Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Simplicity of A Child

The simplicity of a childhood is something most of us wish we could get back.
Before life got bigger than going to the park and hiding from monsters,
learning to ride a bike and then falling off.

Life was just life. And we didn't even know it.
We didn't know it would ever get hard.
We didn't know we would ever look for 'meaning' or 'more.'

And when we prayed, we didn't pray for terrorism to stay far away from us.
We didn't pray for a better job so we could take care of our family.
Instead, when we prayed, it was simple. 
Our faith was big wrapped up in simple words.

Last night before bed, my daughters each had a turn to pray.

Jada prayed this,
Dear Jesus. Thank you.for this day. Please help me dream about suns with happy faces 
and flowers with happy faces and all the pets in the world. In Jesus Name. 

Leila prayed this,
Please help me dream about hippos and rainbows and butterflies. I don't want to dream about 
deer or Satan. I just want to dream about dogs and cats and people and houses and God. 

Jada and I got a good laugh about Leila's prayer...deer and Satan...
hippos and rainbows...
I wish I could think more like her.
Life would be so fun. 

But to be honest, I think I might be a little creeped out dreaming about
suns and flowers with happy faces... 


Jacy Pulford said...

Hilarious Julie!! Kids are the best. Love their innocent and honest prayers. You are with faces would be creepy lol

TicoTina said...

HAHAHA! what is the story behind Leila's dislike of deer? =)

Nicole said...

AHHHH!!! This is perfection. I am so excited for our little dude to get big enough to pray. These babies are such gifts and treasures.


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