Monday, January 23, 2012

Calm Yo Self Down...

Why is it that those days that are "supposed" to be the most special for us, our children, our family turn out to be the most stressful and exhausting? So much so, that the entire point of having the "event" or "celebration" to begin with is almost negated!  Take Christmas for example. The whole point of Christmas is implementing family values, Christ, love, giving, warmth into our lives and our families, yet most of creation, myself included spend 98% of that time "being busy" with shopping, baking, parties, cooking, cleaning, decorating, wrapping... everything has to be perfect for that 1%-2% of the "holiday season" that is actually spent WITH your family.

Same goes for birthday parties! I have 3 kids. ALL three of their birthdays lie within a month of Christmas, 2 before and 1 after. When you take "the holiday season" into consideration, try throwing in 3 birthday parties AND a wedding anniversary on top of all that!

As I was going about my day, preparing for number party number 3, I found myself doing alot, ALOT of ....hmmmmm... how shall i say this... um gently raising my voice with a stern tone? Ok, Ok, I was yelling! Here is the build up to Leila's Birthday. Weeks spent getting her all excited for her Minnie Mouse Birthday, then the day finally arrives! "It's here Leila!!! GET OFF THAT MINNIE MOUSE TABLECLOTH NOW!!"  Or "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH THOSE BALLOONS, LEILA, OR NO MINNIE MOUSE PARTY FOR YOU!"  "WHAT? YOU'RE GONNA CRY? Ok, guess I will cancel Minnie Mouse." 

Am I totally alone on this or what?  When it comes down to it, we spend more time primping the party than celebrating the Princess of the Day!  We want the day to be so special, yet we forget why! I hate that. I caught myself several times telling myself "Calm Down Julie. If she rips the tablecloth, I dont think the other 3 year olds will notice."

She is so precious and she did have so much fun at her 3rd birthday party and I cannot believe my baby is already three years old, but I so wish I would stop forcing a "special" party on my babies and start enjoying just how precious they are.  Don't get me wrong, she wasnt mad at me, and the Mickey and Minnie Mouses in all shapes and sizes did thrill her beyond belief, but when it comes down to it, what do we cherish most, what will she, a 3 yr old cherish most... and it is that she truly had a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY." 

I love my baby with every part of me. She is perfect in every way. Thank you Leila for making Mommy check herself by just being you. Happy Birthday Lallies!

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Christine said...

aww, you are so not alone in doing that. I just want to kick myself every time I love my patience and lose focus of the bigger picture too.

Love the name Leila, that's one of my top picks if we ever have a girl :)

Julie Marie said...

thanks so much. it was my turn to pick a kids name.. haha! my hubby got the other 2 kiddos. and i heard the eric clapton song. Layla...of course...and it was mine at that moment =)

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