Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Sincere Love of Disicpline. The Sweet Love of Quality Time.

As a parent, sometimes the parent/child struggle is one of the hardest things to do. It's exhausting when your instruction or discipline is met face to face with defiance or an attitude. Yet it is our responsibility to discipline with the sincerest of loves, not just out of frustration. When my kids question me in that moment, I tell them if I don't correct this and I let you act how you want, then I am not being a good mom. My job is to raise you to respect people, love God and to not be lazy.
If I don't train up my child in the way he should go, and am being selfish with my time or complacent with instruction, then I'm not expressing the same love that Christ displayed for me at the cross... and the love He gives each day as he guides, corrects and instructs me.

However, Jesus does so much more than discipline us in love. He shows us blessing and favor. As parents, let's not let our instruction or responsibility be our only form of love shown. Kids can't always feel love in that moment, so we need to balance it out and demonstrate love with our words too...and our actions and our time spent with them. After all, isn't the sweetest of moments feeling the love our Heavenly Father felt when he spends quality moments with us whispering his perfect love into our ears. 

It does require sacrifice and adjustment within ourselves, because we don't always feel like doing it. But letting the only communication between us and our child be instruction can have a reverse effect and cause them to feel unloved. Whisper the sweet love of quality time and encouraging words to your child's ears.

To discipline is a responsibility of our love, but to show love requires more than just that responsibility. It requires filling a place in your child's heart that only you can fill as a father or mother.

Don't let that void be filled by someone or something else, or worse, don't let your child grow into an adult with that void left empty.

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No(dot dot)el said...

Great encouragement and so very true. There always has to be love in our instructions and discipline otherwise it will fall on deaf ears and hard hearts. Hang in there momma you are doing a great job!

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