Monday, February 6, 2012

36 & counting...

The funny thing about a birthday in my family is that its not really a birthday unless its celebrated for a minimum of 3 days.  Well of course, my birthday is never on an optimum day of the week for celebrating. There is always something else going on. For my 36th birthday, there was a girls game & hot tub night at my sister's mother in laws house planned... so of course, I want to go to that, but that is not my number #1 choice for a birthday celebration and I still have to do SOMETHING ON my ACTUAL birthday, so Cracker Barrel it is!

Then there is always ALWAYS always, a night out with either a) the girls or b) other couples. This year, it was the girls! getting a group of married women together especially is always a treat, because the most interesting & awkward topics arise that most likely wouldn't around couples, guys...or even single women.  I am pretty transparent, but not that transparent. whats discussed between me and the girls, stays between me and the girls ;-) If you are a married girl, you catch my drift. So we go to Bravo for dinner, then go to Pinstrikes Bowling Lane, which is your typical bowling lane, but add the stylish features like swanky lighting and a 65 foot screen at the end of the lanes playing all your favorite music videos of days past and present.

  Well apparently tonight all my favorite music is in the category of R&B... from the timeless classics of Stevie Wonder which i love... to the bump & grind poppin yo booty 90's hits like Shoop by Salt N Peppa, which none of us girls have any choice but to dance to., right?  It just comes naturally when you hear it. its like your body has a mind of it's own. Am I wrong? Its like you dont want to dance, but no matter what kinda of music you enjoy,  how much you love or hate songs like SHOOP, you still find some way to pop it!
Even if its more of a G-rated version of doing so =)

I also learned the meaning of a "slow clap"~something I had never even noticed before, but it apparently both amused and annoyed a friend of mine at the length of time it took one of these R&B artists to lift their hands from their side and then make it to the actual clap, and it wasnt in slow motion. It was simply based on the amount of dancing and movement that accompanied the clap..and this determined the time lapse. These words are forever now ringing in my ear when I come across an R&B music video... "Just clap already! The suspense is killing me!"  Ohhh man, I am someone that laughs at everything, mind you, and I find joy in a lot of random things... so that by far was one of the better moments of the evening. 

Day #3 of my birthday was followed by a date with my hubby. Dinner & a Movie... simple enough, but alot more interesting when you find somewhere new to go. Jeff is a fan of corned beef & cabbage, so we opted for an new Irish restaurant we had never tried... and then off to a movie. Not just any movie. It was the kind of movie that seriously had my heart racing even as I stood up and walked out. Man On A Ledge... dont recommend it if you have a phobia of heights...but I swear there was almost a rush just watching it. I had a death grip on Jeffs arm for much of the movie.  So, my 36th birthday has come to an end. No more can I bribe Jeff into giving me a massage (without me having to return one) "because its my birthday." Sad.

Still cannot believe I am 36 years old. Time goes by so fast. I wont go down that road, but it does! I still "feel" young, but cant believe in a few years I will be 40. OMGoodness!!!  All in all, I had fun. Thanks to all who wished me a happy one! I will say, technically, my birthday isnt done yet. My momma is still taking me to Chicago in a few weeks to celebrate. WOOO HOOOO! 

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a happy birthday indeed-Dinner at Bravo

there is probably nothing "more funner" on the planet than getting a bunch of married women together and coming up with the most interesting and awkward topics to discuss. we had a few doozies ;-)


stephanie said...

looks like you had a super fun birthday julie!!! xo

Melissa said...

SHUT UP! You are not 36! OMG I thought you were like my age! I was thinking that you looked cute & kinda a little like myself haha (I'm 28). So you look amazing doll

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