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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Thing I... (last thing thursdays)

 So today I decided to link up with Jenna at The Life Of The Wife .
An easy peasy post on all the last things I...well...whateva!

One of those days where i dug what was very possibly the oldest thing out of my closet.
 An extremely 'I am so completely OVER my wardrobe so can someone please hand me
$500 so I can shop? day.' The shoes are new though. My mommy bought 'em for me=)

The last thing that made me laugh out loud, was of course, Leila. 
Seriously!?? She's mine? What is this face? I love it!

I may or may not be obsessed with Zooey Deschenel. Ironically, I just watched this for the 
first time last week. I love her, but I think I only like the movie.
Not to say I wouldn't watch it again, I would...but well, because of her =)

I went to a bridal shower on Sunday and won me a little prize.
Good thing too, because I was completely out of any kind of lotion so I was 
feeling a little crusty. And I sorta have a crush on cute nail polish.
So, I was ecstatic to win that as well.

I got this recipe off of pinterest! Bahahahahaha! Oh man, I would love to pretend
that I am an dedicated pinterest pinner and recipe finder, but let's not start lying now.
I hesitate to actually use the word "cook" when I show this pic.
But, I've been pretty open up to this point, so I guess it's not time to start hiding anything.
I don't do cooking. I end up crying when I try.
Recipe: tortilla chips, cheese, salsa (NOT homemade) and ground beef ;) Genius, right?

Yep, I'm a bachelor/bachelorette junkie. And I even got my hubby addicted.
Ok, he probably could go without, but it's our one show we watch together,
and I'm sure all the cute girls don't bother him... so every Monday night, (or Tuesday if I don't get around to it Monday after kids are in bed) this is where I will be.

I've been thinking on the Love of God a lot lately. It's so vital.
In fact, it's the basis for the entirety of God's plan for man. God loves us, we love him,
we love others. And if we don't love others...well, its pretty clear here...

Thanks to Jenna for the fun Link Up. It's my first time & I had fun =)
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