Monday, February 27, 2012

standing on a soapbox

Wow, well I literally have been mulling over this one for a week now.  And little by little as I was pulling my thoughts together, this phrase popped in my head for some reason.
And what is that phrase?
Why its Standing On A Soapbox of course!
I think that we tend to think of that terminology in a negative way... as if someone is making a declaration that they are better than you, 
that they are above you in some way and we say that 
"she is standing on a soapbox."
But I think that we have all had those moments where we have had enough!
Whether we are tired of the kids acting up and its time to buckle down, or maybe we are tired of the extra pounds we gained, or we are tired of being taken for granted....
You name it... we ALL have those moments where ENOUGH is ENOUGH, right?
As I was thinking of that, thinking of some of the things I have been through in life, and in these past few years... and I think I may have even said this out loud to myself,  
I said "I dont have time for this anymore..."
Then I started going down this list in my head of things I am tired of putting up with,
things that are holding me back from the potential of who I am & can be!
And WHY I dont have time for it...
But I am here to Stand on MY Soapbox to make my declaration to myself and anyone who will listen what I dont have time for anymore =)

Standing On A Soapbox
I dont have time to feel sorry for myself.  I have too many good things to offer to care about what I dont have.

I dont have time to NOT work out a the gym, because I am not getting any younger here people. I can keep starting over, but its never going to get me anywhere doing that.

I dont have time to hang on to bitterness and grudges. I just dont. If people want to disrespect me, make fun of me, talk about me, tattle on me, whatever... mehhh... 
I will let them hang onto it. 
Man looks at the outer appearance, God sees the heart.

I dont have time to NOT walk in love and forgiveness. People need it too bad. I need it. 
We all need it. If I dont give it, What I sow (or dont sow), I will reap. 
And I dont think a soul alive could live without love.

I dont have time to procrastinate going to the eye doctor. I have been waiting far too long. My last pair of overused contacts finally kicked the bucket.  
Seeing is a good thing. 

I don't have time to be depressed, to be sad, to be overwhelmed and stressed.
It drags your life down (duh...) and I have too much going on to be walking around like Eeyore all year long. I wanna be Tigger!! Bounce Bounce Bounce!

I dont have time to procrastinate grocery shopping every week. That would mean my kids would get hot lunches, we would end up eating out or getting take out... then it would cost us more money, which equals more work, which.... well I dont have time for.

I dont have time to hate, to debate, to argue. I hate controversy. Whats the point?
Its a waste of MY time & it gets people no where. Not to mention it just gets me all flustered.Dont have time to be flustered. Nope.

I don't have time to keep putting off my dreams . Just because I have a life and a family doesn't mean I don't have other dreams in my heart. Now is the time to make those dreams happen.

I don't have time to judge, to wonder what other people are doing, or to assume they are doing something I wouldn't approve of . Their life is between them and God. I need that extra time to work on myself!

I don't have time to NOT read a good book. I LOVE reading, but for years (mainly since Ive had kids, I have put if off because TV is easier)... There are millions of books to be read! Where do I start? How about with Ch. 5 of the Hunger Games where I finished like 3 weeks ago?

I dont have time to eat crap. Eating crap means I gain weight that I will want to lose. With 3 kids, I only have "so much" time to work out... and I dont have the extra time to work off all the junk I ate last night!

I dont have time to deal with dumb people. Don't get me wrong. I love people. I respect people. But there comes a point when Ya gotta let some people go.. because they are pulling you down. They are making you angry, upset, depressed, sad, annoyed... all of which I definitely dont have time for.

I dont have time to let little things bother me. None of us do. There are plenty of big things in the course of life that we have to deal with... Why think about the petty?

I dont have time to put my kids off when they want me to play with them, or go sledding with them, or watch them build something, or watch their silly little plays or dances they made up. They are growing up waaayyyy too fast and I dont have time to put off until tomorrow those moments I can ONLY have today!

I don't have time to not love my family, my husband, parents, sisters, brothers... I have read too many sad stories of people losing loved ones and wishing they had more time. 
I never want that to happen. Never. I cannot take them for granted!

I dont have time to NOT worship God, read his word & love him . He is my source of strength. If I dont spend time in his presence, I am weak... I am empty... I am tired.
I don't have time to BE tired.

I don't have time to let my house get so messy it overwhelms me. Granted, I am constantly cleaning.. but I don't have time anymore to let it get to that point where I am almost crying because I don't know where to begin.

I don't have time to NOT go to church. When I don't go to church, I feel off balance & disconnected. Being balanced and connected to a power source keeps my week in healthy shape!

I am SURE there are a million more DECLARATIONS I could make on MY Soapbox!
Things I want to change. Things I am done with. Things that will better my life.

Why dont YOU stand on YOUR Soapbox and declare 
what is going to change NOW in your life, 
what YOU dont have time for... and what YOU will make time for...

...and MAKE it happen!

Matthew 12:37- For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.


Emily said...

Loving your soapbox :) My fave?

I dont have time to NOT walk in love and forgiveness. People need it too bad. I need it.
We all need it. If I dont give it, What I sow (or dont sow), I will reap.
And I dont think a soul alive could live without love.

Amen sista! So so true!

Katie said...

I love this :) I don't have time... it's so true. Why do we waste so much time doing things that make us unhappy or stressed out and not put enough time or energy into things that make our lives better and more fulfilling? Because it's easier?

Thank you for posting this :)

Anonymous said...

Your soapbox declarations are right on. I don't have time for any of that stuff either. Feel like I need to figure out what my declarations are and what I just don't have time for anymore

cssolomon said...

Your blog is adorable :) I'm so glad you came by my blog! Can't wait to read up on all that is Julie :)

Rachael said...

I love posts like this that really make me stop and reflect on what I haven't got time for. I'm starting with: feeling guilty over things that I don't feel strongly enough about to change. If I want to make something happen, I'm the kind of woman who pushes for it, so I'm going to stop beating myself up about the 'should-do' list, that really, I'm not that bothered about doing anyway!Rx

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

Soapbox it up girl!! Who DOES have time for all that? Way to choose to be happy!!


Daisy said...

What a great post! You are so right when you say you don't have time for those things. Thank you for reminding me of that :)

The Arizona Russums said...

Amen from a Bible reading gym rat! :)

Julie Marie said...

!!! i know right?! so true =)

Julie Marie said...

you are welcome.. we can all benefit from getting rid of those useless and aggravating things. life can only get better if we do =)

Julie Marie said...

go for it!! declare it girl!

Julie Marie said...

aww thanks. i am glad you stopped by =)

Julie Marie said...

i am glad you enjoyed it.. if only i can inspire one person with the thoughts that inspire me, then its worth it right?! =)

Julie Marie said...

hahaha! thanks! oh i will keep on soapboxing. fo sho!!

Julie Marie said...

thanks for stopping by =) and you are very welcome.. we all need to be reminded!!

Julie Marie said...

=) hee hee!

Cody Doll said...

Oh man I so know what you are thinking about all of those. I often get that way. I think about stuff I don't have time for. Good soapbox. =]

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