Sunday, March 18, 2012


so maybe a few people noticed... i was MIA for a couple weeks. no real reason, except that I have been busy, tired, and just needed some down time... to do...well, life. i've been having lots of fun with my new phone. been uploading all kinds of pictures and videos up to my facebook =) speaking of facebook, and twitter, people have been mentioning that my "The Funny Thing Of It Is" facebook page isn't working... and I have also been told that my twitter link isn't working. I changed some settings on twitter so I will try to fix that, and as for facebook, I had deactivated my personal facebook one day for a personal day of clarity...and apparently when i reactivated, it just screwed up my BLOG fb as well... ugh, working on it...
here are a few things that have been going on the past few weeks...
Leila has been doing wonderful since the surgery. She is adorable as ever! Thank you again to everyone who encouraged me and prayed with us during this slightly nerve wracking time.!!
took a little plane ride to oklahoma. ok, this wasnt the actual super freaking awesome plane i took, it was just a mural in the Ohare airport... the airplane i actually took was one of those 3 seats across deals. fun times.
we went to an amazing conference at a church in tulsa, ok called church on the move. this pic was at an afterparty of one of the meetings. phenomenal church that reaches so many people... reaching people where they are at.

i have been highly involved in the hunger game series. i had no clue that sci-fi ever interested me. it has been years since i have read a book that i didnt have to, just for fun... and i am loving it. it's such a nice break from television.
well, with this amazing March weather we have been having in the midwest, we have been spending lots of time outside. of course my girls ARE girls, they love to model for pics, just like mommy...and like I said, with my new phone, i have a never ending supply of pictures... unfortunately wes doesnt make this cut often, because he hates pics and just is no fun at posing and looking crazy cute... he love making videos though =)
been working on the creative team at our church towards our easter service presentation and a few other things. i love writing, acting (if i can), creating... just being involved in anything that is artistic. little hand out i made for the presentation =)

Tell Me.... what have you all been up to lately? I need to catch up on some blogging!!


Sam said...

You are so pretty! glad things are good with your daughter :)


Karm said...

These are lovely photos and your little girls are so cute!!

Little Mamanista said...

Glad to see your back...we missed you darling!

XO Tiffany

beautyfashionbyme said...

hey i just put your bottom on my blog! Could you do the same

Emily said...

Hey girl...welcome back :) Glad your little cutie is doing great after her surgery. All your pictures look awesome! Also, I tried to reply to your comment on my blog, and noticed that your email is not linked to your blog, which means people cannot email replies to comments you leave.

If you don't know how to fix it, I give instructions here:

Hope that helps :)

Emily said...


Lauren said...

Glad to have you back. Your pictures are always so interesting to me! Love the girl's super cute sunglasses & that plane pic is pretty sweet :)


Crystal ~Skittle Bug~ said...

Julie! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your blog is so cute!

I'm glad your daughter is doing better. Those are some freaking cute pictures!! I'm excited to see your peep please post! Yay for us embracing the nosy! haha ;)

Also, I totally felt the same way about sci-fi books until I read Hunger Games a couple years ago, and now I LOVE those types of books! Let me know if you want anymore suggestions!

ALSO, I love your hair.

That is all. :)

Shay said...

I just found your blog! Love it! Your family is adorable. New follower. You can visit me at


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