Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Call me crazy, but...

Well, its official. I no longer have a baby. Leila will be 3 next week! I finally got her off the bottle just like 2 weeks ago,  and this week, Leila got her first haircut. It was long overdue. She is a child prone to vacuuming up spaghetti and juice and yogurt and cereal and whatever....with her hair... it was a stringy moppy mess.

But I am sad. I swear when I mention this ( to my close friends and family, they look at me with fear in their eyes, or a stern glare or a cackle in their throat, because my house is nutty...the kids, obviously outnumber the parents. They are loud, but hilarious. They are sassy, but the sweetest snugglers on the planet. They are so much work, but so much love.  AND I am having a hard time saying "Enough is enough" to additional insanity in the home ;-)

The way I see it, its already pure chaos already. At night time, we play musical beds. One girl crawls in bed with us, Jeff puts her back. The next girl crawls in bed with us, Jeff puts HER back. The son comes in and lays on the sofa in our room and soon afterwards, the first girl comes crawling BACK in our bed for the 2nd time, and the next girl will crawl in.... so NOW there are 4 people in our bed.   Eventually, Jeff will leave the room and sleep on the living room sofa... or I will leave the room drenched in sweat and go to Jada's bed, in which case... one of the girls will inevitably follow me back in there.  There IS NO end to the ups and downs, laughs and screams, back and forths in my home... so why not... one more? right?! 

There, I said it, I miss having a baby! Its noisy anyways, right? MY baby, is getting big way too fast, and while she is STILL and FOREVER my baby (they all are)...i miss the "baby-ness" of having an actual baby!!!  My mom says everytime she sees me, I am worked up or stressed out.. Well, it IS alot of work, having a bunch of kiddos all so close in age, so of course I am stressed out, but seriously, have you seen the facebook status's I write? These kids are a hoot!

What on earth would I have to talk about on facebook if it wasnt for A) the love of God or B) the crazy things my kids say and do =) And also, I probably would have NEVER been able to use the word "hoot."

(for the record, wesley just now walked in the room, started jumping up and down on the sofa and said "Mom, youre the best BEST best mom ever!")~ whats not to love?  Pretty sure this is a NO GO for Jeff... I non-nonchalantly mention babies on occasion, and i get zero reaction out of him. His thought was "in 5 years, when he has no more babies or "little snuggly kids" to cuddle, then I can have another baby...
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? In 5 years, I will be 41 years old.! Oh, man....i AM old!!

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stephanie said...

Julie!!! I've benn trying to comment on your blog for the past 5 days and it would't let me! I couldn't find anywhere to comment!
Buuut I just wanted to tell you how cute your blog is and I'm so glad you started one because you have THE funnest stories about your kids!
And I can't believe your baby is gonna be 3!!! That's insane.

Julie Marie said...

thanks steph... yeah, this blog thing is fun... i love yours and a few others i and ppl kept telling me to write more about the kids and stuff...
and yeah, i dont know what was up with the comment thing before. it wasnt working for some reason. i hadnt changed anything since then so i was surprised to come on here and see a comment... haha

Meg {henninglove} said...

wow your daughter's eyes are so beautiful!

Julie Marie said...

thanks so much! i love them too =) obviously!

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