Montessori Furniture: Everything You Need To Know

Montessori furniture is on everyone's lips. And it's hardly surprising. This type of furniture allows your kids to develop gross motor skills independently. On them, children can show their imagination and develop their ability to move. Boards, triangles, crossbars — everything is involved in children's games according to the principles of Montessori! And this brings great joy and benefit to kids.

Triangles and ramps are part of montessori furniture sets. They allow kids to experience and accept their limits at their own pace. Compared to climbing frames in playgrounds, parents can relax and watch the child discover the world safely indoors. Thanks to its developmental height, Montessori furniture saves parents from sitting directly next to their child to prevent possible falls. Such furniture is environmentally friendly, safe, and as importantly, aesthetic.

The central parts of Montessori furniture

The most popular items are:

  • The climbing triangle is a safe companion, especially when the kid first tries to climb it. Thanks to the particular shape, it provides firm support. This way, children can pull themselves up on the bars without the triangle being in danger of tipping over. When the little ones get up, they can move up the steps and practice their first steps. Consequently, natural movement is not limited.
  • The balance board helps develop coordination and muscle development in children. These objects are small boards on which children can safely create a sense of balance.
  • Ramps. Children can use them as small climbing boards as they have special padding to grab onto.

How Montessori furniture can be useful

«Help me do it myself» is one of the most famous quotes from Maria Montessori. Behind this lies the attitude towards children and their upbringing, which at that time was highly unusual. Parents' job is not to force children to learn and help. Instead, letting the child know on their own is enough because children bring with them a remarkable quality: the motivation to understand the world and explore everything on their own.

It is why independence and experience of self-efficacy are so crucial to the development of healthy children. Allowing them to choose for themselves what steps of learning they are currently ready for and how much they can already do on their own will relieve them of many conflicts, pressures, or frustrations from parents and children.

Thus, the term «Montessori furniture» means nothing more than furniture that is comfortable for children or allows children to participate in everyday life. The range of Montessori furniture is broad — from small lockers to interesting play triangles. All these things — everyday objects and parts of the play area — help children develop comprehensively and parents to enjoy their kids' happiness.

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