Monday, January 16, 2012

Royalty presents itself...

The great thing about going sledding with my family is really something i should have known before I went, but refused to think about. As I hoped for a fun family day that you would see on the movies, perhaps in slow motion...or fast motion, with a great soundtrack. Snowballs being thrown, wrestling kids and parents in the snow, laughter and lots of hugs!!  Instead, this is what I learned, Wesley will take down any kid, anytime, anywhere with a battle of  obscenities (child sized) and vulgar language (kids version)! DO NOT, I repeat, do not get in Wesley's way when he wants to go down the hill. Mind you, there are only a couple hundred kids wanting to use the hill, but as Wesley enters, sound the trumpets children, big and small!  Royalty has presented itself! "Move away peasants, the hill has become my own!"

We have taken Wesley sledding ONCE when he was 3 years old so I had no clue what was about to happen...(and the girls have NEVER been sledding at all!) Maybe it was the fact that the evening before he had gone sledding with a friend, so he now considered himself a professional of sorts, but every step back up the hill each time was a conversation of aggravations and irritations of all the people that refused to move out of the way for the King of the Hill! And while on top the hill, the wait was even worse! Wesley carried on about how people were being jerks and not making a path for him to go down.

I don't get why! Out of the hundreds of people that were there, they should have seen him!  There was an obvious glow about his head. Surely they saw the shining,  shimmering crown, not to mention the halo beaming with a heavenly glow.!!! Why on earth, they didn't move out of the way, I will never figure out~ 

As my sweet, kind, loving son who does no wrong waited.  But as I sat and watched him go down, from the top of the hill... I saw it finally happen, all that built up tension has now become a grenade of arm flailing and dangerous words spewed out of the mouth of an 8 year old boy! As if the arm flailing wasn't enough, from where I was standing, I also saw an enormous amount of "SNOW TUBE bouncing" , meaning he was smashing the tube over and over again on the ground in his fury of rage!  As his mother, what can I do from a distance but laugh, but I did feel sorry for the 3 year old that Wesley gave it to! That toddler got a piece of his mind!

ALL in ALL, it was a gloriously snowy fun filled afternoon. I probably should have made Wesley apologize to the small child that he blasted with angry words, but I opted to make fun of Wesley instead. He LOVES that ;-)
That's punishment enough!
(for the record: wesley wasnt actually using vulgar language. haha!) 

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stephanie said...

ha! this is cracking me up! i love it. wesley knows whats up!

Julie Marie said...

hee hee! yep. indeed he does =)

Christine said...

hahahaha, love it! looks like so much fun. I've been praying for snow so I can take my little guy sledding, but no such luck.

Julie Marie said...

aw, yep it was fun except for my baby girls fingers freezing! and of course the rants and raves by my son! =) made for some good laughs though! for sure.

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