Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kids and Conversation~Leila's thoughts on God

 I've mentioned this before several times, but one of the wonderful things about having kids 
is the brilliant things they say. I wonder how their little minds come up with such creative 
thoughts and I challenge any parent to start keeping record of things your child says, if you 
don't already. You won't regret it and will love looking back and laughing and you read what
 your child thought and said out loud!
Here are a couple of Leila's adorable quotes about her thoughts on God that 
she said to me in the past week!

"Mommy, How come God got a lot of eyes? 
He gots two eyes, but he can see everything."

"Mommy, I think the cats purring. Because I felt her belly and it was krinkly. And I think 
that means she has God in her heart cuz some cats have God in their heart."

"Mom, God does everything. He does morning and 
night night time and rain and flowers.
Satan just fights. That's what I think about it."

I loved the "that's what I think about it" she threw in at the end.
Obviously I am bias, but she is pretty darn cute.


Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

She is a doll. I love her little photo shoot

The Pink Growl said...

this is adorable - both what she says and what she wears!

Cody Doll said...

I think that is just adorable!

Vicki Sturgiss said...

Oh what a cutie Julie, amazing how free small children are to express their thoughts on God, it's only as they get older they learn to hide it.

mare ball said...

Sweet! Kids are the best, aren't they? so genuine and simple. Love these!

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