Thursday, December 13, 2012

When Words Are Just Words...

I'm in this weird, 'I have no words' place again.
What's up with me? I don't know.
It's odd, I feel so full. Full of passion. Warmth. Joy.
I feel content this year.
And it's not because everything is going just as I would plan out in my head.
But still, this season in this year, 2012, is bringing a new emotion,
state of mind... or maybe a state of heart?
It's not just Christmas, the season of giving and family and love.
But it's Christmas,
a season of redemption,
God's gift to the world.
Man, I feel like we make it into this cliche' thing...
'Jesus is the reason for the season'...
It's what people say.
Or we have even turned it into
 'It's not about the shopping & the gifts, it's about family and spreading joy.'
Another "thing" we say.
Which is good. It's a good thing to steer our focus from the commercialism
of Christmas rather to the warmth and love of the season.
But for me, it's more than that.
This Christmas, I stand...sit...weep in awe of my Savior, his sacrifice to 
become flesh to redeem me from a life I would surely screw up...
and have...
to make me joint heirs with him.
Once you know Him, it's not just a Christmas story..
Instead your heart is moved by a very real love...
One time, I remember mentioning to an old friend during a conversation, 
'the men of the Bible wrote these words."
The reply I got was "I'm glad you said the 'men' of the Bible..."
As if the words written were not inspired of God.
It takes faith to believe in the written word of God.
When you believe, and when you want to believe, God will speak...
He will prove, He will make himself real...
as if He hasn't already.

People would rather rely on quotes from intellectuals,
or structure their lives by the lyric from of a song or poetry of a writer 
who knows nothing of a true relationship with the God they over philosophize,
than rely on the intimate peace and gentle simplicity of the words of God himself.
I don't know...lack of faith... 
or perhaps faith in the temporal is more real to some...
But to me, each day I wake up, no matter what the circumstance is in my life
in the day, that moment, that feeling...
the presence of Jesus is undeniable. His glory is indescribable.
This is the reason for no words I think.
I went for a drive tonight, feeling frustrated that I can't put what is my heart
into words...I prayed, I said "God, what is it? What am I feeling? 
What am I supposed to say??
It's simple. There are no real actual words to describe what you feel in 
your heart of hearts.
It's just something you know... something you feel...
once you have faith that He is with you,
and that His words are truth.
 I was going through pinterest looking at quotes of so many inspiring authors,
men and women of influence, musicians, and listening to lyrics...
thinking about how people thrive on these quotes & sayings... but as inspiring as they may be,
we can not live, truly live , by anything but the very words of God.
The words of God are not just the quotes of an intellectual,
but the word of God is alive and has the ability to change a heart,
and heal and restore lives.
Sometimes words are just words, but there are other words that are Life.

1 John 1:14
The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, 
the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.

This is what Christmas means to me this year. 
The very presence & word of God coming to earth and becoming flesh. Redeeming mannkind. 
Sometimes it seems unfathomable, it doesn't make sense.
It takes faith to believe. Strength to trust in his word.
But once you believe, it's not just a belief anymore, it's an assurance...
And my heart is in such a state of worship lately. It's a continual worship
of the glory and majesty of such a loving Savior...
I very honestly try to talk to Him in my very human words...
and thank him for who He is and what He has done,
but it simply doesn't seem like what I can say in my humanity is enough to 
worship his Majesty...

Yet somehow, I think not knowing what to say this Christmas is saying more than thinking 
I have all the right words...

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A beautiful friend I want you to know...


Sue said...

I think for not knowing how to say it, the Holy Spirit just spoke through you so beautifully.

L said...

LOVE your wisdom! =) You are beautiful inside & out!
Much Love!

Miya said...

Great post hun.
I love and admire how your view on christmas & your state of mind at this time of the year.

Jana Faith said...

I'm so glad God uses you to encourage me. Sending sisters-in-Christ hugs your way.

Annie said...

I think there are times that we tap into the Spirit so deeply that there aren't words to communicate what we're feeling. Sometimes, I think we find the words, and sometimes they're meant to share with others - either many or a select few - and sometimes the're not. And other times, we don't find words, and in those cases, I think it's meant to be something we ponder in our hearts like Mary pondered her pregnancy with Jesus. Something sacred, just between Christ and ourselves.

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Mmm... very beautifully said, Julie. =) I think that often times when we feel speechless, God is pressing on our hearts to turn to him...because he has something that he wants us to say.

Sarah Lu said...

Thank you for being a honest and real person. One that doesn't fear sharing about their relationship with God and how he moves in real ways. I truly appreciate it and I know Father does too. This is the juice I've been searching Julie. I've been very confused as to why many woman stand by and jump on the band wagon with everyone else and making their own blog become someone else's. But you, you stand out. You give truth and breath life into the impossible. Thank you.

Isabelle Thornton said...

You are awesome! Loved reading this and Amen :)

Janna Renee said...

I think we are all finding it easier to embrace the real meaning of the season this year with last weeks events. We must be positive and embrace our loved ones. Mostly forget all of the materialistic aspects.

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