmas to you and your family Julie. :)


Guiselle Rasmussen said...

Hello beautiful
I just discovered your blog, I liked it,, do you think if we keep?? I already SIGO,,, follow me you me??
I have new post, I hope!

Anonymous said...

Haha your son is so cute! I love the faces he makes! Hope y'all had a beautiful Christmas!

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