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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How I Wear Floral

What do you guys think of this whole floral gig? I'm not totally convinced of it yet.
I bought the top the other day at platos closet. The were having a "stuff your bag" sale on
all their clearance items...So they give you like and 8x10 sized bag (or something close to 
it) and you can stuff as much in there as possible for $10. I stuffed 10 shirts in there..
Hahahahaha! Can you believe it? SO I got the top, thinking, hmmmm it's not totally me.
Might be  little bit too "little house on the prairie" for me, but I'm adventurous and don't mind 
trying new things now and then...
I'm really glad  Leila is always around to help make my photoshoots so much more playful and 
graceful. Otherwise I have like 3 poses and there is nothing fun about that. I'm starting to get
really bummed at how big she is getting.. Haha! I'm serious. One more year and she will be in 
school and she is my first child that has been with me 24/7 since she was born. My other 2 kids 
I worked and they were in daycare when they were younger.
So, Leila is really super attached to me. And I am to her as well. In case you can't tell.
Also, I really love her even more because she had her boots on the wrong feet the whole photoshoot!


Have you guys heard the news??? I made my goal for my Suburbia to the Streets project. 
We have officially helped 2 Ethiopian women into a life OFF the streets and into rehabiliation.
But since I still have 9 more days of the month left... WE together (yes, WE) are going to 
raise enough money to help ONE MORE! Happy Tears!!!
Donate Below!

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