Friday, February 21, 2014

Bored With Christianity

I was thinking about this earlier this week// the bored christian.
How is that possible when we serve such an amazing God? Yet it happens all the time.
We grow weary. Our senses grow dull. We stop responding to his still small voice.
And soon it's as though we need a LOUD, BOOMING voice to wake us up out of our daydream.
The daydream that has come from living the boring christian life.

As I watch people float in and out of church, months in, months out. Or people float in at out of the passion and devotion for God, I begin to watch their lives become repetitive and mundane. Work, home, bathing, eating, sleep, work. Over and over.

I've watched myself lose interest in all things God at times. And when I do, I lose interest, at least passionate interest, in all things important. You know the big things. The meaningful things. Family, Marriage, Ministry, Friendships.

We do what we gotta do to get to the next day alive. And that's it. That's life.

Suddenly life seems dull. Family seems hectic. Marriage is blah. Church is definitely going through the motions. But it all started where? It started when I got bored with Christianity. Or maybe I should say bored with God. I know that sounds absolutely hideous for me, a preachers daughter to say. But let's get real people, it happens. No matter who we are.

But why? Is it because God is boring?
I'm convinced that all the little pieces of our lives are affected by our relationship and passion for God.
The joy of the Lord IS our strength after all. If there is no joy there, then there is no strength or joy anywhere.
It all trickles down from Him.
And for the record, laughter or good times do not equal joy. Not true joy.

I looked up the word boring and I came across synonym words like these// unimaginitive// unvaried// repetitive// monotonous// dull// uneventful.

The whole reason we become bored in anything is because we are not being productive. We are repeating the same thing over and over again, not using our imagination to accomplish new goals or try new things. Same thing goes for our walk with God. If we are unproductive, if our relationship with our creator is based on church on Sunday once, twice or even three times a week, it does get boring. Absolutely.

There is something about productivity that makes life exciting. That makes us feel satisfied and accomplished. And as a Christian, we need to be both productive inwardly as well as outwardly. I can tell you this without a doubt. There is nothing boring about spending time with Jesus. I swear, sometimes I am at his feet or digging in his word and I feel like running around my bedroom. I mean seriously. I get completely  hopped up on it. It's a high for me. It's when I start slacking on my time with God, that I feel bored with life.

2 Corinthians 2:7 says "Where the Spirit of the Lord is , there is FREEDOM."
It never said, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is boredom. If we are truly into this thing we call being a Christian, there is no room for boredom.

Especially true, if we are taking new adventures in our Christianity. Meaning, it's not all about my relief of boredom. It's not about me. But it's about sharing this Jesus I know in the ways I know how to the people I know...or don't know.  There is a new step of exhilaration that you feel when you know you've touched a life, sparked inspiration...even when someone specifically comes to you for prayer because they trust you. It is something to be experienced if you never have before.

You may think you are just so-n-so, living your little Christian life. It's just you and God.
But there is more. There is nothing dull about it. Not once you satisfy those cravings of creativity and adventure and passion. Not once you realize how you can affect people around you...
and the high you get from spending time with Jesus.

I challenge you to take Christianity seriously, this time. Don't just say you love him.
Really act on that love. Don't take love for granted. Don't get bored with it. Ever.
You will look back and wonder how you ever got bored with such an amazing person to begin with.


Falen @ Upward Not Inward said...

Yes! A million times yes.

Jacy Pulford said...

Beautiful my friend!! You spoke to my heart. When I started hiding my talent thinking that's what He wanted from me, He showed me that wasn't what He wanted at all! I merrily had to make Him the center and live will flow to others :)

Joy Foucault said...

So true and so poignant. We go to retreats, or conferences and get a fire lit, a bit life experience and suddenly God is the forefront. Then life slips into normalcy, or what we perceive as normalcy and suddenly the fire starts to die out. We need reminders like this that every day is a gift and God is fully involved in our lives. Because of Him, we ARE.

Jonnysoaware said...

great post. it is when we use the love God gave us to share with others that life finds exciting meaning. I always find that to be true and fulfilling! -Jon

Lorna mai ltd said...

I think we can lose passion when we stay in our comfort zones too long. As you say, God continually wants us to move forward in all areas of life or we become stagnated.
I also think we lose that awe and wonder that we see in children when we read stories like Daniel or Jonah. Even if the child has heard the story dozens of times, they're still awestruck!
God is 'I am'. We are so busy going through the motions of life we filter out what he's actually doing right now. How many birds can you hear? How many types of tree can you see? Appreciating such small things and living in the moment ensures we stay alive.
I loved this post. Many thanks

No(dot dot)el said...

Love this Julie, it really expressed the truth which is that we are bored because somehow we have forgotten to go to the source of creativity, passion, and REAL LIFE!! There is no time for boredom when you are living so close to the source of true joy.

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