Thursday, January 23, 2014

Have You Heard???

I've been anxious to share my news on the blog for a long time now & I swore once I start 
blogging if I ever had another baby, I would document the full pregnancy on my little online space here.
Well, that didn't happen. In fact, the majority of you didn't even know I was preggers until just this moment. Those of you who are facebook 'friends' of mine were surprised with our exciting news around 4 weeks ago...and if you follow me on istagram, you may have been slightly shocked about 2 weeks ago. But I was waiting for my 'official' blog reveal until this very day.

First I will fill you in on a few of the details some of you have asked if you you already knew 
about the bump...

Were you trying?
Yes. For about 6 months, since about April 2013. I specifically planned to take my family to Disney in the spring and immediately after we would begin trying. Which we did. I had a chemical pregnancy in early July and in September we decided to 'take a break' for a month because I knew I was taking a NYC trip for my first time in October and wanted to avoid morning sickness during our trip. Of course, September is the month I got pregnant! Wouldn't ya know? I just had to relax ;)

How far along are you?
Today, I am 20 weeks 4 days. My ultrasound (that I had today!) measured the baby at 21 weeks 1 day.

Morning sickness?
Yes, through about 17 weeks. It wasn't horrible, but I was dealing with other physical issues which made it feel horrible.

Weight Gain?
Ugh. More than I should. The average is 8-13 lbs. I've gained 19 lbs. It's not a surprise to me. 
I always gained 20 in the first half of  all my pregnancies. And all together between 55-70 lbs with each child. 
I was hoping to do better this time, but no go so far...
I always lose it fast though. Within 6 months tops.

Baby Movement?
Yep, lots of it. I started feeling 'bubbles' around 16 weeks, but the last 2 weeks or so have been obvious. 
My son even got to feel a kick, although he is the only one so far besides me.

Cravings/ Aversions?
Neither really... I've been stopping by Wendy's alot latey for fries though... =) 
That's not helping to my weight gain.

It's been off an on. Once I started packing on these past 6-7 lbs, I started getting 
uncomfortable and needing back support (already? I know!)

What are you looking forward to most?
Of course, meeting my baby. And a tiny baby butt. =) And snuggles. And nursing. I LOVE nursing.
But also this is my 4th baby, but my 3rd child in which I am pregnant WITH my sister being pregnant as well. Our first kids are 7 months apart. Our second kids are 3.5 months apart...and now this time we are about 3.5 months apart again. It's fun having babies with people you love.

Baby Gender?
Well, as you see above, we are having another boy!! I am beyond thrilled.
This is the first time I am announcing it to anyone, with the exception that I told my family a few hours ago! We all wanted a boy. The kids all wanted a little brother. I wanted another boy. My first baby was a boy, then I had two girls... Jeff seemed happy either way, although he was convinced it was a girl, because the chinese gender chart said it was a girl and it was right for the other three kids!

Birth Plan?
Yep. I'm not completely sure of the timing yet. But I just talked to my doctor today. I have had c-sections with all three of my kids so another one is in order. Generally they plan it about a week before the due date, which would put me to deliver around June 1st.
However, I reminded him that with my last baby, he made a note that my muscle and tissue being thin where the cut is made and he said at that time if I had another one they may have to go a week earlier even. So my very wonderful doctor who delivered all three of my kids will be looking at his notes and records and letting me know when we can plan on delivering. My guess is the last week of May.

I don't have a set full name yet, although I do have a first name which we have had since Wesley was born. But until I figure out the middle name I will keep it a secret (to most of you).

I'm sure I will be updating occasionally with more details. I feel so blessed. This is our last baby, that is for absolute sure. Something permanent will have to take place, probably with me when I have the csection. But I am trying to enjoy and savor every moment of this pregnancy and will be doing the same when the baby is born, knowing it is the last time I will be doing this...
Sniff Sniff...
I love babies...


Ashley @ Forgetful Momma said...


Shane Prather said...

Congrats lady, you look nothing short of fab!!!

Lena B, Actually said...

I'm so happy for you!! So exciting! I'm even a bit jealous... itty bitty babies are so special! ♥ I can't wait to here what name you've chosen for your new little man!

Traci said...

Yay!!! Congrats again, momma!

Ruth said...

Yah a boy!!! You you can play games and have boy girl teams. :)

wendipooh13 said...

congrats that is soooo exciting!!!!!! how amazing :)

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

eeee! I love love love this. I'm so happy for you. I hope I get to finally meet you and all of your little minions some time in the future. Love yer face.

Joy Foucault said...

Oh Julie! May God richly bless this little boy and your entire family with unexpressible love, joy, expectation, sibling adoration and grace. I know how much you wanted this from past blog postings and am so excited for you that God has granted you the desire of your heart. <3

Stephanie McDonnell said...

Aww. Congratulations! I heard a new baby cry the other day, and I swear my heart melted!


TicoTina said...

aww so happy for you that it's a boy! :)

Nikkiana said...

How exciting! Congratulations!

Lulu and Sweet Pea said...

Congrats girl! I was just thinking about you the other day & was wondering if you were back to blogging. I'm pregnant too! Due Aug 4th. So excited for you! Glad you are blogging it too :)

Kimberly G said...

Congrats. Glad to see you back to blogging too.

Christina Schergen said...

awwwwww congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacy Pulford said...

Congrats Julie!!! Wow, God is so good. You looks adorable preggers. I cannot wait until I'm pregnant again...babies are the sweetest :) Looking forward to the updates!

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