Friday, April 13, 2012

Addiction, Android & Instagram....

an Instagram photo of my living room wall, because...I can

Ok, I am going to do this, and I am going to do this quick
there is NO rhyme or reason to this blog post...
Apparently I have been in no mood to write...
so there is no big announcement to what i am going to blog about
since I dont even know.
I am writing a month of randomness..
the last few weeks I have been dealing with an ulcer.
i had to go off medication for it, so they could test for some bacteria called h. pylori.
i was in tremendous pain, despite the bottle of vicodin and percocet I had consumed.
the test is now done, the paid meds are gone, i am back on my "regular" old boring 
ulcer medication,
and I'm not gonna lie, I'm missing the narcotics.
I can definitely see how people get addicted, and I dont judge them at all.
I feel like my legs are going to fly off if I dont keep moving them,
a horrible case of  RLS which I used to get when I was pregnant..
I've been crying, irritable, anxious, depressed, jittery...
I could NOT figure out what my deal was...
Then I realized, after only 3 weeks of taking that garbage every 4-6 hours..
I had NOW not taken anything for over 24 hours..
and my body and mind were freaking out on me..
It's horrible. I dont wish that on anyone.
See, I told you this was random..
But at least now I am not doubling over in pain several times a day.
Thankful for that! Since I am back to my regular schedule...

On another note, I was finally introduced to the smart phone about a month ago.
Aside from MY inability to text and type on it, I love it.
Who needs to text and type when you have Draw Something and
Words With Friends to keep you entertained, anyways???
And who needs to be able to log into Facebook 32 times a day...
I gotta say, messing with "APPS" is quite an issue with in itself..
I remember the good old days of searching for Facebook on my phone,
logging in every time,
and waiting for it to load before I could check Facebook.
OR better yet, having to WAIT until I got home to log into MYSPACE on an actual PC!
Now, no such thing...
As long as my APP is working properly and NOT logging me out after 2 seconds,
I'm all good. Right? Wrong...
My app spent several days frustrating me as It was NOT letting me log into my Facebook,
it was then that I realized not only are narcotics addicting,
but checking Facebook was an addiction within itself!
I gotta say, I realized that LONG ago (if I am honest with myself)...

Anyways, smartphone, apps, blah blah blah..
so android apparently just got Instagram, which is my new addiction..
I hear the iphone people are not happy about this..
I also hear that people are not happy that Facebook and Instagram are merging..
Probably the iphone people, since they have had Instagram longer.
well, let me ask you, have any of you had "THIS" happen to you???
check this out below... 
CRAZY!! I tell you! Crazy!

here is a picture i took of my husbands butt on instagram, making some joke about "things to think about before becoming a dad"...because the sippy cup was in his pocket at a coffee shop.
Ok, so I loaded the above pic on my twitter or facebook or something, and apparently I "liked" the picture, but when I was looking at my profile from my phone, it said I "liked" photo...
I was thinking, whats "photo?" 
Because it didnt actually show a pic of said "photo."
So I clicked on it, and this is what I see...

My Instagram photo of Jeff's butt had its own profile page on Facebook!!!
What the????!!
How weird is that? Apparently his butt photo joined Facebook
on Tuesday Night at 6:51pm...
Please, Facebook and Instagram, work out your kinks before merging, because I don't need all my photos creating their own Facebook profile pages...
the 4 FACEBOOK accounts I run are more than enough for me to deal with.

on that note: here are a few more pics from my new obsession.

my friend, Sue's 30th birthday party. you are welcome for letting you see UP my nose

the kids, opening their easter gifts

need i say more? or anything?

alterra, milwaukee based coffee shop that my hubby is "addicted" to

easter sunday at our church, people responding to the altar call.

jada at a birthday party with one of her bffs, eric

my goodness, they are cute.
Side Note: I dont have a link up for my Instagram yet, but to follow me I am "funnythingblog"
Or let me know if you want to challenge me in Words With Friends or Draw Something!
I will let you know my name...


Elisha(: said...

hahhaha HIS OWN PAGE?!? did you delete it?? :P hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

So cute :)

The Pink Growl said...

Love that last pic of your girls - too cute!

ginanorma said...

hahaha so so so good to catch UP! Loved doing so with all the pics, and I need to go find you on Instagram like now.

that coffee shop looks DIVINE!

love to you Julie!!!

Emily said...

That ulcer issue sounds terrible! Glad you're feeling a little better.

And yeah, 'smart' phones are a double edged sword. They make life easier...but also add to life's distractions.

Happy weekend, Julie :)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I hope you feel better. My husband had one and it was a hard battle but it just kind of did its thing and went away, well it subsided.

ginanorma said...

Oh and I am so so sorry you were dealing with all that pain and I'm sorry to hear you have an ulcer..I forgot to mention that when I first read this b/c I was so excited that you were on IG! But I am glad you are doing better and I can SO relate to withdrawls from any drug, can be so so awful, like you are stuck in your own skin or something and you are going crazy...I am on pain meds from all my issues...but I'm very careful with them...!

Sophie @TheForgeStyle said...

haha, my husband always clips the pacifier clip onto his jeans pockets. it looks so cute when it dangles there. :)

Cody Doll said...

Man that's funny. If you didn't have 4 accounts already I would say leave it and make it a funny but that requires work.

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