Wednesday, January 4, 2012

That aint pretty

have you ever been caught in that awkward limbo between loving someone so much and not wanting to be mean, but at the same time being realistic and thinking, "ummmm...that aint pretty... "
"cute, maybe. pretty, no."
maybe its your own kid, a niece or nephew, a friends kid...a spouse, sister, whatever.
i actually remember a friend telling me one time "Baby (baby' remains nameless for obvious reasons) is an ugly baby." and they were speaking about their own kid!!!
on that same note, i also know that feeling of not quite finding the right words to say when someone is showing you their brand new pride and joy and all you can say is "awwwww...he/she looks just like great grandpa?" 
(whom ive never seen, but am just assuming)
Did you ever see that Friends episode, where Rachel has her baby and they are in the hospital the same time as Janice? No one really knows what to say to Janice because apparently her baby is scary looking, and when she walks away, Ross says "did you see the kid on that nose?" 
I adore Leila. Jeff teases me and says she is my "favorite" which of course she is not! But she IS my baby so I treat her like she is. I am completely in love with her. But sometimes her pictures frighten me. The above was taken this morning as I was watching a friends kids before school. Naomi was doing a makeover on Leila (and herself)... and quite honestly Leila looked Goth. I dont have a problem with Goth so much, as i have a problem with my 3 year old being Goth.  She looked like a creepy Goth baby, and it frightened me. The picture on the right is a scary cross between the "mask from the Scream Movie and a gothic old lady/baby?"
I have this pic of Leila from California this past fall. Spittin image of Benjamin Button. Cute. Yes. She is trying to be cute and smiley. 
But she looks exactly like Benjamin Button. 
             DO YOU LOVE IT OR WHAT? I have my very own baby Benjamin Button =)

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Cody Doll said...

I can't see the bottom picture. Just so you know. But she does look a little scary.

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