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Friday, June 1, 2012

A Look Back:1984

Writing this post makes me feel ancient, to be honest.
You wanna know my age in 1984, do ya?
While you were the sweet, innocent age of 6 months old,
I was embracing life with a red Michael Jackson wanna be jacket,
had my sleeves rolled to my elbows,
my collar up,
and secretly testing out cuss words on the playground.
Yes, that is a very specific memory I have,
jacket: red. sleeves: rolled. collar: up. 
cuss words: who me? never!! absolutely.
Don't worry Mom. It was short lived. It only lasted the day.
The coolness of it wore off quickly.
I was eight. My attention span was still short.
I'm pretty technical about numbers, dates, all that stuff.
So when I see shirts like this, I think to myself:
"Wait a second, if you were MADE in the 80's,
You probably don't even remember Rainbow Brite.'
I, on the other hand, do. Who forgets their favorite Rainbow Brite coloring book?

I would love to tell you, that in 1984, or the 80's in general my favorite music included 
Duran Duran or Cyndi Lauper, 
that my favorite movies involved: Molly Ringwald or Anthony Michael Hall, 
because they are certainly my faves these days...
But 1983 to 1986 was more of a collaboration of 
awesome animal documentaries,
contemporary christian rock and roll, 
everything disgusting about Garbage Pail Kids...
and I don't know about you, 
but the Get Along Gang pretty much rocked my world.
We didn't have cable, and we lived in a small town, so pretty much 
if you didn't have cable, you didn't have television.
Alrighty then, Disney True Life Adventures, it is!
Which is cool, because this covers both
my favorite TV show AND my favorite movie.

(The Get Along Gang was watched at other people house's, 
plus I had the stuffed animal moose, Montgomery)
Petra (an old christian rock band, in case you have no idea what a "Petra" is),
was my first concert ever. 
The first time I got a major crush. ON the keyboardist.
I definitely cried when we left that concert. 
We were stationed in the UP of Michigan.
I say stationed because my daddy is a preacher.
At that point in my life, our summers were spent
 living in a bus turned trailer home.
 as he took his family with him on the road to travel from town to town,
preaching in a Gospel tent.
I know you must be thinking, what an odd life...
but I didn't know the difference.
For me, it was normal. I actually liked it.
Until the morning I woke up with a huge hole in my blanket, 
because I dropped it from my top bunk onto the space heater.
Oooops.  Or better, yet, Yikes. That wouldn't have been good. 
So, not only does that cover where I lived, but also my favorite vacation.

I spent my indoor time reading books like The Babysitters Club,
Sweet Valley High...(oh wait, maybe those came a year or two later...)
BUT of course JUDY BLUME books!
Best outdoor time ever!!! Building snow furniture, snow forts, snow cities...
all out of
(I didnt have a snow pic with me, so I compromised with the pic you see below.
You get the idea)
And I spent my nights, taking care of my baby brother, Jon...
He was "stationed" in my room, 
so I very vividly remember giving him bottles & holding him at night.

1984. Or 1983-1986 are some of my favorite memories.
It was at that time period that I discovered I loved art.
I remember I kept entering contests and winning.
(that was said like Courtney from the Bachelor)

Did I forget to mention my cabbage patch kid, Shelly Love?
I remember the high demand for cabbage patch kids in those days.
I remember crying hearing a Cabbage Patch Factory had burned down.
Surely I wouldn't get one now.
But my parents are fighters.
They traveled 2 hours. Stood in the Christmas lines,
waiting for stores to open...
"You grab one for Jenny, I'll grab one for Julie."
And they did it! Got one for me and my sister!!
Thanks everyone, for taking this little journey back in time with me...
and thanks to the gals who hosted this Link Up...
Click Below to Follow THEIR Journey..
and link up too!!

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