Monday, January 2, 2012

the road of insanity leads to laughter

a new year. a new me. is that what i said? pssssshhhh...yeah...right!
thanks for that cheeseburger, big ole glass o pepsi & fries mom ;)
no seriously, i WILL do this! 

so here i am... doing this bloggy thing. 
the reason? to write, to scrap, to give. (not scrap as in fight, btw, i meant scrap as in scrapbook).
that would be awesome though, hey? to have a blog simply for scrapping?

people on facebook kept telling me i need to write. a book, a blog, something.
thanks to my crazy outlook on the shameless details of what goes on inside of my house...
and my apparent ability to reach inside people's souls and touch them with a dash of compassion 
from what can only come from God. between the two, here i am, with a more embellished version of my thoughts and my world, than what you may see in my short facebook status's.

i think if i dont look at my life and laugh, i could possibly end up in a nut house. i dont suggest i am any different than any other mom with 3 or more kids, but man alive...these kids say and do the most annoying and hilarious things.
for instance: just two seconds ago, i had to wash poop off my hands. literally. for the 2nd time today. giant puppy poop. its too cold out, so no one seems to want to take the new shepard puppy outside long enough for the dog to poop, so he pees outside...warms up, grabs a cup of cocoa, and poops in the house instead. he has a special spot he likes to poop ~the fireplace. who doesnt?
lucky for me, i have a daughter who fancies the word "poop" (see 'kids say the darndest things" for more on this topic)... and just an hour ago, she called for lukas, then she naturally immediately switched it to "poopless."
i WISH he was poopless.
(did i just inadvertently refer to lukas (aka poopless) as my kid? when i was talking about the crazy things my kids do, and then tell a story about him? oh man, i already AM losing it)

on a side note: i cherish the love of God. and i see truly see people through his eyes. i have been through some hard times lately, so when people do something crazy, outlandish, or hurtful... i look at them and wonder, "what are they going through?" i see every person as made in God's image, so my heart is constantly bursting with fruit flavor...i mean, its bursting with "facebook status's" to encourage people, to love people and make them chuckle to themselves at my expense...because i know i would want the same =)
sometimes i even think in poetry form, weird, i know...
and i have to get it out... but have never really had anywhere to put it.
so, follow me, read me...laugh and be encouraged.
julie marie

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Cody Doll said...

I finally found the beginning of your blog. I am now going to read it from beginning to end. Of course, not in one day but I making it a small goal of mine. haha.

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