Monday, February 13, 2012

AUGH! My BIG Head!!!

First of all:here is my disclaimer , if you dont know me, you might think i am crazy...
for those of you that do know me, you might LOVE this...

Ok. this is so completely totally random. And I wasnt planning on doing a post today. 
But these thoughts were swimming in my head as I was in the shower and I had to blog it. 
I was thinking about my video blog, and how unusually large my head looked in comparison to my shoulders. 
Now mind you, I have always thought this...this isnt a new observation really.
It's almost like, I just want to make it known. yes, in case you thought my head looks big, 
I know already.
Ive always thought my head was just slightly too large for my body. I am a small petite girl, and I have always been sort of jealous of the girls that do the "bump" with their hair, 
or can sort of tease their hair to make it a little bigger or fuller,
but that just doesnt fly for my head type. 
It really doesnt. Girls always ask me if I want help, or they want to try to fix my hair get that "bubble bump" look...and I shy away from it... 
and very seldom have I ever explained the real reason why.  
My head is too big already. If you buy me a bumpit, I wont use it.
Why would I want to make my head extra large? 
Haha... Don't get me wrong, I am not really down on myself about it. It is what it is... 
But it does propose a problem for certain aspects in my life. 
For instance, taking pictures with my husband. Especially since he has an unusually small head. I mean, mine is larger than his and I am 9 inches shorter! 
So in pictures, I usually try to adjust myself so that my head DOESN'T look like the sun, while his is like Neptune or something. 
The other thing is losing weight. Since I am short, I am 5'3...I like to try and stay in a certain weight range, because at my height 10lbs gained or lost can make a big difference... but If I lose too much weight, suddenly my head grows like 3 sizes
One of my facebook friends status's the other day said, the bigger the hair, the closer to heaven. I thought, well too bad I am so short, I could make my hair big and touch heaven.
Just sayin...  
Am I the only one that has one of these weird, random quirky things you see in yourself??
I have a friend who declares she has one eye smaller than the other. 
She's not bitter about it. She seems quite comfortable with it in fact..  
And I have another friend who's doctor told her she has an usually long torso 
and a winged back.  
She's like "well, let me just get my wings out of the way for you then."  
One of the best things someone told me once was when I was in a jewelry store 
trying on rings... The Jeweler helping me told me I had short stubby fingers.  
Um... thanks? I mean, how am I supposed to respond to that!?
This goes to show that God made each of us so unique & wonderful in his image =)
And we should love ourselves no matter what, because he does!
Who would have ever thought that God could use my random thoughts about the size of my head, to teach me a lesson about how wonderfully exclusive 
he made me to be!

 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
   your works are wonderful, I know that full well. 
Psalm 139:14


Breanna Hohenstein said...

Girl your head is so not disproportional to your body! You are gorgeous :)
I love that bible verse, one of my favorites!

Kelly said...

your head does not look big. your beautiful. great post. God is so amazing in making each one of us unique.

Erin said...

you do not have a big head girl! :) You are beautiful and I love that you can see that God made you to be exactly as you are :)

Julie Marie said...

=) hee hee thanks =) one of mine too!!

Julie Marie said...

thanks kelly =) yes, i love that everyone is so different and special in their own way...

Julie Marie said...

=) thanks erin... meh, i guess its not THAT big.. haha...

Emily said...

Hahaha....gotta love us girls. We find all the little faults and then try to position ourselves in pictures to not show said faults. Ohhhh yeah.

You're beautiful chica!

Julie Marie said...

yep. thats what we do.. i also have a position for a side shot of my arms =)

stephanie said...

Haha this is so funny! I have a huge head too! Like no hats ever fit me. But I still do the "bump". Maybe I should stop. Lol

Julie Marie said...

haha. well youre in good company.. no hats ever fit jeffs head either.. =) cuz his head is so small.. your head looks perfectly normal to me.. , but i guess we all know the things about ourselves that nobody else knows.. unless we tell them all through a blog ;)

biggestlittleblog said...

you are so funny and I love the honesty..and no it doesn't make you crazy, it makes you secure and strong for saying these things "out loud." And for the record, you are gorgeous!

ginanorma said...

giiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrl if you got that verse you got it ALL. what wisdom.xo

Julie Marie said...

haha thanks so much. i guess i am not afraid to laugh at myself... and when i wanna cry at myself, i force myself to smile after the tears are all done =)

Julie Marie said...


Kylie said...

Ha! This made me laugh because I am a teeny bit self-conscious about my big head. Especially because my husband has such a small noggin! I feel like such a beast, haha. (Love your blog, btw!)

Julie Marie said...

haha. then you are just like me. big head chic, small head hubby.. lol.. too funny. =) thanks!!

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