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How can Word Web help you improve your vocabulary?

Vocabulary Without Memorization
Word Web Vocabulary groups words in a new way to teach vocabulary in elementary grades through high school. It meets and is correlated to standards in the fifty states and is currently in use in 900+ locations in 44 states, Australia, Canada, Germany and Japan. Part of each lesson presents a Greek or Latin root word, prefix or suffix in a web format of related words, making retention possible for students without memorization. Two other vocabulary elements are part of each week's lesson: The Real World Word® and the Wicked Word of the Week®. Its multidimensional lessons provide sequential structure to its weekly words. Word Web ties together spelling, grammar and usage, reading and writing, speaking and listening into an existing language arts curriculum.

36 Lessons Cover an Entire School Year
Six lessons comprise a chapter, the first five of which introduce new words, while the sixth is a review. Each lesson lasts one week. Therefore, the six chapters in each volume cover thirty-six weeks, the length of most school years. Because Word Web Vocabulary presents words at several levels of difficulty - each color- and shape-coded - it meets the needs of students of varying capabilities. The range of material enables teachers to select and shape it to their students' needs and abilities.

Challenging and Fun Approach
Through an approach that is challenging and fun for both students and teachers, Word Web Vocabulary broadens and enriches students' perspective of contemporary and classical language. Each lesson is rich with model sentences, graphic images and literary references. Word Web's format is simple yet sophisticated, stimulating but serious and is lightened by its Cool Connections, Bonus Blasts, Awesome Associations, and other special elements.

Word Web Vocabulary:

  • Provides sequence and content to its words, instead of a random list of 20 or so words of most other programs
  • Offers relevancy, continuity and continuous review so students easily retain what they learn
  • Improves students' literacy and verbal test scores
  • Expands students' research skills
  • Improves students' critical thinking and creativity

Word Web Vocabulary also:

  • Engages students in talking, thinking and writing
  • Helps students grow intellectually
  • Enables students to address their world with imagination, creativity and purpose
  • Ensures that students are active, not passive, learners
  • Involves students in the learning process
  • Connects the classroom to the child's world

Teachers can expect:

  • To find a return of that same eager attitude that young children exhibit - always questioning, always ready to learn
  • To notice an interest and excitement not often seen in their students
  • To be challenged by their students' questions as they advance their knowledge!

"A word is not a crystal, transparent and unchanging; it is the skin of a living thought, and may vary greatly in color and content according to the circumstances and time in which it is used." Oliver Wendell Holmes