Monday, December 10, 2012

I Gave Myself A Black Eye: 50 Shades Of Stupid 6

Yes, it's true. I did this to myself.
But at least I got a sassy picture out of it in a dirty mirror.
This happened summer of 2011. I was at church. Yep.
And my brother at that time was the official "cleaner" of said church.
But he was on the road with his band, so my mom asked me if I wanted to
take on the responsibility for a few weeks and I did.
So I'm vacuuming. Who would think that you could give yourself a black eye
while vacuuming a church? 
According to the Fire Department there are certain double doors that are to 
remain open at all times, and certain one that are to remained closed at all times. 
Ahhhh, the technical side of the ministry.
So what happened was, on the back of one set of doors there was a metal chain 
with a magnet attached to the end of it. The magnet was about he size of a hockey puck.
The chain linked the door to the wall, so that people would not close the door,
thank you Mr. Fireman.
Yes, there is a sign. But I'm the Pastors daughter, I don't pay attention to signs.

So, I'm working the Lord, vacuuming and naturally, I want to clean thoroughly,
even behind the doors, the ones with magnets and chains attached.
Despite the sign (because I wasn't paying attention), I yanked on the door and the 
2 foot chain with the hockey puck sized magnet whipped around the door and wacked me
right above my eye. Blood gushing, I ran upstairs and by the time I got up there
I had a giant lump already.
Needless to say within the day, I had one very purple eye.
Lucky for me I wear purple shadow and nobody even noticed once the lump went down.
So that wasn't so much embarrassing as it was just stupidity on my part...
Has anyone else every seriously injured themselves due to negligence?

 And here is a little Holiday Stupidity for ya...
So at my church, I volunteer a lot of time making flyers, web banners, hanging banners...
all that kind of stuff.
The thing is that I do that all at home on my computer, which of course I also do my blogging.
And if you are anything like me, you know that you need "QUIET" to concentrate.
If my kids are talking to me, crawling up my back, asking me for food, etc while I am
trying to get computer work done, I simply quit. It doesn't work well for me.
I need peace in order to concentrate.
Unfortunately a lot of times when I am asked to make something and send it out to be printed,
it is sort of on the rush, therefore kids crawling or not, it has to be done by tonight.
So this past monday, I made up some tickets for our Christmas Program at church,
sent them out to have 1000 printed, got a call from the printing company saying the dpi was
too low, so I fixed them, double checked the back of the ticket with all the info on it
to make sure everything was correct and sent it back to them again!
Yep, looks good! I just missed one MAJOR thing...
Can you find the mistake?
The really dumb thing is that the basic jist of this ticket has been up on our church website for
a few weeks and neither I nor anyone else caught the screw up, of course until after I
had 1000 of these babys printed out and sent to us.
You have no idea how stupid I felt. Especially when the mistake was noticed by our church secretary the night before, so they decided NOT to hand the tickets out, then at the last minute before service ended, my sister got up and said to the congregation as she looked on ONE side of the ticket "I guess they thought there was a mistake, but there isn't any mistake, so lets hand out those tickets to people."
Of course I ran up to the front,and was like "YES, there IS a mistake! LOOK!!!"
Needless to say, they handed them out anyways, as Christmas is approaching quickly!
After the service a friend came up to me and was like "They should always check with you before
they print anything out."
Um...yeah, except when it's me who made them and had them printed out!
You are welcome, city of Milwaukee.

Weird that both of my stories are "church" stories today.... hmmmmm...

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Dara said...

cute idea for a link up!
I don't see your mistake on the ticket and I've been staring at it for like 5 minutes! I must be pretty stupid myself, lol!

Kelsey Lenay said...

Okay so the black eye was very unfortunate...but, am I the only one that thinks that in the first picture it almost looks like eyeshadow?! (and eyeshadow done well, with maybe glitter causing it to be lighter in some areas?) haha.. I am just saying, those colors actually look nice on you girl!

Lauren GingerSnapps said...

OHH MY GOODNESS!! Look at your eye!! I'm not a hugging type of person.. it makes me feel totally awkward and I usually clam up lol. But this makes me want to just go up and hug you! (But I know you aren't the hugging type either lol so I wouldn't!)

So I saw the from of the ticket thing and thought I wonder if Christamas is like a new thing.. maybe it's a theme with something they are doing. LOL!!

I completely understand though! When you are busy trying to get it all done it happens!! But it really does look great!! Even with that being wrong! :)

Miya said...

It actually just looks like eyeshadow lol you couldve done the other eye black and purple and there ya go ;) no one knows lol.

Analilia said...

I was just going to say...

It looks like eyeshadow. I even did the "half and half" test where I placed my hand on the side without the black eye and your blackened eye doesnt look too shabby. :)

EAL Designs said...

Hey that's not a stupid thing to give yourself a black eye, I've done it too, lol. I dropped a cordless phone on my eye when someone called and I was sleeping. I remember it rining, I remember answring, then for some reason I held it up in the air and curplunk, dropped it right on my eye. I screamed and my friend was terrified till I told her what I did. She laughed for hours, and even harder after going to her house later that day with my eye all swollen and black

TicoTina said...

oh man, that huge magnet would have HUUURT! and the tickets thing is one of my worst nightmares, LOL. I'm always paranoid that something like that will happen, but that's why I make the client double check stuff and sign off on it. I love how someone said they should always have you check stuff - that would totally happen to me at church too...

Kelly Ann said...

Oh my goodness, that black eye looks so painful, I am sorry!

Sparkles and Shoes

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Ouch! The worst accidents are do to neglect I think. I didn't sharpen my skates one year, thought I could save a little money by making the last sharpening last a little longer.
Any ways, I'm at the rink and do a very simple jump, but when I landed those skates were so dull, they didn't grip the ice and I fell. Hard. So hard in fact that I smacked my head on the ice and split it open. I still have a scar from that one!

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